Good Walking Shoes Don't Have To Be Expensive — These Highly-Rated Pairs Under $40 Are Proof

Shoes that offer style, comfort — and are budget-friendly.

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As the weather warms up, adventure awaits. But first — the right shoes. Finding the balance between style, comfort, and budget isn’t easy, but Amazon has plenty of options that your feet (and wallet) will love.

The perfect walking shoe offers support without sacrificing style — and fits your budget. I’ve found options for hiking, casual wearing, and running that combine all three. From slip-on sneakers to sandals you can adjust, these favorites come in plenty of bold, bright colors to fill your closet with outfit inspiration. But most importantly, these shoes are all under $40. These highly rated sneakers will add a pep to your step, literally and figuratively.


A Pair Of Slip-On Sandals That Won’t Cause Blisters

Reviewers love these sandals because they are stylish without sacrificing comfort. This pair features stretchy woven straps that are designed to minimize blisters, as well as a comfortable EVA cushioned midsole. They’re easy to slip on and off and offer plenty of support, but they look just as cute with shorts and a tee as they do with a sundress. They’ve earned more than 14,000 reviews.

Glowing Review: “I needed to find a comfortable sandal for a trip to Las Vegas. I had ordered another name brand sandal but just didn’t like as well as this one. Totally comfortable and easy to get on and off. There’s an adjustable slide on each side of the sandal. Also, has nice arch support. We walked everywhere in Las Vegas and one day we walked a total of 9 miles! My feet felt great while the rest of me was tired!! Wish we could give more stars. This was my going to a show, Hoover dam walking tour, walking from casino to casino and even lounging by the pool. Think I’ll buy a few more in different colors.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 16


A Pair Of Waterproof Sandals That You Can Dress Up

These waterproof sandals have the trendy strappy details you love with the arch support you need. These are made from vegan materials that are water-resistant and comfortable for running errands or hiking. This versatile shoe has a dedicated toe hole for your big toe and is designed to hug your feet while you walk. The rubber sole and adjustable straps make it easy to go from the beach to site-seeing, without changing your shoes. Dress them up or down depending on the adventure.

Glowing Review: “Took these to Tahiti. They were comfortable and great for long walks. Plus I got lots of compliments on how cute they were.”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11

•Available Colors: 6


These Slip-On Walking Sneakers That Are Lightweight

Everyone needs a pair of lightweight sneakers that are supportive enough for the gym and won’t break the bank. This slip-on sneaker has a sock-like upper that is soft and breathable. Inside is a latex arch insert that gently supports your feet and ankles while you walk.

Glowing Review: “These shoes are light weight and comfortable. I have an issue with my Achilles, which is aggravated by the rubbing of a shoe on my heel. These shoes are soft around the top and there is no rubbing. I have exercised in them, including walking, the stay put, have plenty of support and and look cute. I would like to buy in another color.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13

•Available Colors: 33


This Mesh Walking Shoe That Feels Like A Cloud

This sleek-looking pair of walking shoes are lightweight, breathable, and undeniably adorable. They feature a mesh upper with ventilation ports to keep air circulating. A removable insole cushions your feet’s arches and an elastane heel helps propel you forward. This pair has a long tongue that makes it easier to slip on and off and laces for added support.

Glowing Review: “These shoes are better than some of my designer shoes. I was able to walk for miles at Disney without them hurting my feet. They are easy to slide on, stylish, and I would highly recommend them. I have broken my foot in the past so it’s hard to find shoes that fit and don’t rub blisters on my toes. These are those shoes. They are easy to clean, I have a white pair that I have washed several times and they have kept their shape and not fallen apart.”

•Available Sizes: 6 — 10

•Available Colors: 10


The Ankle-Strap Sandals That Won’t Break The Bank

With more than 4,000 reviews, these ankle-strap sandals are beloved for their sensibility and style. The entire shoe is vegan — made from plant-based and synthetic materials. The molded UVA material is lightweight yet supportive and they feature a foot strap, as well as an adjustable ankle strap. Choose from neutrals like white or a wide variety of trendy colors like “deep lake” and “mango.”

Glowing Review: “I’ve had these for a few weeks now. I wore them on a trip to Central America where I did a ton of walking. They are so comfortable and you can tell from the second you put them on.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 12


The Breathable Walking Shoes With Air Cushions

These comfy walking shoes have a cushioned sole to support your feet and a slight platform for height and added style. They're made of mesh fabric, so you can expect them to be breathable and cooling — perfect for standing for long periods of time. They’ve earned more than 30,000 reviews, including a five-star review that noted, “Love Love Love these shoes. I purchased these shoes for work. I walk on cement 8 hours a day. These shoes are comfy and supportive.”

Glowing Review: “This is my third pair of these shoes that I have purchased. I love them. They give my feet the best walking support ever. I used to have an extreme case of plantar fascitis so I have several pairs of shoes that were professionally fitted to my foot so I would get extreme support. These shoes do the exact same type of arch support for 1/4 of the cost. They are so comfortable. I love all the colors! Im going to buy more so I can match with all my casual wear.”

• Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11

•Available Colors: 12


The Versatile Sneakers With A Foldable Back Heel

These shoes are like walking on a cloud, plus they can be worn multiple ways — a steal for a pair of sneakers under $40. This pair is lightweight and features a stretchy knit upper, memory foam insole with arch support, and a shock-absorbing sole. The breathable material also wicks moisture whether you’re dodging puddles or working up a sweat. They feature a tap on the front and back, which makes it easy to pull these shoes on. Plus, the back heel is foldable if you want to wear them more like sandals.

Glowing Review: “This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever own. It feels as though you are walking on the most fluffy carpet. I love them. I have issues with my knee and heels, I don’t feel any pain when wearing them. I work in a hospital for 12 hr shifts they are great for the fast paced walking and running that I have to do when working. I would recommend them to everyone I know in fact my friend from work is ordering a pair!!And they are so affordable :)”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 10

•Available Colors: 11


A Pair Of Work-Appropriate Walking Loafers For $30

If your day entails a lot of walking, but you’re not quite ready to strap on sneakers, opt for these walking loafers. This pair has earned more than 13,000 reviews for its shockingly supportive construction. One five-star review cited, “My plantar fasciitis isn't a problem at all anymore, I can walk around stores, work, etc. a lot longer before my back or knee starts hurting. It's been great.” The moccasin-style shoes are made of 100% leather, which one review called “supple and supportive.” The padded insoles and wear-resistant rubber soles make this option practical at a reasonable price.

Glowing Review: “I get complements all the time wearing them and SO comfortable. The number of days spent walking 20,000+ steps in these I can’t count. I want all the colors.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 32


These Velcro Hiking Sandals That Offer Support

It isn’t often that a pair of hiking sandals racks up nearly 4,000 reviews, has a high rating, and costs less than $30 — but this pick is a standout. It has a supportive rubber sole with traction that can stand up against your terrain of choice, with a comfortable EVA midsole and arch support, adjustable top Velcro straps, and a choice of more than 15 colors. Take these shoes to the beach or pool, as well — they’re conveniently waterproof.

Glowing Review: “I love these sandals. They are very comfortable and because of the padding around the buckles, they never rub or create blisters when I'm wearing them. I've worn them in the river, in the ocean, on the beach, while hiking, and while walking around all day doing errands. I didn't think they'd be as good as they based on the affordable price, but they certainly exceeded my expectations! I've had them about a year now and they still look and feel perfect. They've outlasted my boyfriends expensive name-brand sandals that look just like mine. These are a great purchase!”

• Available Sizes: 6 — 11

• Available Colors: 20


This Slip-Resistant Tennis Shoe With A Wide Ankle

These slip-resistant running shoes slip on and off, but offer laces for additional support. The sole features slip-resistant patches that are spread out on the bottom to evenly offer traction and support. The breathable mesh moves with you and keeps your feet from overheating — all for less than $40. Unlike other slip-on sneakers, these feature a wide ankle opening for people with wider feet or anyone who just wants a bit less restriction around their ankle. This pair is available in black and white, as well as fun colors like lavender and pink.

Glowing Review: “I have a lot of really bad feet pain and problems and work full time in a warehouse on cold cement so i was looking to spend upwards of $100 on new shoes. After reading 100s of reviews for watching many youtube videos I tried these and they are like walking on clouds. They have alleviated all of my pain in my feet, knees and back (scoliosis). I would highly recommend these. Im ordering 2 more pairs right now.”

• Available Sizes: 4.5 — 10.5

• Available Colors: 16


The Waterproof Hiking Sandals With Anti-Slip Soles

Adventure awaits you with these waterproof hiking sandals. The ergonomic design of these sandals fits your natural foot posture and they feature quick-dry triangle patterns on the soles to keep you from slipping — a key design element for climbing slippery rocks. The Jacquard strap design is soft and won’t fade over time. Plus, they come together at a versatile triangle joint so you can adjust the straps to fit.

Glowing Review: “I was looking for a pair of walking sandals that would be comfortable enough to walk 3-4 miles a day and these worked out perfectly!! The second I tried these on I knew that they would be exactly what I was hoping they would be. Super comfortable and both the strap over the toes and around the ankles are adjustable. I liked them so much that I bought a pair for my mom and she loves hers as well.”

• Available Sizes: 6 — 11

• Available Colors: 14


The Casual Sneakers That Don’t Require Socks

These are the perfect casual sneakers you can simply slip on and off (socks are optional) when you’re in a hurry, but they look amazing and feel (possibly) even more amazing, according to so many reviewers. They have a soft sole and a durable outsole, with a stretchy and breathable mesh upper. One of its more than 10,000 reviewers raved, “These have made both myself and my feet ready to get to walking. I'm already planning on buying several other pairs in different colors.”

Glowing Review: “I have five pairs of these, will likely buy a few more before the year is out as I want a backup in case they stop making them...yes that is how much I love them. They fit like a glove, it's like wearing a slipper with an outdoor sole. I wore them when I walked ALL OVER Paris recently, like 5-10 miles days of walking on hard streets, I wore them when I had a job standing all day every day. They are cute, they good with just about everything [...]”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13

•Available Colors: 18


These Hiking Sandals Made With Anti-Chafing Straps

These hiking sandals are made with an EVA insole that’s the same stuff they use to make yoga mats. That soft and cushioned insole absorbs shock and provides plenty of arch support. There are textured grips on the bottom to prevent slipping, as well as polyester webbing straps that dry quickly and won’t chafe. The adjustable triangle hook and loop straps allow you to customize your shoes’ fit.

Glowing Review: “I love these sandals. They're comfortable and give decent support. I have worn them extensively on trips; climbing to the summit of Whiteface, hiking through woods, swimming in waterfalls. I love that all the straps are adjustable. They're also soft and don't dig into your foot when you walk. [...]”

• Available Sizes: 6 — 11

• Available Colors: 13


An Under-$30 Flip-Flop With Knit Straps

If you love the way flip-flops look, but they make your feet hurt, try this affordable pair on for size. These flip-flops are made with a rubber sole textured like a yoga mat and stretchy knit straps that are designed to stay put — and feel nice against your feet. The outer sole is nonslip for an overall lightweight, comfortable shoe.

Glowing Review: “I had no expectations that they would be supportive or comfortable to wear out let alone do a lot of walking in. I was suprised to learn different!! These are very comfortable and provide enough cushion to wear all day no matter the amount of walking!!”

•Available Sizes: 4 — 13 (some half sizes available)

•Available Colors: 20


These Sock Sneakers That Cost Less Than $25

It’s possible that these walking shoes are lighter than your favorite pair of slippers — and under budget too. The magic is in the details. The mesh uppers create a remarkably soft, stretchy, and breathable sneaker that’s easy to slip on and simple to style with your favorite loungewear or workout clothes. They’re well-ventilated, not to mention, a total bargain at just $24.

Glowing Review: “These are a wonderful pair of walking shoes that feel like your wearing socks with a soft cushioning base on the sole. The sole has just the right amount of twist which means it will provide enough support for casual walk on flat asphalt without sore feet later.”

•Available sizes: 5.5 — 12

•Available colors: 17


A Pair Of Funky-Colored Running Shoes Under $40

There’s a reason these running shoes have more than 10,000 reviews: they’re so comfortable and affordable — not to mention funky and fun. The laced sneakers feature a rubber outsole and breathable mesh upper that keep your feet cool while you run or work out. The budget-friendly shoes are surprisingly durable, plus they’re available in more than 10 unique colors such as orange red, fluorescent green, and bright yellow.

Glowing Review: “This shoes are the most comfortable shoes I ever have. It fit perfectly, can walk and stand for very long time. Being a Florida resident I go to the theme parks often, able to walk and stand for many hours feeling comfortable. Also the compliments I get for how stylish they look”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 10.5

•Available Colors: 14


These Trendy $30 Sandals With A Flexible Cork Footbed

​​Feet everywhere will rejoice after trying on these trendy sandals that are ultra-comfortable. The budget-friendly pair is made with a 100% genuine suede insole that contours to your foot’s shape over time for extra comfort. The flexible cork footbed and slight platform keep your feet happy all day long. Plus: they’re so easy to slip on as you head out the door and they come in a variety of neutral and fun colors.

Glowing Review: “Considering cost, comfort, and fit: these are my everyday go-to’s. The price was reasonable, while the level of comfort and quality was surprising. I particularly appreciate the leather insole and easily adjustable straps.”

•Available Sizes: 6 — 12 (wide sizes available)

•Available Colors: 21


The Canvas Sneakers With Memory Foam Inserts

These lightweight canvas sneakers are ideal for summer adventures. They have a plush footbed and breathable fabric liner that keeps your feet dry and cool. The casual style can be paired with dresses or shorts and a tee. They’re lightweight and even feature a memory foam insole for additional support. With more than 4,000 reviews, this pair has earned a 4.5-star rating and they come in more than 20 colors.

Glowing Review: “These are my go-to shoes for walking around NYC. I wore them regularly when I lived there and now I wear them every time I visit. They are so comfortable and I never get a blister.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 21


This Traditional Laced Sneaker For $25

These sneakers are made for walking (and running, hiking, and working out). The traditional lace-up tennis shoes are made with a soft lining and super light EVA sole that feels like a cloud under your feet. The breathable shoes are sleek and stylish with plenty of support. Best of all? These shoes cost less than $25.

Glowing Review: “I can't believe these shoes feel so comfortable to walk in. I'm on my feet 12hrs with minimum breaks but my feet still feel fine. Usually with other shoes my feet are sore after 4hrs but not with these it's like I'm walking on a cloud lol.”

•Available Sizes: 6 — 11

•Available Colors: 16


A Pair Of Supportive Flip-Flops With 23,000 Reviews

It’s hard to believe these supportive flip-flops are actually made of recycled plastic bottles. The vegan slip-on shoes feature lightweight foam and quick-drying webbing, which is ideal for wet or dry conditions. The hook and loop closure offers plenty of support without losing the comfort of a flip-flop. This $25 sandal has earned more than 23,000 reviews.

Glowing Review: “Holy moly do I love these. I bought these as my "walking sandals" for Vegas and literally never took them off. I put over 50 miles on these puppies right out of the package with no break in period. Zero blisters or sore feet even with walking all day for 5 days. They mold to my feet so even with super high arches I got decent support (see photo). 10/10 would recommend and I will be buying more!”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 23


These Shockingly Comfortable Sneakers For $30

You don’t have to splurge on a name-brand sneaker if it’s comfort you’re after. These budget-friendly running shoes have a soft knit upper and memory foam insole that cushion and hug your feet gently. The outsole is super flexible and features irregular traction patterns. The collar and tongue are padded to hug your ankle without chafing and you can choose from more than 10 neutral or bright shades.

Glowing Review: “These shoes are comfortable and very light! For the price they look and fit perfect. I have a wide foot and these are probably the first pair of shoes that I didn’t have to break in.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 11

•Available Colors: 12


The Fully Adjustable Sandals In Bright Colors

These brightly colored sandals are perfect for your next tropical vacay — they’re cute and comfortable. The under-$30 pair of sandals are made with the same supportive foam as yoga mats so the material absorbs any impact from walking or running. The polyester straps dry quickly and offer an adjustable, secure fit. Wear these on your daytime excursions and pair them with a flowy sundress for dinner.

Glowing Review: “Very comfortable sandal that I can walk many miles in. In fact I walked 4.8 miles in the heat and my feet didn't hurt during the walk or the next day. These provide a lot of cushion, are nice and tight as well as stylish. These also wash up and dry quickly.”

•Available Sizes: 6 — 11

•Available Colors: 7


These Supportive Vans Look-Alikes For Under $35

Calling all Vans lovers who are looking for a deal: this pair of canvas slip-on sneakers are dead ringers for the iconic Vans shoes, except these are less than $35. The elastic band design and comfortable lining ensure your feet are supported while the breathable canvas upper keeps you cool. These stylish shoes can be dressed up or down and worn with most of the things in your closet — making this a great deal you don’t want to miss.

Glowing Review: “I ordered these and wore them for an entire weekend walking around NYC. We walked like 30 miles in two days and these were surprisingly comfortable, I didn’t regret wearing them. I’ll definitely buy more in the future.”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 12 (wide sizes available)

•Available Colors: 19


The Walking Sneakers That Make Your Feet Happy

Some sneakers offer a ton of support, but are chunky and lack style. Not this pair — its sleek design is so cute while the knitted mesh material and elastic memory insoles ensure you don’t wake up with sore feet. They’re ultra-lightweight, breathable, and slide on and off. The laces act as additional stability while the long shoe tongue keeps your feet locked in. The inside liner is soft to prevent blisters while the soles utilize a rubber patch to ensure you never slip.

Glowing Review: “I work long hours on my feet and walking a lot. I needed shoes that would support my heals on impact. These shoes do exactly that. They have cusion all around the heal area and are extremely comfortable. I walk arould 16,000 steps a day and my feet dont hurt at the end of the day. Would recommend.”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 12

•Available Colors: 6


These Lightweight Sneakers With Adjustable Laces

These lightweight sneakers have adjustable laces that give you the support you need, wherever the day takes you. The breathable liner and upper mesh keep your feet cool all day, while the durable, non-slip outer protects you from the elements. The cloud-like shoes are perfect for everyday wear, hitting the gym, or taking on the trails. They’ve earned nearly 10,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating.

Glowing Review: “Bought these nine months ago. Love the color, they are very lightweight. I walk a lot and my feet don’t hurt after wearing them all day. I was very surprised that they fit as well as they do and for the price, you can’t beat giving them a try. I got them in the purple. The color is true to picture. The bottom of the shoe does have grip. I recommend giving these a try!”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 9.5

•Available Colors: 16


The Ventilated Sock Sneakers In Nearly 40 Colors

Everything about these sock walking shoes is designed for comfort. These stretchy knit shoes have a supportive rubber sole, ventilated uppers for breathability, and are ideal for running, working out, or shopping. They feature an elastic topline and easily slip on as you’re heading out the door. Choose from a variety of neutral and bold colors.

Glowing Review: “These are quite possibly the best shoe I have ever owned. I have a very high instep and very wide foot and have always struggled to find shoes that are comfortable and functional. I work in a very busy medical office and am on my feet a lot each day. These shoes stretch onto my feet and fit like they were made for me. They are comfortable all day long, and unlike other shoes, I'm not ready to kick them off when I get home. In fact, I've found myself wearing them without thinking about it.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13

•Available Colors: 37


The Budget Orthotic Flip-Flops That Look Good

There’s a reason these orthodontic flip-flops have earned more than 34,000 reviews: they combine comfort and cuteness for under $35. These thong-style sandals feature padded straps, high arch support, and a gel insert. They’re waterproof and even have a sweat-resistant footbed to keep your feet from sliding around. This stylish sandal looks adorable in warm temperatures, while also helping to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and neuropathic foot problems.

Glowing Review: “I love these sandals....I don't have foot/arch issues but I walk alot and wanted something other than running shoes when I am wearing a summer dress. [...] The sole is sturdy, it doesn't "squish" when I walk and I can easily walk 5 miles wearing these without any issues and still look stylish (those sparkles!). [...] I highly recommend!”

•Available Sizes: 6 — 11

•Available Colors: 19

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