9 Nostalgic Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends You'll Wear On Repeat

Pearls, coins, chokers, and more.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2020 Jewelry
Dominique Charriau/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fashion comes and goes, but there’s nothing quite like the longevity of a well-loved piece of jewelry. Whether you’re shopping new, vintage, or bespoke, it’s not always easy to find something that is trendy but also timeless, subtle yet also head-turning. When you’re on the hunt for the best fall 2020 jewelry trends, it’s important to zero in on those that you will love as new today, and will continue to cherish for decades to come.

This fall, jewelry-lovers are stepping out of their comfort zone—slightly. More bold designs like abstract art, gold tones, and colorful stones have been pared down, allowing the minimalist and the maximalist to meet in the middle. Even those who tend to gravitate toward statement pieces are now reaching for simpler styles that they can layer up.

Ahead, find the top nine trends of the coming season, ready to elevate your every look for fall. From the under-$100 options to the splurges, these are the fall 2020 jewelry trends you'll enjoy season after season.


A Hamsa for Luck

More and more, talismans are being reached for; most paramount being the hamsa, worn in nearly every way, shape, and form. The hamsa, in particular, is used to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer of any ill fate.


Colorful Stone Rings

Color has been a trend for a few seasons now, but this fall brings with it more vibrant stones than before. With an eye to the light-catching cuts, rings are catching the attention of the style set in rainbow, ombré, and mixed-up tones alike.


Medium Chunk Bracelets

This bracelet is a small step in the chunky chain direction without falling too far over the edge. Whether you wear one or stack them from wrist to elbow, this classic bracelet has a retro vibe that feels clean and modern at the same time.


Gold Metallic

Gold jewelry designers are producing simple, clean, and modern silhouettes that have effortlessly brought the metal into the 2020 market, making it one of the most popular trends of the coming fall and then some.


Retro 1970s

The 1970s was all about artistic expression when it came to your jewelry and retro trends are back with a vengeance for Fall 2020. Think: sculptural pieces that are equal parts clean and abstract. Embrace the asymmetrical, the imperfect, and the colorful geometric all at the same time.


Tubular Chokers

Meet the choker for the minimalist. Take that late ‘90s and early-aughts trend and make it sleeker, more grown up, and more timeless than ever before. By way of bright silver and rich gold, this necklace trend for fall is as nostalgic as it is modern.


Not Your Grandmother's Pearl Earrings

The pearls that you remember from your grandmother’s jewelry box are getting an upgrade, whether that’s with the addition of stones, larger sizes, or asymmetrical shapes. It’s time to reconsider those stuffy classics and embrace them as timeless essentials — with a twist.


Heart-Shaped Styles

Wear your heart on your sleeve — or ankle or finger — this season. Whether it’s a heart-shaped stone, a charm, pendant, or allover pattern, consider the most love-filled shape of them all with hearts galore.


Bulgari-Style Coins

Take it from the pros and channel ever-popular Bulgari this season by way of their timeless ancient coin-inspired jewelry. Whether you’re on the hunt for a true vintage original or something a little more wallet-friendly, it’s a 1970s-inspired style that’s back for a second time, just in time for fall 2020.