Frank's New Vegan Deodorant Promises To Actually Work

Plus, four more new beauty products out this week.

Frank Body

Let's be real: finding a natural deodorant that actually works is a real challenge. We all want to find a formula that keeps us dry and odour-free, while still keeping our bodies and the environment as safe as can be. And let me tell you that as a self-confessed sweaty gal, finding this dream deo is a journey. Which is why I'm so pumped to try out Frank Body's new deodorant, which is totally clean and promises to actually work.

The formula comes in two options: scented (green tea & cucumber) and unscented, depending on what you're after, and both are totally vegan, cruelty-free, and also made without alcohol or aluminium. Like with all natural deo formulas, the brand warns that in the first week, you may actually experience more sweating as the body gets used to a pore-blocking, aluminium-free product, but that it's worth sticking it out as after a week that will change.

As well as Frank's new deo offerings, this week there is also some more cool beauty newness, including some dreamy makeup goodies from Milk and Danessa Myricks, as well as some hair and body bits by Aussie and Jo Malone London, respectively. Read more about everything below.