6 Fall Trends To Try, Inspired By Every Character on Schitt’s Creek

Moira, David, Alexis, and more.

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek has finally ended. And as the world shed a tear, many die-hard fans occupied themselves during quarantine by re-binging the series that they had only just completed. And who can blame them? Not only are the characters super relatable, but to watch this virtual fashion show of sorts is an experience that you can repeat over and over and over again. In fact, with each subsequent viewing, you’re bound to notice an epic look that you previously glossed over.

Though Moira Rose has seemingly stolen the show when it comes to her wardrobe, wearing jaw-dropping looks from high-fashion designers, each character has developed such a distinct personal style that it’s hard not to take note of them all. And, as the season turns to Fall and you are looking to update your own wardrobe, it’s high time you draw a little inspiration from all of the characters on Schitt’s Creek.

Ahead, find 6 trendy looks to inspire your Fall wardrobe: From Moira’s black-and-white layering to David’s sweaters; Alexis’ modern bohemian vibe and Stevie’s '90s style.


David Rose: Layering Knits

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Though David Rose’s entire wardrobe is truly epic, it’s his sweaters fans really love. From prints to solids, cardigans and pullovers alike, the character embraced nearly every black-and-white knit trend out there, paired with everything from skinny jeans to long tunics and joggers alike.

One of the best looks was this palm print cardigan from Amiri. Because the layering knit, worn either on its own as a shirt or layered over countless underpinnings, is a Fall trend that isn’t going anywhere — anytime soon.


Moira Rose: Leather Pants

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

In this episode, Moira Rose actually says that her look “exceeded all expectations,” so at least everyone is on the same page about her iconic style.

Clad in her signature color palette, which is largely all black with a touch of white, she layers like a pro, styling an asymmetric tunic over a long sleeve bodysuit, topped with a banded crop top, that is actually attached to the shirting itself (designed, of course, by Proenza Schouler).

She throws it all over a pair of skinny leather pants and slips into chunky ankle booties and jewelry to complete her look.


Alexis Rose: Fall Florals

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

In her sophisticated bohemian wardrobe, Alexis Rose’s collection of pieces is largely designed by Isabel Marant.

This dress was the perfect introduction to brisker Fall weather. Just add a pair of booties and a leather jacket slung over your shoulders and you’re good to go.


Johnny Rose: Tailored Suiting

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Johnny Rose is never not styled to-a-T, hair and all. But you know what? With every single tailored suit, crisp button-down shirt, and—yes—pocket square to finish it all off, he's the epitome of chic.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, take a little inspiration from the most tailored character on the show, no matter where you’re headed.


Stevie Budd: '90s Grunge

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

When it comes to casual Fall layering, Stevie gets it right, more than anyone else on the show. A huge fan of the "ugly" ‘90s grunge look, she loves the tank, open plaid shirt, and skinny jeans uniform. Oh, and she finishes it off with a pair of casual kicks like classic low top sneakers or ankle booties.

In short, her looks on the regular were nothing short of an Autumn dream and something you should definitely be incorporating into your off-duty seasonal wardrobe, stat.


Twyla Sands: Statement Tops

Courtesy of Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Most often seen from the waist-up, be it behind the diner counter or with her bottom half covered by an apron, Twyla knows the power of a statement shirt. And she wears them well.

Without being too bold, the character opts for easy silhouettes, subtle paisley prints, and this season’s beloved slight puff sleeve. This fall, consider taking a page out of Twyla’s style book and slipping into a subtle Fall printed top with everything from jeans to midi skirts, depending on the occasion.