How This Maximalist Fashion Editor Styles Gap's Spring Collection

Bustle Senior Fashion Editor Kelsey Stiegman curates her favorite picks from the line.

Written by Naomi Parris

Every new season brings the excitement of switching your closet to adjust to new temps, yet spring always seems to generate a different feeling — almost like a rebirth. Perhaps it’s the longer daylight time that inspires more color, or the age-old spring cleaning that demands a serious closet purge. For fashion lovers everywhere, the March 21 solstice is the ideal time to trade in knee-high boots for whimsical, lace-up sandals, or even balance out your neutral hues with a few more vibrant pieces.

For Bustle Senior Fashion Editor Kelsey Stiegman, the formula for the ultimate spring wardrobe refresh consists of nostalgic silhouettes, classic prints, and of course, some color. She’s found all three in Gap’s new spring collection. Whether it be pasta dates or spontaneous weekends in Brooklyn, Stiegman is always on the go, living by the mantra “live life like it’s a permanent vacation,” and her personal style is no exception. A lover of unexpected trends, the style expert’s wardrobe consists of pieces that inspire just about everyone. “In a single week, my style can range from pop-punk tween to cowgirl to vintage,” Stiegman says.

Whether you’re an edgy minimalist who’s obsessed with leather or a daring dresser who’s open to any and every trend, Stiegman’s got you covered. “Gap’s spring offerings hit right in the sweet spot between hyper-trendy and timeless,” she says, hand-picking pieces that exude sophistication and make the ultimate statement. In her curated must-haves list below, expect to see a little of everything, including classic prints and staple jeans to help you live out your ’70s dreams.

Stiegman’s Spring Picks: