The Friends Cast Have Just Released A Limited Edition Clothing Line

Proceeds will goes towards important causes chosen by each cast member.

'Friends' / Rachel holding Ross' 'Frankie Says Relax' t-shirt
Warner Bros

The cast of Friends have partnered with merchandising company Represent to launch a limited edition clothing collection commemorating the show’s most iconic moments. Proceeds from the line will go to a variety of charities handpicked by each cast member.

The pieces will only be sold for four weeks in total and will never be seen again. Two more drops will be coming soon that will feature moments from series 4-10 of the beloved show, and will join the current picks denoting quotes from earlier seasons.

Some of the most eye catching pieces in the line include a sweater with the word “lobsters” on it featuring a silhouette of Rachel and Ross, a Smelly Cat t-shirt, and a “We were on a break” hoodie. In short, all the best moments from the show have been wrapped up in the edit for fans to enjoy!

The items are being sold on Represent, which is a U.S. site that also ships internationally, so UK buyers will be able to get their hands on the clothes but may have to pay a fee to get it over this side of the pond.

The charities that the proceeds will go towards range from The Rape Foundation, as picked by David Schwimmer, and Americares, chosen by Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston shared a snap of her wearing the ‘We were so not on a break’ hat on her Instagram, alongside the caption:

“Half of my proceeds from this limited drop will benefit @americares, an organization I love… which is working to provide relief, mental health care, and medical aid to communities and individuals affected by Covid-19.

“For the record… we were SO not on a break. Excited to show you guys some pieces from the first ever @friends ⁣merch collection.”

Keep scrolling to find out details about a few key items in the collection.