How To Look Better With As Little Effort As Possible, According To The Pros

eBeauty experts give their favorite tips on looking your best — without spending too much time or money.

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Even though I swear by my Holy Grail products, I’m all about looking good with minimal effort. Thankfully, there are beauty and fashion professionals who feel the same way. These pros have lent their expert advice on looking your best without spending hours in front of the mirror — or hundreds of dollars. Feel subtly put together using this clear brow gel or go for a business casual look in this stylist-recommended blazer. My fellow chill girls who want to feel good and wake up at a reasonable hour, this is for you.


An Easy-To-Use Eyebrow Tinting Kit That Comes In Individual Capsules

If you spend too much time filling in your brows every morning, Lauren Udoh, the hair creative director of advises taking things to the next level. "It's worth investing in eyebrow tinting,” she says. “Having them groomed will do wonders for your look." With this hair color kit for spot coloring, you’ll look put together instantly and reduce the amount of time you spend primping. This kit comes pre-measured in separate capsules so you don’t have to fuss with messy tubes and seals, making it easy to color small areas like brows or your hairline again and again.


This Hydrating Tinted Cream Foundation With SPF 30

Sometimes, achieving the skin finish you want can mean mixing a concoction of complexion products, but Kathryn McDavid, the CEO of Editor’s Pick, licensed cosmetologist, and registered esthetician, warns against that high-effort strategy. “Often, people tend to overexert on foundation and buy multiple products to complete that excellent finish. However, too much product may not be good for the skin,” she says. My expert advice is to choose Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream Terra, as it can already work as a concealer and sunblock, so the products you administer on your skin can be minimized.”


A Best-Selling Back Brace That Makes You Look More Confident

Yolandie Hamilton, a personal style mentor and founder of Hamilton Styling, emphasized the importance of having good posture. “Slouching communicates lack of confidence,” she explains. “By simply rolling back your shoulders and standing up straight you are telling everyone in the room you know you are awesome and belong there!" If you struggle to maintain an upright position while sitting or standing, this posture corrector-back brace is a comfortable and helpful reminder; it can help relieve pressure from your back, neck, and shoulders while sitting subtly under your clothes. This simple mechanism works, which is why it has over 18,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Properly-Fitted Bra That Is Great For Everyday Wear

Swapping your old or ill-fitting bras for something more supportive and comfortable like this T-shirt bra will make all the difference in how you look and feel according to style and bra expert Jené Luciani Sena. “One quick and easy way to look more refreshed is to give your bust a boost with the right bra,” she explains. “Get a fitting (or measure yourself) and try some new styles you haven’t before and replace those old ratty bras for an instant uplift!" This particular bra is a dependable choice for everyday use and is available in 39 different sizes and 16 different colors on Amazon.


A Classic, Cheap Balm That Uses Shea Butter To Hydrate Your Lips

Jenny Patinkin, a celebrity makeup artist and the brand founder of, says: "A little clear lip balm, even just Aquaphor, can go a long way. Dry lips drag down your whole face, but a little bit of sheen gives a plumper, healthier look, which makes the rest of the face look more hydrated and fresh." Aquaphor is formulated with shea butter and other nourishing ingredients that relieve dryness and seal in moisture without preservatives or fragrance, and it’s so affordable you can keep a tube with you at all times.


A Keratin-Infused Hair Spray That Leaves Your Locks Frizz-Free & Brushable

Another hair hack for effortless waves is reminiscent of days long gone. “Braid your hair into two braids before going to sleep and wake up to crimped waves,” Abdullah says. Set it with hair spray so your texture will last all day. A few spritzes of this keratin-infused spray will give you the flexible hold you need without compromising on shine or your ability to brush through your hair as needed.


This Sulfate-Free Hair Cream That Defines Curls And Reduces Frizz

If your hair is naturally textured, Abdullah recommends trying to embrace your natural waves with the plopping method. “After you wash your hair, apply a light coat of leave-in conditioner or a curl-defining product. Hold your head upside down and accordion your hair into a towel or a T-shirt. Then wrap the towel or tee around your head and wait about 20 minutes for the majority of water to be absorbed. Release your hair and resist the urge to touch your new curls until your hair is fully dry,” she explains. This particular curling cream is paraben- and sulfate-free. Instead, it uses argan oil to reduce frizz and flyaways, all while keeping your crown hydrated.


This Double-Sided Brow Pencil With 27,000 Five-Star Reviews

Once you’ve taken Udoh’s advice and colored your eyebrows, you’ll find that your grooming routine requires a lot less daily effort. Simply brush them through with the spoolie end of an eyebrow pencil, and fill in any sparse areas with the creamy skinny tip pencil. This pencil is precise enough to make ultra-small strokes and it lasts for a long time, which is why it has over 27,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Highly Pigmented Matte Lipstick That Stays On For 16 Hours

Worden recommends adding a pop of color on your kisser to look put together instantly. This matte liquid lipstick has over 43,000 five-star reviews on Amazon because it’s an affordable option that will stay on all day long, even after eating or drinking. The smudge-proof, no-transfer formula also comes in over 40 colors, so you’ll have all the shades you could ever want.


A Powerful Mineral Sunscreen That Is Fragrance-Free

Udoh also knows that spending a few minutes applying sunscreen throughout the day can make a huge difference in your skin in the long run. “Wearing sunscreen offers so many benefits — not only does it protect your skin against harmful UV rays, but it can also help fade existing dark spots and even out your complexion,” she explains.

She recommends wearing a mineral sunblock like CeraVe’s hydrating mineral sunscreen, which is water-resistant with an SPF of 30 without any fragrances. Also containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid, the sunscreen comes recommended by both the Skin Cancer Foundation and the National Eczema Association. It protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, but Udoh notes that it’s important to re-apply regularly, especially if you’re spending time outside.


A Reusable Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Healthy & Hydrated

It sounds so straightforward, but making sure your body is properly hydrated from the inside will reflect on the outside too. "If dull skin is your issue, drinking plenty of H2O can seriously transform your look from blah to bright in no time flat,” Udoh says. This 32-ounce water bottle has pre-marked time measurements to keep track of your progress throughout the day, with encouraging messages to keep you on track with hydration. It’s an easy but effective way to drink up, which is why it has over 16,500 reviews and an overall 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


These Frizz-Reducing Hot Rollers That Give You Curls In 10 Minutes Flat

These ceramic hot rollers are coated in a velvet-like material that reduces frizz and keeps your locks shiny, all while curling your hair just the way you like it in 10 minutes flat. Ghanima Abdullah, a hair expert and cosmetologist, says: "Heated curlers seem like they take a long time. But if you heat up the base of the device while showering, you can roll your hair quickly.” Put these in your hair, do your makeup, remove the hot rollers, and go about your day with voluminous hair that has waves for days.


This Dry Shampoo Is A Lifesaver In Between Washes

How do you rescue yourself from greasy, dull, day-old hair? Dry shampoo, that’s how. It absorbs oil where it’s needed most, takes seconds to use, and leaves a light, pleasant scent so you can style and go as usual. “Just spray it in the areas that are oily, close to the roots,” Abdullah advises. “Massage it in and wait a few minutes for the product to absorb all the oil possible. Then brush the product out and voila! Beautiful, voluminous, bouncy hair.”


A Portable Fabric Steamer With 42,000 Five-Star Reviews

Hamilton recommends investing in a clothing steamer to de-wrinkle your clothes and give a subtle cue that you care about your appearance. “Wrinkled clothes communicate lack of attention to detail and could get you classified as sloppy in someone's mind,” she says. This lightweight steamer is easy to take with you, and it emits powerful steam that gets out wrinkles with ease in no time at all. It’s the best-selling garment steamer on Amazon, with over 42,000 five-star reviews.


An All-Day Eyeliner That Makes Your Eyes Look Brighter

Sub your typical black eyeliner for navy waterproof liquid eyeliner for a MUA-approved hack. "Tight-lining under the upper lashes with a dark blue liner is one of my go-to, lazy tricks for brightening up the eyes,” Patinkin explains. “The navy color makes the whites of the eyes pop really bright, and the darkness fills in the gaps between the roots of your lashes so that your eye shape is more defined and your lashes look bulkier." The fine-tip marker allows you to draw clean and precise lines on the first try, so you’ll look awake without spending your entire morning attempting to even out your eyeliner, and this quick-drying eyeliner will stay on all day long.


A Cozy Monochromatic Set That Is Effortlessly Sleek

According to Andréa Bernholtz, a fashion stylist and founder of Swiminista, monochromatic looks never go out of style. "Monochromatic is a universal way to look better no matter your age or size," she explains. A good way to complete the look is with this three-piece knit lounge set — complete with a long cardigan — which is available in 20 colors. Crafted from a blend of polyester and rayon, this cozy ensemble is especially good for travel or just for looking polished in an instant.


A Bold Scarf That Happens To Be Extremely Soft

To make an otherwise plain outfit more exciting, Bernholtz recommends topping it off with an eye-catching accessory like this plaid triangle scarf. "A scarf with a pop of color is always a good look without putting much effort into it,” she remarks. This soft scarf is a best-selling on Amazon with over 11,000 five-star reviews, because it adds some much-needed warmth and comes in nearly 40 patterns to complement any look.


A 12-Pack Of Statement Earrings For Added Low-Effort Glamour

Bernholtz also sings the praises of jewelry to instantly add flair to your look. “Throw your hair in a chic ponytail, pop on a strong red or fuchsia lip, and throw on a pair of statement earrings. Both can bring color and vibrancy to your face and finish your look to make you feel and look your best without overthinking it,” she explains. This 12-pack of drop dangle earrings is available in silver and gold. They make it easy to stock up on dramatic accessories, so you can switch up your jewelry every day and give your ensemble some serious movement and shine.


These Cult Favorite Hair Ties For A Chic Ponytail Without Creases Or Tangles

To achieve the chic ponytail Bernholtz recommends, these spiral hair ties will get the job done with ease. They’re gentle on your hair, with a smooth coil construction à la telephone cords of decades past that spread out the pressure of a typical hair elastic. You won’t experience any breakage or tangles, and they’re clear to blend in with any hair color seamlessly, which is why this cult favorite product has over 21,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


A Clear Gel To Give Your Brows Lasting Dimension & Lift

This Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel can go a long way in making your brows look groomed in seconds without making your brows feel stiff or leaving behind residue. Brow expert Joey Healy says: “Brush your eyebrows up with a clear brow gel. This will help the brows to look more organized & lifted, while opening up the eyes." The gel contains light reflecting pearls that add dimension and fullness, so you can use it as the final step of your brow routine or on its own.


A 100% Jade Facial Roller That Refreshes Tired Skin

If you often wake up with puffy, tired-looking skin, this jade face roller helps wake up the skin instantly, soothing and tightening it so you’re ready to face the day — oh, and it feels amazing. Taylor Worden, a celebrity esthetician and founder of Taylor Worden Skin, recommends taking it a step further and putting your roller in the fridge first for an especially cooling effect.


A Battery-Free Fabric Shaver That Gently Revives Old Clothes

Professional stylist Sahra Schukraft Brandt recommends breathing new life into old clothes with the Gleener ultimate fuzz remover fabric shaver and lint brush. "This tool has an interchangeable head for removing pills on everything from knit sweaters to wool jackets, even a soft one for silky and thing layers!” she explains. “It’s super easy to use, and the versatile heads make it a great one stop piece for ensuring your wardrobe doesn’t look drab and over worn.” No batteries or electricity are required, and you can pack this small tool in your bag and go anywhere in style.


This Best-Selling Double-Sided Tape That Keeps Your Clothes In Place

“One of the most important lessons I instill in my clients is to dress with intention, with purpose,” Schukraft Brandt says. “One tip I love to recommend to both men and women is the importance of rolling your shirt sleeves (especially on a short sleeve item).” She recommends keeping your clothes in place with the Fearless Body & Clothing Tape, which will make sure your roll stays crisp. This multipurpose, double-sided tape can be used it on other garments to prevent bra straps from showing or a neckline from gaping, so it really comes in handy.


A Vegan Facial Spray That Hydrates & Leaves You With Glowing Skin

Brittany Lo, a professional makeup artist and founder of Beia, advises that you should focus your efforts on your complexion if you’re going for something low effort and high impact. “I believe an effortless look that takes little time to do consists of focusing on the skin and taking away any redness/blemishes to create a fresh glowy look,” she says. “I recommend waking up the skin with Beia's Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist before and after you moisturize to give the skin a natural glow." The lightweight, vegan mist contains green tea and aloe vera, which calm the skin from breakouts and environmental stressors. You can also use it to lock in your makeup on days when you’re more motivated.


A Waterproof Concealer That Will Last All Day Long

The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer is waterproof, sweat-proof, and lasts 24 hours, so you can focus on what matters during the day instead of touching up your makeup. After your skincare routine, Lo recommends using a small amount of this concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and any other areas you’d like to remove redness from.


This Two-In-One Shimmery Tint Gives You A Fresh Face

To finish up your Lo-approved effortless look, apply a little cream blush to your cheeks and lips. The sheer, buildable formula will give you a natural-looking flush that makes you look awake but not overly done up, and the two-in-one formula saves you space in your bag. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and infused with vitamins and botanicals that wear nicely on your skin throughout the day.


A Chic Blazer That Makes Any Look More Sophisticated

Jenn Loyd, a fashion stylist and founder of Lobe Love, recommends The Drop’s long blazer to complete your ensemble: “A blazer easily ups your style game with very little effort. The effort is small but the payout is huge," she explains. Available in black, white, and praline, this blazer has a comfortable fit and small details like a notched collar and modern long cut that really pull an outfit together, whether you’re wearing it over a graphic tee or a blouse.


This Affordable Blazer That’s Just As Stylish

This blazer is another wardrobe staple, and it’s less than $50. Complete with a polka-dot lining, two real pockets, a sharp-looking collar, and a button closer, it’ll instantly elevate any outfit you wear it with. Plus, the polyester weave is machine washable — and so many customers wrote that it’s “lightweight.” It’s even available in 16 colors.


A Pair Of Oversized Sunnies That Are So Trendy

Whether you’re dressing to impress at an outdoor event or you’re looking to stylishly disguise your hangover, these Feisedy oversized square sunglasses will make you look modern while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Loyd endorses them too, saying: “[Trendy] sunglasses are an easy and affordable way to step up your style game.” Don’t miss the details of these sunnies: They have gold arms with a pearl inlay, which you can use as an opportunity to coordinate matching accessories.


A Rockin’ Graphic Tee That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Rain or shine, you can’t go wrong in this edgy graphic T-shirt. “A graphic tee is both trendy and timeless,” Loyd explains. “They are always going to be in." Available in 34 retro-inspired rock ‘n’ roll designs, this tee is soft and comfy, which makes it a great thing to pair with a cool jacket for warmth and dimension.


These Studded Slip Ons That Will Guarantee Compliments

Take your wardrobe staples to the next level with these Cape Robbin slip-on mules that are accented with silver studs that bring a little flash to your feet. “These edgy slides are easy to slip on and can be dressed up or worn casually,” Loyd says. They play equally well with a pair of sleek jeans and a tee, as well as slacks and a blazer, and reviewers note always getting compliments when they wear these standout shoes.


An Oil-Free Moisturizer That Has 33,000 Five-Star Reviews

Gabriella Trujillo, the CEO and lead makeup artist of Alamar Cosmetics emphasizes the importance of using a daily hydrating lotion. “I apply moisturizer to my skin to give me a dewy/clean look,” she says. “[It] always looks like you’re drinking tons of water and staying on top of your skin care routine.” This moisturizer in particular locks in hydration for up to 24 hours thanks to its oil-free, hyaluronic acid-infused formula, so you’ll be looking fresh all day long.


A Set Of Easy-To-Use Hair Accessories For A Perfectly Chic Bun

This donut hair bun maker set makes it easy to put your hair up neatly. Trujillo advises opting for a slicked-back bun to instantly look polished and keep your hair out of your face in style. The set contains four sizes of donut bun makers for all hair lengths and thicknesses, five firm-hold elastic hair ties, and 20 bobby pins to secure any loose pieces, so you have everything you need for an easy, sleek look.


A User-Friendly Gel Finishing Stick That Keeps Flyaways In Place

To keep your updo in a Trujillo-approved bun throughout the day, brush down any flyaways with a hair finishing stick. Like a mascara wand for your baby hairs, the plant-based formula sets loose hairs at the nape of your neck or hairline in place, leaving them smooth and shiny. And best of all, this small tool packs easily in your purse or makeup bag so you can refresh your style anywhere, anytime.


These Collagen Sheet Masks That Pack In Soothing Ingredients

For a low-effort skin treatment with instant results, Nichelle Temple, an NYC-based esthetician and the owner of Inderma Studio, loves using hydrating sheet masks. “They are quick pick-me-ups packed with concentrated enriched serums, and target various skin-related concerns, for pretty instant results and immediate brightness,” she explains. This particular mask is infused with collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamins for hydrated, soothed, bright skin all day long. For an expert tip, Temple recommends using excess serum on your neck and décolleté.


These Massaging Ice Globes That Feel *So* Good

These ice globes for facials brighten your skin and can even provide relief from headaches, tension, and sinus pain, all in 10 minutes or so. They’re also a great mood booster, according to Temple, which is a great way to begin or end any day. “Always begin at the neck and work your way up,” she recommends. “Be gentle and easy with yourself."

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