Get Ready To See These 20 Nail Polish Colors Everywhere This Fall

Experts predict the shades you won't stop wearing this season.

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Although the weather may still be warm, fall is well on its way, and with it comes pumpkin spice, cozy nights, and new trends. From wardrobe changes to lipstick choices, seasonal style switches are the perfect way to celebrate the return of cooler weather, and these fall 2020 nail polish colors are a perfect way to embrace the season via your manicure.

To find out what to expect this fall, Bustle reached out to nail artist Mimi D, ORLY's Brittney Boyce, OPI's Darlene Sritapan, and Lisa Logan of Nails Inc. for their expertise on which shades to expect when colder temperatures move in. They say it's time to say goodbye to the neon French tips, bright reds, and glittering finishes of summer 2020, and get acquainted with cool shades, neutrals, and deep jewel tones.

With brands already releasing their fall 2020 nail polish collections, here are 20 colors you can expect to see everywhere this season.

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Neutral Pink

ORLY's Boyce predicts more muted tones for fall, saying, "These colors are very grounding. The world has been so chaotic and stressful, these more muted shades can remind people to relax." This shade from ORLY features a pink undertone but still understated hue.


Cool Gray

Gray tones also offer the grounding effect that Boyce says will be big come fall. This clay-hued option from Olive & June offers a soothing cool tone and pairs well with any fall ensemble thanks to its neutrality.


Hunter Green

Although summer is all about vibrant hues, Lisa Logan of Nails Inc. says colorful statement nails can still be big when the seasons change. She recommends the deep green from this nail duo, which also features a golden metallic shade for a shimmery pop.



For those hesitant to give up summer's bold, bright hues, oranges — like this one from Habit — are a great option thanks to their pumpkin-y aesthetic that lends a pop of color and major fall vibes.


Cobalt Blue

Nail artist Mimi D predicts jewel tones, like this bottle from OPI, for fall 2020. The rich and bold shade is eye-catching but not the neon royal blue you might wear in warmer weather.


Shimmery Golden Orange

This slightly brighter orange from Essie is a spin on a classic pumpkin shade. The pearl finish adds a little luster, too.



Mented began as a brand dedicated to helping women of color find their perfect nude lipstick, and it does the same with polish: The brand carries three shades of nude that work for all skin types. Try one of them this fall if you want to keep things simple.


Deep Berry

Just like the always on-trend berry lip, a deep berry nail never goes out of style. Think of it as a transitional color that'll carry you from those summertime corals to the classic reds of the holiday season.


Glittering Black

If you want to give your basic black mani a little something extra this Halloween, add a hint of sparkle. Plus, Pacifica's applicator is vegan, and the polish 7-free.



With deep forest greens and navies in the mix for fall, teal makes for a great middle ground. The color is brighter than its trendy counterparts but still a more muted approach for the season.


Earthy Brown

Just as slate and marble gray will be on trend, earthy browns provide a classic neutral look that'll carry you through any occasion this season.



If sapphire jewel tones feel a bit too bright for your cozy fall vibes, navy is a great alternative. Logan sees the deeper shade being popular, and it's great for those who want to embrace dark shades without going all out with a black nail.


Duochrome Purple

If you want to add a bit of glamour to your jewel tones, amp up your shade with a duochrome reflect. This option from Lights Lacquer gives a rich amethyst a bright blue duochrome shift for added drama.



Fall doesn't have to mean a break from bold colors. If you're looking to switch up your manicure from summery lemon shades, a deeper, more golden mustard tone will make the transition smooth.


Rusted Red

For those who love a classic red, a rustier tone for fall is the perfect transitional manicure before you go stop-sign red for the holidays.


Shimmery Bronze

Bronze isn't just for summer. This deep, Champagne-toned bronze offers glamour with its shimmering finish and gives the nail a more subtle appearance than your average metallic.


Mauve Pink

Pink may be a color associated with spring, but a cool mauve undertone — like this one from Chanel — makes the shade fall ready.


Olive Green

Olive is a mainstay when it comes to fashion and beauty every year, and with experts like Darlene suggesting earthy shades, it remains a great option for your manicure this season.


Metallic Emerald

Deep hunter greens and sages are both big for fall 2020, but if you're looking for something with a bit more pop, a metallic emerald takes those earthy, woodsy tones up a notch.



If deep red hues or terracotta tones don't feel quite right, plum shades can give you the warmth of fall in a cool tone color palette.