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2023 Engagement Ring Trends Stylish Brides Are Obsessed With

Cluster stones, emeralds, and more.

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Since no two people are exactly the same, the perfect engagement ring looks different for everyone. Some might prefer a traditional solitaire ring without frill or embellishments, while others may gravitate toward something with a bit more drama. So, it’s no surprise the engagement ring trends for 2023 are diverse and unique — much like the brides who wear them.

While classic engagement rings featuring a white diamond sparkler will never go out of style, it’s becoming more and more common to see brides choose unconventional pieces that represent their personal style and their relationship.

“We’re continuing to see our clientele favor the mood and design over size,” Sriya Karumanchi, a rep for Instagram-famous jewelry brand Catbird, told Bustle. “Unique, unexpected settings and deep sapphires, emeralds, and black diamonds are a few of the non-traditional options we’ve seen continue to rise in popularity.”

Other trends range from asymmetrical cluster stones a la Megan Fox to traditional solitaire rings paired with artsy wedding bands. Not to mention, environmentally-friendly lab-grown diamonds have entered the chat.

To gain more insight on the topic, I spoke with industry insiders and scoured the most trend-forward fine jewelry brands the internet has to offer. The resulting styles are nothing short of dazzling. Ahead, the engagement ring trends that are everywhere this year.


Toi et Moi

French for “you and me,” the toi et moi engagement ring features two gemstones nestled at the center, instead of the traditional solo stone. To represent two whole people coming together, these stones are often different in size, cut, and gem type (birthstones are commonly used).

Inspired by celebrities Megan Fox, Ariana Grande, and Emily Ratajkowski, the trending style is a romantic and unexpected choice — perfect for the fearless bride.


Modern Halo

Halos are a great way to add dazzle to an already brilliant stone, as you well know. For a more artsy take on the typical diamond setting, try styles with ornate frames, surrounding gemstones, or contrasting metal.



Eschewing the traditional look, many shoppers are embracing precious gems, such as emeralds, as their main stone. Not reserved only for May babies, an emerald will instantly make your ring stand out.

Notably, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ toi et moi engagement ring from JFK featured an emerald that was over 2 carats. More recently, MGK proposed to Megan Fox with an emerald and diamond ring in 2022.


Chunky Bands

This trend first began to blossom with the help of Emily Ratajkowski’s wedding ring set, which included an asymmetrical cluster ring, coupled with a thick gold cigar band. Ring Concierge founder Nicole Wegman says this can be attributed to the Y2K resurgence. “The ’90s are coming back in a big way,” she tells me. “Think: 18K yellow gold, thicker bands, and more.”


Cluster Stones

A big player over the past two years (thanks, in part, to my girl Ariana Grande), cluster rings continue to dominate bridal trend reports. Without the restrictions of symmetry, you’re free to find, or design, a style that feels one-of-a-kind.


Wavy Bands

Karumanchi also notes that pairing “waved and curved bands with a traditional solitaire ring,” has become increasingly popular within the bridal market. Case in point? Hailey Bieber’s curvy, double-diamond wedding band from Tiffany & Co.



SATC fans will remember Carrie Bradshaw’s disgust upon discovering Aidan had bought her a pear-shaped diamond ring on a gold band. But now, the style is all the rage.

“Pears spread larger than their carat weight, meaning they look even larger than their size — even more so than ovals — making them extremely desirable. Another ’90s trend making a huge comeback,” says Wegman.



For many reasons (read: ethics, sustainability, affordability) manmade diamonds are surging in popularity. “We predict the lab-grown diamond market will continue to rise, leading to larger engagement rings and center stones,” says Avi Arandbaiev, diamond expert of Liori Diamonds.

“Currently, the average engagement ring in the USA hovers around 1.5 carats, but due to the accessibility and cost savings in the lab-grown market (relative to natural diamonds), we believe the average carat size for engagement rings will move past 2 and closer to 3 carats.” A dream, amiright?!


Bezel Settings

This artsy setting is another style trending among Instagram-famous jewelry brands. If you’re not privy, a bezel-set ring can be identified by the metal rim that surrounds the main stone, securing it in place of traditional prongs. This setting protects the gem on all sides, while delivering a sleek, modern aesthetic.


Black Diamonds

If my Instagram feed is any indication, rings set with moody, black diamond stones have also been trending as of late (a nod to Carrie Bradshaw, perhaps?). A dramatic choice, black diamonds add an undeniable edge to your bridal set.

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