Glossier Just Added Two New Products To Its Body Collection

Bar soap is back, baby.


Glossier is best known for its pared-down, super simple approach to skincare and makeup, but in recent years, the brand has added to its line with fragrance and body bits. Their 'Body Hero' range, for example, currently consists of a shower oil and body cream. However, Glossier just added two new products to its body collection, both of which are set to cause a stir.

The first of the two is an exfoliating bar, which is designed to be used in the palm of your hand to slough away dry skin. It contains bamboo powder, sunflower seed oil, and aloe leaf juice, and promises to leave the skin silky, soft, and smooth. It's also a great option for those concerned about plastic waste (which we all should be these days!), as the particles in the bar are said to be biodegradable. Also, as a solid bar, it's a great alternative to a plastic tube of body wash.

Next up is the Dry-Touch Oil Mist, which is a lovely, lightweight alternative to the existing body cream. The spray bottle houses a fast-absorbing oil that dries down quickly and promises not to leave the skin greasy or sticky. In other words, it's perfect for those of us who get impatient waiting for our body butter to sink in before we can get dressed. The oil's ingredients list features sunflower seed, grapeseed, and oat oils for peak moisture and hydration.

Both newbies are already available to buy at Glossier's website, and cost £12 and £24 respectively. You can also buy all four of the Body Hero products in one set for £59 (saving you £10).

They are accompanied by a brand new campaign, which features eight professional basketball players from the the WNBA. The imagery is self-shot by the players, and "spotlights the lives, routines, and personal narratives of these game-changing athletes who Glossier believes are the ultimate embodiment of Body Hero."

Also part of the campaign, Glossier shot a series of intimate “skin portraits” that feature members of the brand's community, ranging from a nurse, to an artist, and show each individual’s body up close and real.