How 3 Bustle Editors Are Decking Their Apartments For Holiday Hosting

Cozy up your space for every kind of get-together this season.

Whether you pull out the winter holiday decorations as soon as the last trick-or-treater has knocked on your door, or you’re a strict post-Thanksgiving decorator, most people can agree that home decor is so much better during the holidays. Not only are the holidays a time for food, family, and celebration, but they’re also an excuse to be a little brave when it comes to your interior design choices. Even the most staunch minimalists can’t resist throwing a little extra glitter, shine, or greenery into the mix during the month of December (or, let’s face it, sometimes even before then).

Still, it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly where to start when it comes to throw pillows, garlands, nutcrackers, tree trimmings, and everything in between. That’s why shopping somewhere like Macy’s can make the process easier, whether you’re looking for your very first holiday decoration or your thousandth. Here’s how Bustle’s Deputy Fashion Editor Jessica Andrews, Senior Branded Fashion Editor Elly Ayres, and TikTok Creator Vienna Skye are shopping and styling Macy’s holiday decor and accessories this season.

Festive Kitchen Accessories

Senior Branded Fashion Editor Elly Ayres’s holiday is all about making her most-frequented room the most festive spot, too. “I love working a little holiday magic into every corner of my home — especially the kitchen. That’s where I begin my day (with a huge cup of coffee!), so being greeted by festive details first-thing gets me started on the right foot,” Ayres says.

Adding items like red retro-inspired appliances (a KitchenAid mixer for the holidays is a must-have) is a great way to achieve a kitchen that’s as cheerful as it is practical. Add in some details like red dish towels or holiday cake stands, and you’re all set.

Cozy & Warm Living Room

For Deputy Fashion Editor Jessica Andrews, the number one priority for her home during the holiday is that everyone is as cozy and comfortable as possible. Between cooking, crafting specialty cocktails, and baking her grandmother’s famous pound cake, Andrews stays busy during the season’s festivities.

“I love holiday-themed centerpieces, wreaths made of Christmas ornaments, glittery garlands above the mantle, and sparkling lights hung up indoors and outside the home,” Andrews says, noting changing her decor to reflect the deep red and green tones of the season is one of the easiest ways to make things festive and cozy.

Once the scene is set with plush red and green pillows and cozy throw blankets, Andrews’s family loves playing board games like Spades and Taboo around the holidays. A nearby bar cart filled with holiday cocktails and treats makes things even more fun.

Sophisticated Holiday Dinner Table

Despite popular belief, holiday decorations don’t have to be all about candy apple-red and pine tree-green color schemes. Styling accessories that come in hues of gold, silver, and even deep purple or mint green can also make a big impact — especially in a sophisticated setting like a dinner table. TikTok Creator Vienna Skye’s home style is a perfect example of this.

“My favorite way to elevate a holiday dinner party is with the right dinnerware,” Skye says. Adding metallics to your dinner table in the form of gold-flecked silverware or vintage-inspired crystal glasses can take a dinner table to the next level, while still reflecting the warmth and sparkle of the season. Plus, as Skye says, glittery details can also mirror the overall excitement of the holidays.

It’s a time to celebrate, after all, so why not let your dinner table accessories shine, too?

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