Three Fall Outfit Recipes Using Key Affordable Pieces From H&M

From faux-leather pants to spooky throwback sweatshirts.

By Anna Hilderman

As soon as the leaves start to fall, we jump at the chance to rediscover our edgier, trendier selves that have been in hiding all summer. The self who isn't afraid to wear faux fur and leather accents over an array of jewel-toned knits and layers. The only catch with this return to playful dressing can be the price tag on all those signature cold-weather pieces. We love a statement, but we’re trying to keep a little extra money on-hand for the holidays, too.

Enter: H&M’s Divided collection — the most affordable, stylish place to source a revitalized fall wardrobe. Pull out your favorite boots and get ready to give your style a shake-up by layering a turtleneck under a printed tee or slipping a puffer coat over your mini dress. In our guide to always-changing, endlessly adaptable fall fashion, we’ve laid out three infallible, customizable looks. Our tip is to keep it simple and swappable; find a recipe that you can refresh again and again. To demonstrate how we’d change up the outfits, we’ve included an extra option with each so that you can swap out key pieces to fit your mood all season long.

Soft In Suede

Make a soft statement this fall in denim and suede. Suede’s elegant nature gets an autumnal update in this rich, coppery color that spices up a white sweater and jeans. As for the denim — go playful in a bootcut and traditional wash or amp things up in an oversized silhouette (these aren’t your mom’s mom jeans; they’ve got a surprising short crop and a leg-lengthening extra seam down the back).

Leggy & Cozy

Get inspired by the season’s fluctuating temps by mixing a substantial coat with a slinky mini dress. Shearling-lined leather over '90s-approved sparkly lilac, a faux-fur bomber with a zodiac motif, or vice versa: this mix-and-match look is definitely one to try before winter really hits.

A Little Punk

Level up your T-shirt collection with some oversized, spooky-season vibes. Whether you’re feeling a long or a short sleeve, try layering your favorite with a sheer turtleneck for a twist. Finish the look with faux-leather pants, some chunky combat boots, and as much layered-up jewelry as you want.