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Elsa Hosk Carried A $20,000 Birkin Bag While Visiting Her Family In Sweden

Scandinavian chic.

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Elsa Hosk is giving us serious travel FOMO with a recent visit to her childhood home in Stockholm that's equal parts heartwarming and envy-inducing. Whereas her day-to-day schedule is usually consumed with running around one fashion capital or another, lately, the supermodel has been enjoying leisurely strolls under the Scandinavian summer sun, all while catching up with loved ones.

But like any true fashion girl, Hosk brought her style A-game to the trip, and her Stockholm sojourn has turned into a masterclass in effortless summer dressing. She recently shared a carousel of photos chronicling her vacation adventures, and let's just say her outfits were just as captivating as the scenic Swedish landscapes.

Elsa’s Swedish Style

One stand out look exuded effortless chic, the centerpiece of which was a luxurious tan knit maxi skirt. She cleverly layered it with a beige sheer turtleneck to add a touch of intrigue and sophistication. To top it all off, an oversized brown leather jacket provided a dose of edge, creating an ideal mix of contrasting textures.

But the magic didn't stop there. Hosk's keen eye for detail was evident in her choice of footwear: a pair of classic brown Birkenstock shoes that grounded the look. Throw in some dark sunglasses for a dose of mystery, and — voilà! — the quintessential cool girl vibe was secured.


And let's not forget the glam: Hosk's signature blonde curls cascaded down her shoulders, framing her face. The minimal makeup choices allowed her natural beauty to shine through, adding a touch of easy elegance to the entire look.

However, the real showstopper of this outfit was undoubtedly the Hermès Birkin bag clasped in her hand. The bag, a chocolate brown masterpiece, added a luxurious element that elevated the entire combination to new heights. It's a testament to Hosk's fashion prowess that she can seamlessly blend high-end designer pieces with more casual elements like Birkenstocks, proving that true style lies in creating a cohesive look that reflects your personality.


Elsa Hosk's Stockholm moments is a lesson in effortless yet impactful vacation style. From the luxurious knitwear to the perfectly placed Birkin, every element of her outfit was meticulously chosen, proving that supermodel style can translate beautifully to real-life adventures.

And for fans, a version of her Birkin bag is available for $20,000.