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Emma Chamberlain Hit Vogue World In A Gravity-Defying Rick Owens Dress

A look for the books.

PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 23: Emma Chamberlain attends Vogue World: Paris 2024 at the Place Vendome on Ju...
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Vogue World: Paris was a night of bold statements, but Emma Chamberlain stole the show — and maybe a few gasps — with a look that redefined "risqué." Nestled amongst fashion icons like Cara Delevingne (rocking a conical bra) and FKA Twigs (serving pure, well, FKA Twigs energy), Chamberlain wasn't about to blend in.

The 23-year-old YouTuber turned style star arrived in a Rick Owens red leather cutout gown that left little to the imagination. In a Vogue interview, Chamberlain revealed she was inspired to wear this cleavage-heavy outfit after seeing it strut down the runway. One can only imagine the audience's reaction when she decided to bring that runway magic to life.

Emma’s Risqué Dress

The slinky dress cascaded down her frame in a floor-length skirt with convenient pockets (because, even daring fashion moments require practicality, apparently). But it was the top that had everyone talking (and maybe holding their breath). A tiny knit bra top defied both gravity and social norms, ensuring all eyes were on Chamberlain.

"Let me know if that pops out," she joked in an interview, "it could happen at any time." This lighthearted approach to a potentially disastrous wardrobe malfunction only added to Chamberlain's signature charm.


The rest of her look was equal parts sultry and sophisticated. She accessorized with tiny silver hoop earrings. And for glam, a smoky brown eye and a touch of mauve lipstick accentuated her features, while her hair was styled in a sleek, center-parted look that framed her face perfectly.

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images

Chamberlain's look was a lesson in balancing daring fashion with effortless cool. Love it or hate it, Emma Chamberlain's Vogue World moment was undeniably one for the history books.

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images

It was a night of pushing boundaries, celebrating fashion's audacity, and proving that sometimes, the most unforgettable looks come with a side of heart-stopping potential for a wardrobe malfunction.