Grooming Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making All The Time

Don’t worry, your fixes can be found here.

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Whether or not you know it, there are a lot of little grooming mistakes that you’re making all the time. These missteps aren’t even about whether or not you choose to shave — that’s your decision — but there are still ways you’re wasting money or making your hair and nails a little less gorgeous than they could be. Like, pulling your chipped and peeling nails instead of filing them — ouch.

For that chipped nail, there’s a unique glass file that will solve your problems. The glass design prevents future cracks, chips, and painful peeling problems. Plus, it’s easy to wash after every frustrating hangnail situation, and you can use it over and over again. Be sure to grab the strengthening nail cream to pair with your new glass nail file.

This list also has plenty of hair products, like a transparent flyaway cream. If baby hairs seriously irritate you, then it’s definitely a mistake to constantly deal with them. Instead, use the included tiny brush to push them back. Plus, the cream moisturizes and nourishes those little hairs.

Also, yes, if you do prefer shaving, there are gentle hair-removing tools on the list. There’s even an 18K gold plated and painless hair remover that’s small enough to use on your face (if that’s your go-to look).

So, this list isn’t here to tell you to style your hair differently or even to change up your grooming routine. It’s simply all about fixing those small grooming mistakes we’re all making.

Mistake: Your Cuticles Are Dry & Painful

Solution: Swipe On Cuticle Oil With This Handy Pen

This cuticle oil pen isn’t only helpful for dry and painful cuticles. The jojoba and tea tree-infused oil helps out with strengthening your nails if they get painful chips, and it’s easy to apply thanks to the pen-like tube. Plus, it helps with growing your nails, if that’s one of your grooming goals. You can even swipe some of this mess-free oil onto calluses for extra relief.

Mistake: You’re Using A Dull, Old Nail File

Solution: Switch To A Glass File That Gets Rid Of Hangnails

You can use this glass nail file way less often than your normal file, because the glass design is gentler on your nails and actually prevents future cracks, chips, and painful nail peeling problems. That means your nails will be so strong and you can file them less often. This washable, reusable nail file is fortified with a hardening process, so it’ll stay durable and effective over time.

Mistake: You’re Neglecting Your Cuticles

Solution: Trim Them With These Extra-Grippy Cuticle Clippers

This cuticle trimmer is complete with unique curved handles with a rubber coating that makes them extra-grippy to avoid any annoying slips or nicks while you trim. These easy and ergonomic cutters are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, so they’re truly built to last. Moisturize first and these precise clippers will make your nails feel and look seriously fresh.

Mistake: You Pay A Salon For A Hydrating Hair Treatment

Solution: Apply A Hydrating Argan Oil Mask At Home

This argan oil hair mask is an easy way to avoid driving somewhere (and spending a bunch at the salon), while still getting softer, healthier locks. It hydrates and strengthens your hair to make it as manageable as it is after your usual salon visit. Plus, you get 8.45 ounces of this paraben-free and vitamin-packed mask, for plenty of deep conditioning rounds.

Mistake: You Use Any Old Towel To Dry Your Hair

Solution: Grab A Microfiber Towel That’s Gentle On Your Hair

This is the microfiber towel set to grab whether you’re wrapping up your hair or quickly drying it. There’s an elastic loop on the back of these super absorbent towels if you want to passively dry your hair, and they’ll stay put better than a classic bath towel. These lightweight, moisture-wicking towels are also smaller than a bath towel, so you never have to be without a breakage- and frizz-reducing towel.

Mistake: You Think Of Painful Razor Bumps As Inevitable

Solution: Exfoliate With A Brush Set To Eliminate Painful Razor Bumps

If you prefer to shave, this durable exfoliator brush is such an easy add-on to your toutine. It’s made with flexible bristles that you gently swipe over your skin after shaving, which helps to prevent those painful razor bumps and ingrown hairs that we’re all used to living with. This set also comes with two silicone facial scrubbers for a deeper facial cleanse.

Mistake: You Put Your Hair Up With Hair Ties That Cause Creases & Breakage

Solution: Wear These Gentle, Pain-Free Silk Scrunchies

This pack of silk scrunchies is all about avoiding that painful ponytail situation. Each hair tie is covered in 100% mulberry silk that helps prevent unwanted hair creases and hair breakage. Plus, they’re a trendy and cute accent if you like wearing your hair up.

Mistake: You Get Painful Razor Burn From Dull Razors

Solution: Shave With This Gentle Metal Safety Razor

If you prefer shaving, this is the gentle and luxurious razor to grab (especially to avoid painful razor burn). It’s made of durable metal that looks chic and gives you extra grip on the handle. It comes with gentle double-edge blades that tuck away in the sleek razor head, which makes shaving a gentler experience.

Mistake: You Pay For Pedicures Simply For The Callus Relief

Solution: Get Super Soft Feet In 2 Weeks With This Foot Peel Mask

Skip paying for the polish with this moisturizing foot peel mask. It helps out with painful calluses without getting a pedicure. Simply wear the natural botanical-filled socks for one hour, soak your feet for a few minutes every day, and watch your calluses and uncomfortable dry skin peel away in six to 11 days. The result is baby soft feet that last, so these peach-scented masks help out your skin way for longer than a those pedicures.

Mistake: You Use A Brush That Causes Unwanted Frizz

Solution: Detangle With A Gentle Brush That Minimizes Breakage

This ergonomic detangling brush obviously helps you get ready faster, but it’s also nice to your hair. The flexible bristles separate all of the tangles in a gentle way that won’t cause a bunch of pulling, frizz, or breakage. Plus, they’re flexible and scalp-friendly enough to use on wet or dry hair.

Mistake: You Wrap Your Nails In Foil To Remove Gel Polish

Solution: Use The Comfy Polish-Removing Clips That Are Reusable

Popping on these adorable clips is a super comfy option for removing nail polish. The unique shape holds onto your nail polish remover-soaked cotton pad. Plus, each one has a clip-on design with little handles at the top that allow you to easily take off these reusable clips — even when you’re wearing them on both hands.

Mistake: You Style Your Hair *After* Spending A Bunch Of Time Drying it

Solution: Use A Fan-Favorite Air Brush That Dries & Styles Simultaneously

Yes — this drying brush with a rounded barrel lets you avoid your time-consuming styling products. It has a mix of tufted and pin-style bristles, so you honestly don’t even need your hair brush — this will brush, style, and dry your hair all at once. This one-step hair tool is an Amazon shopper favorite with a whopping 333,000 five-star reviews — and growing.

Mistake: You Ignore Painful Ingrown Toenails

Solution: Help Out & Relieve Ingrown Toenails With These Genius Tools

This nail kit is all about relieving those painful ingrown toenails. Tools in the kit are made of durable stainless steel, which means it’s easy to keep them clean between ingrown toenail treatments — just use a little alcohol. This set of six tools includes tools for removing dead skin and dirt around the toenail, as well as a lifter to lift up the nail where it’s growing into the toe.

Mistake: Product Buildup Hangs Out In Your Hair

Solution: Get Rid Of Uncomfortable Buildup With A Soothing Scalp Brush

Grab this silicone scalp brush any time you have a bunch of product buildup hanging out in your hair. It comes with two different bristle styles, depending on just how uncomfortable your scalp has been feeling. Plus, both of these BPA-free heads massage your scalp and help with painful dryness, all while getting out every last bit of shampoo and conditioner.

Mistake: You Apply Makeup With A Normal Mirror

Solution: Get Ready In The Morning With This Light Up, Magnified Mirror

This vanity mirror is lit with 36 LED lights to help out with your grooming routine, and it folds up, so it won’t take up unnecessary space on your vanity. Those 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification panels also make it win out over your bathroom mirror, because you can really see that cat eye you’re applying or those brows you’re tweezing. There’s even a holder for makeup and skincare tools.

Mistake: You Go To The Salon Every Month For Root Touch-Ups

Solution: Spritz On This Easy Temporary Root Concealer

Misting your roots with this conditioning root concealer is super easy because it has a precise flat fan nozzle. Whatever color you choose, this spray actually has color adaptive pigments to go with your unique hair color and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your locks. Plus, this easy and temporary mist is also free of parabens, so you can feel good about using it.

Mistake: You Forget To Moisturize Your Hands All Day

Solution: Keep This Nourishing Shea Butter & Honey Moisturizer With You

This silky hand cream doesn’t just have 20% nourishing shea butter — it’s also full of honey, almond-extract, and coconut oil. This highly nourishing, moisturizing lotion has no unnecessary color and goes on without feeling oily or sticky — just hydrating. The convenient tube-like design also makes this easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Mistake: You Don’t Keep Your Hair Safe From Hot Tools

Solution: Grab This Conditioning Spray For Heat Protection

Grabbing this color-safe heat protectant spray also gives you an extra hydration step. In addition to keeping your hair protected up to 450 degrees, this spray is all about that coconut oil which hydrates and adds shine to your locks. Plus, it helps with tangles, flyaways, and keeping your hair strong long after you’ve tucked away your heat styling tools.

Mistake: You Use The Same Pair Of Tweezers For Everything

Solution: Get A 6-Pack Of Tweezers For Different Parts Of Your Routine

This budget-friendly pack of stainless steel tweezers gives you one for every step in your routine. Whether you prefer them for your brows or your makeup, this set is super precise. It’s even comes with four tweezers that have unique angled tips to remove different kinds of hair, a pointed pair for ingrowns, and a flat pair for applying false eyelashes. This non-slip tweezing set also packs away in an included case, making these easy to travel with.

Mistake: You’re Using Heat To Curl Your Hair

Solution: Get Bouncy Waves With These Heatless & Bendy Curlers

Pulling out this bag of heatless and bendy curlers is the way to go. This budget-friendly pack has six different thicknesses of foam curlers that are all color-coded, so you can easily grab your favorite size of these damage-free curlers. They also feel super lightweight in wet or dry hair and are soft enough to sleep in, so you wake up with beautiful, bouncing curls.

Mistake: You Tug At Your Nails That Feel Too Long

Solution: Use These Nail Clippers With A Handy Wide Jaw

Instead of tugging or ripping at nails that you’re tired of, grab these nail clippers. They have a handy 4-millimeter wide jaw design that helps out with longer nails. Even with the wide design, these stainless steel clippers are precise enough to handle small and painful chips in your nails, making them a must-have in your bag.

Mistake: You’re Constantly Pushing Back Flyaways

Solution: Get A Sleek Hairdo With This Transparent Cream

If you think flyaways are seriously irritating, this lightweight hair finishing stick will help you out. Instead of using your fingers, use the tiny mascara-like brush to push back flyaways. The transparent cream won’t just give you a sleek, chic bun, it’ll also moisturize your locks with nourishing plant extracts, so you’ll actually be taking care of those little flyaways.

Mistake: You Just Trim Peeling Nails

Solution: Apply A Nail Conditioner To Prevent Peeling & Cracking

If your nails tend to peel and crack, this nail conditioner will help to restore your nails and protect your cuticles. The lanolin-based formula encourages nail growth and moisturizes cuticles while beeswax seals moisture into skin and nails. It applies like a cream to stop your nails from chipping, cracking, or peeling, all while helping them to grow longer and stronger.

Mistake: You Go To The Salon Every Time You Want To Tone Your Hair

Solution: Apply This Nourishing, Toning Purple Hair Mask At Home

If you love keeping your blonde, platinum, gray, or silver hair toned, grab this paraben- and sulfate-free purple hair mask. Yes — it’s a brass-neutralizing toner that also coconut oil, marula oil, soy protein, and vitamin B5 to revitalize dry hair. So, this conditioning formula will stop you from going to the salon, and it will still strengthen your hair.

Mistake: Your Heels Get Dry

Solution: Wear These Spa Socks With Hydrating Gel For Your Heels

These comfy spa socks are complete with a gel lining infused with olive oil, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to stop painfully dry heels. You can also add in your own moisturizer with these hydrating socks to double the effectiveness. Best of all, they have an open-toe design that’s comfortable to sleep in, making these an easy overnight option.

Mistake: You Use Any Old Scissors To Trim Your Hair

Solution: Cut Your Hair With These Hand-Sharpened Scissors With Razor Edges

These hair scissors are made of stainless steel with extra sharp razor-like blades and a blunt end. The hand-sharpened blades create a much nicer trim than those old scissors in your vanity drawer and are just like the ones the pros use. These ergonomic scissors are complete with comfortable and curved finger rests. Plus, you can easily adjust the tension to feel extra-confident while you trim.

Mistake: You Nick Yourself With Hair Removing Tools

Solution: Use This Discreet, Gentle Hair Remover That Won’t Irritate Your Skin

If you prefer to remove your facial hair, this 18-karat gold-plated hair remover is way better than a razor. This little battery-operated remover looks like a lipstick tube so you can take it anywhere, but it’s a precise, gentle hair remover that works to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz or hair on your upper lip, chin, and cheeks. This discreet beauty tool is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 80,000 five-star reviews.

Mistake: Your Eyelash Curler Tugs At Your Lashes

Solution: Use A Lash Curler With Gentle Silicone Pads

This lash curler is complete with soft and gentle silicone pads that protect your lashes. You even get two refills of these lash-friendly pads, which means you can use this gentle lash curler for a long, long time. This curler is complete with a calibrated hinge, so it’s never too harsh on your lashes, and the easy-grip handle makes it’s easier to use than other eyelash curlers. Plus, this durable stainless steel curler has a rose gold finish, which simply looks so chic in your makeup bag.

Mistake: You Pay Full-Price For A Gel Mani

Solution: Do Your Own A Nails With This Gel Polish & UV Light Kit

This gel manicure kit is the easiest way to avoid a full-price mani, because it gives you everything you need to do your nails at home over and over again for the cost of one salon treatment. It comes with seven different gel colors and a top coat that creates a high-gloss finish that lasts for 15 to 45 days. Plus, you get rhinestone nail accents, cuticle oil, nail primer, a mini UV lamp to cure your nails, and more.

Mistake: You Avoid Dyeing Your Hair When You Want A New Color

Solution: Grab A Color-Depositing Conditioner That Nourishes Your Locks

This budget-friendly bottle isn’t just your average cleansing conditioner with jojoba oil, rose hip oil, and more — it’s also a semi-permanent hair dye. This vibrant dye is super easy to apply in the shower — just use it in place of your normal conditioner. If you want to use a mirror, you can also apply this non-lathering dye to dry hair.

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