Good Light’s New Heartstopper Collaboration Will Make You Melt

This summer, boy meets boy, and the fans get a surprise.

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Heartstopper opening scene of nick holding umbrella for charlie
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Summer love is at an all-time high, and it’s the perfect time to crash into the sheets with the heartstopping (pun intended) Netflix show. Continuing its successful release, Heartstopper will release on August 3rd, 2023, and invites fans to the Heartstopper universe with a surprising collab: a skin care collection with Good Light. Considering how emotional the show gets, you might just need some skin care therapy to recover.

To celebrate the launch of the show, Heartstopper collaborates with Good Light to release a limited- edition beauty bundle on the same day as the show’s second season airs. For fans, the products are wrapped in packaging based on the show. Recognizable scenes, colorful icons, and pictures of the cast express queer joy and love. “There are so many moments in Season 2 that we needed to add in the show, from a sleepover aspect to the trip to Paris to the entire cast being so uplifting to each other,” says Good Light founder David Yi.

Each bundle contains seven products, featuring four Good Light products to act as a skin regimen: The Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser, a gel-to-foam, multi-purpose cleanser; Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion, a milky toning lotion; Order of the Eclipse Hyaluronic Cream, a super-moisturizing cream for day and night; and Luna Pimple Patches, non-drying, vegan hydrocolloid patches for breakouts. Whether you’re new to skin care (in which this bundle happily helps you out) or are a sucker for unique packaging, the Good Light collab also offers collectable cards for all Heartstopper fans — yes, the culture of collecting idol cards for bands like BTS has officially made it to the States, and we couldn’t be happier.

This isn’t just a random collaboration, though. “Heartstopper is actually one of my favorite shows,” says Yi. “To watch two young men fall in love with each other without the trauma that comes with being LGBTQIA+, celebrating joy and love was so endearing. Truly, this show has the moments where your own heart, well, stops, which is what made this such an impactful show. I keep thinking how I needed a show like this when I was a youth — and how I need it now as an adult.”

Hearstopper cast walks the pride parade.Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yi launched the Good Light x Heartstopper collaboration to further spread the message of equal rights and a freedom to love for all. “I hope we can truly share with the world that LGBTQIA+ audiences aren't niche,” he says. “We are everywhere. We are on television. We are in books. We're reflected in beauty brands like Good Light! We are only growing as a community, and I love how self-care and self-love can be represented in all ways.” Good Light is also promising fifteen random customers a chance to win figurines, 100 dollars from Netflix, the official Heartstopper Season 2 poster, and more — truly living up the brand’s message of spreading light and positivity.

To show additional support, Good Light will donate portions to its annual cause, True Colors United, “an organization to eradicate youth homelessness that disproportionately affects trans folx,” says Yi. The heartstopping collaboration drops on August 3rd, just in time for the show’s premiere.

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