8 Tips For Dressing For A Zoom Interview

Everything you need to land your dream job in style.

Working from home is difficult for some, but interviewing for a new job via Zoom is an even more daunting prospect. Sure, your current or previous coworkers know your office-appropriate style quite well, but those who you have only had the pleasure of meeting through a 15-inch computer screen are less aware. So, how to dress for a zoom interview and wow through a computer screen?

Indeed choosing your look is challenging in person, but with zoom, the stakes are higher. You want to convey confidence, ease, and respect and you only have a waist-up look to work with.

Despite those challenges, a good zoom interview look is easier than you think. There are certain go-to pieces that will do just the trick, and you might just start integrating them into your everyday at-home work ensemble long after your interview is over.

And no matter what, don't use it as an opportunity to go lax. Sure, the rules have slightly changed, now that everyone is sitting in the comforts of their own home to pitch their skills for the next big thing, but you still want to show you care. Showing up in leggings and a vintage T-shirt is, quite frankly, not acceptable.

Ahead, find 8 style essentials for creating the perfect Zoom interview look — for now and long after you’ve landed that dream job.

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The Blazer

A blazer is a great way to turn your working-from-home look into a slightly more tailored 'fit. And, what’s more, your interviewer will be able to see (from your waist-up!) that you’ve made a little extra effort for this particular conversation.


The Sweater

A simple sweater is totally Zoom interview-worthy, just make sure there isn’t too much going on so it's not a distraction. In short, if you wouldn’t wear the sweater to an in-person interview, it’s probably a no-go virtually as well.

That said, since you’re truly only communicating your style from the waist-up, why not opt for a subtle pattern, slight puffed sleeve, or subdued color as opposed to basic black?


The Tweed Jacket

If blazers are too corporate for you, consider trying a Coco Chanel-inspired tweed blazer instead. It will infuse the most subtle shot of color into your interview look, while still remaining conservative enough to be appropriate for a working environment.


The Silk Button-Down Shirt

Most people are working from home these days, so a classic silk button down is a very easy way (interview or not) to remain work-appropriate without being too structured and stiff in your new office setting…cough cough…your living room.


The Jeans

Sure, you can certainly wear tailored pants but, if you’re wearing a really nice work-approved top, a pair of elevated jeans is not a dealbreaker for a Zoom interview. Your potential employer likely won’t see them at all but if they happen to be revealed in the frame, it still looks good with your aforementioned top. No distressed boyfriend jeans, though!


The Waist-Nipped Dress

If you are looking for ways to step up your working from home look a little more than on normal Zoom-scheduled days, consider a dress.

Silhouettes with a defined waist are best when you’re looking for something to wear sitting down, with your interviewer only being able to see the top half. They won’t bunch and pull the way sheath-style dresses will.


The Fancy Flats

Ok, so the odds are you’re not going to be asked to get up. But, that said, now isn’t the time to be wearing your bunny slippers. You also, for what it’s worth, don’t have to be wearing heels for a waist-up interview via your webcam. Instead, for this occasion, consider a pair of elegant flats.


The Cool Earrings

Without going over-the-top, a cool pair of earrings is a great way to stand out on a Zoom call. Keep it simple with solid silver or gold, but choose something large enough to amp up your look, even in a small digital box.