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Emily Ratajkowski Made A Strong Case For Jorts In An "Eclectic Grandpa" Outfit

With a chopped bob to match.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 04: Emily Ratajkowski attends the Gurls Talk Fundraising Gala at Ladbroke Hal...
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Emily Ratajkowski may be known for her seductive style (see: all the NSFW bikinis she donned in Monaco recently, her sheer red-carpet ensembles, and her nip-baring Met Gala outfit), but every so often, the New York Times best-selling author throws on a more laidback outfit. This time, she did just that while taking one of summer 2024’s most controversial trends for a spin.

On Monday, Ratajkowski arrived on set to film her cameo in Lena Dunham’s new Netflix series, Too Much, wearing a pair of extra-long shorts that felt nothing like the sort of butt-grazing style one might expect from Emrata. The entire outfit — which was basically the epitome of Pinterest’s “Eclectic Grandpa” aesthetic— felt admittedly out of character for Emrata, but she somehow made it all her own.

According to Vogue, the point of the trend is to dress like someone who has had years of experience curating their style — no matter how outlandish it seems to others. And though Ratajkowski’s typical outfits feel nothing like what a grandpa would wear, her general approach to style feels right in line with this ethos... and so does her latest outfit.

Another part of the actor’s recent look that will make you do a double take? Her super-short hair, which was cropped into a bob — one more addition to the ever-growing list of “summer 2024 trends Emily Ratajkowski has managed to pull off.”

Emily’s Jorts Outfit

The model was photographed in New York City wearing a pair of lace-up denim Bermuda shorts that hit just above her knees. She paired the low-rise jorts with a cropped, sheer sweater that showed off the bottom half of her stomach.

A key part of the eclectic grandpa micro-trend is layering, which Ratajkowski embraced while adding some of her own personality to the outfit. She topped off the sweater with a green sweater vest, which allowed her bright yellow bra to peek through.

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She matched the bright bra with a pair of yellow cat-eye sunglasses in the same shade, and completed the outfit with slip-on outdoor shoes that look perfect for walking around the city.

Her Chopped Bob

Jorts aside, Ratajkowski’s haircut was the most surprising part of the entire look. A far cry from her long effortless strands, she debuted a short, French bob with a slight flip at the end. Her middle part was replaced with wispy bangs that framed her face.

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As flattering as the new ‘do is, it was only temporary. The next day, she was photographed at the Gurls Talk gala in London with her long hair perfectly in-tact — which means the bob was likely a really convincing wig.

Needless to say, there’s yet to be an outfit Emily Ratajkowski can’t pull off — and add a little bit of her own flare in the process.