If You Want To Give A Thoughtful But Inexpensive Gift, Check Out These 50 Great Things On Amazon

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda

As well-intentioned as it may be, the idea of buying lots of incredibly meaningful gifts might make your bank account either cower in fear or sling you some sassy side-eye. Well, I’m happy to say other solutions do exist: if you want to give a thoughtful, but inexpensive gift, check out these 50 great things on Amazon. I guarantee they’ll make your shopping so much easier.

You’ll find many affordable gifts to convey that you care. Show that you know someone’s star sign by gifting them a delicate horoscope necklace or an elegant ceramic mug with their constellation set in gold. Or take the star theme to another level: you can literally have a print made of what the night sky looked like the day they were born or experienced a life-changing event, and all without spending a fortune. For the pet-obsessed, there’s no end to honoring their one true love with the likes of socks that have their pet’s face printed on them or a custom-made watercolor portrait. And there are some gifts that go deep with cultivating mindfulness and happiness, like a five-minute gratitude journal or zen Buddha board.

Peruse this list and relax knowing your gift will be sure to strike a meaningful chord but your bank account will be all smiles and slow claps celebrating a job well done.


An Engraved Personalized Cutting Board To Celebrate Special Events

Nothing says thoughtfulness more than a custom-made item with your gift recipient’s very own name engraved on it. For a reasonable price, this personalized cutting board comes in your choice of either walnut or maple wood and engraves the first and last name as well as a date special to your recipient. Perfect for commemorating important life events like weddings, you can even add on extras like matching coasters or a stand to display the cutting board on their countertop.


A Gratitude Journal That Can Boost Happiness

What friend wouldn’t want a gift that increases their happiness in just five minutes a day? Using the science of positive psychology, every page of this five-minute journal starts with a meaningful quote and then asks you questions based on positive thinking, requiring you to exercise those muscles of gratitude over a six-month period. Made with a natural fabric cover and recycled paper, choose from four serene colors.


This Necklace With A Birthstone Solitaire Pendant

Remembering someone’s birthday is a surefire way to tell them you care, and this birthstone necklace does just that in a very simple but chic way. For an economical price, this necklace comes with an 18-inch silver chain with a spring-ring closure and a solitaire pendant set in sterling silver using the birthstone of your choice.


A Custom Star Map That Shows The Celestial Sky Of Important Events

This incredibly considerate star map gift shows the position of the stars on the day of an important life event, whether that be a first date, wedding, birth, or any moment that changed the course of someone’s life. Choose from three different sizes and three front options, and using professional astronomy software, the view of the night sky of that significant moment will be artfully displayed for everyone to see.


This Trio Of Elegant Candle Accessories

If there’s a candle enthusiast on your gifting list, this affordable set of candle accessories will be sure to make them smile. Designed from stainless steel and available in three different finishes (copper, bronze, and multicolor), each set includes a candle wick trimmer, a wick dipper, and a wick snuffer. Elegantly designed, these will make lighting and extinguishing candles a joy.


A Pair Of Socks With Their Dog’s Face On Them

For those whose life is their dog, these ultra-customizable and hilarious face socks allow you to actually put a photo of their pup on their socks and will be sure to spark serious joy (not to mention conversation). With 31 colors and patterns to choose from, you’re not limited to just pets but can add a photo of any person, place, or thing, and all for less than $20.


This Scratch-Off World Map For The Avid Traveler

An aesthetically pleasing, not to mention participatory gift as well, this scratch-off world map allows adventurous travelers to scratch off each country or state they’ve traveled to. With a bonus map of just the USA also included, simply use a coin to scratch off the gold coating to reveal states and countries all in different colors underneath. This map offers a beautiful way to enjoy where someone’s been, but also to stoke enthusiasm for the next adventure.


A Beach Tote Bag With Their Embroidered Initial

Adding a little class to the beach-goer’s accessories, this personalized tote bag includes a customizable initial embroidered on the front. Made of 100% cotton, this oversized tote zips at the top to contain soon-to-be sandy beach items. The initial comes embroidered in large cursive and in a matching soft gray to tie the design together.


This Candle That Recalls The Scents Of Their Home

This candle magically captures the representative scents of 20 different cities and is a perfect gift for those transplants who might be missing their hometown. The New York City candle, for example, recalls the smells of Central Park in spring, while Denver captures the scent of pine and cedar in the mountains. Made of eco-friendly and long-lasting soy wax, each candle burns anywhere from 60 to 80 hours.


A Constellation Coffee Mug For The Astrology-Lover

This constellation coffee mug will be sure to bring joy as a gift for that astrology-oriented friend. Elegantly designed, this glossy black ceramic mug is made with beautiful gold accents along the rim, handle, and constellation design and can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Included in the set are a graceful gold spoon and a ceramic lid which functions to not only keep your brew warm but also doubles as a spoon rest.


This BBQ Grill Cleaner That Comes In A Small Footprint

For those who turn to the grill at the drop of a hat, this barbecue grill cleaner features six groves of different sizes and shapes that are designed to clean all of the hard-to-clean grates on a grill. Extremely budget-friendly, its solid brass construction and eleven different shaped grooves will replace that well-loved wire brush in no time. As thick as a credit card, it’s safe to use on porcelain or Teflon-coated grill grates and is easy to clean in the dishwasher, not to mention simple to store thanks to its small footprint.


A Whiskey Rocks Glass That Will Make Them Feel Shakespearean

For less than $30, you can give the gift of a handmade old-fashioned rocks glass with a pewter badge resembling a wax seal and displaying the initial of your choice. Made by the English Pewter Company from Sheffield, England, the badge is hand cast by specialty craftsmen and comes in a cream and black gift box with a velvet bag. If your gift recipient is a fan of the olden days (or maybe just Game Of Thrones), this will serve as a thoughtful throwback.


This Minimalist Necklace That Subtly Displays Their Horoscope

This beautifully delicate horoscope necklace displays an artistically abstracted form of the zodiac of your choice, outlined in sparkly stones. With a chain that measures 16 inches long and includes a two-inch extender, choose from three different platings (rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold) to suit your gift recipient’s skin tone perfectly.


A Photo Frame That Lets You Record A Voice Message

What’s more personal than a framed photo to remember a special occasion? Obviously, the answer is a framed photo that also contains a special audio message in your very own voice. Able to record and preserve a 15-second audio clip as long as you want, simply press the center of the frame to play it back. Display this black frame, which can accommodate a five-by-seven photo, on the wall or tabletop.


This Passport Holder You Can Customize With A Name And A Charm

A thoughtful gift for the keen traveler, this passport holder lets you not only customize with a name but also with an accompanying charm specific to them. The holder is made out of scratch-resistant and water-resistant vegan leather. Each passport cover can store several credit cards and you’re able to choose from 11 different color options.


A Plywood Map To Show Off Their Beer Cap Collection

For the beer enthusiast, this beer cap holder proves a creative and aesthetic way to display their liquid victories and all in the shape of the U.S. state of their choice. Made of high-quality and lightweight birch plywood, each state shape holds a maximum of 37 bottle caps that fit neatly into the provided holes. Display the map on a wall with the help of pre-drilled mounting holes.


An Insulated Wine Tote For Portable Celebrations

This leak-resistant insulated wine tote is made with a thick layer of insulation to keep up to four bottles of wine crisp and chilled for any tailgate, picnic, or weekend away. Made with a chic textured gray fabric exterior, an inside padded divider protects the bottles from breaking and, as a bonus, can be removed, converting it into a cooler bag to carry other chilled items. Easy to clean and available in three additional picnic-chic shades, an included wine key also conveniently stores directly under the lid.


The Thoughtful Apron That Literally Has Their Name On It

Whether for the gift recipient who has developed a serious taste for cooking, or the one who’s been a practiced pro for years, this personalized apron lets you embroider their very own name right on the front. Available in five colors and two “his” and “hers” patterned options, this one-size-fits-all polyester-cotton blend apron has an adjustable neck strap, two front pockets, and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleanup.


This Custom Watercolor Portrait Of A Beloved Pet

No doubt this one will be beyond meaningful to a devoted pet owner: a custom pet portrait that allows you to create a lasting piece of art they can admire on their walls for years to come, and all for less than $40. Choose from five different sizes as well as five frame finishes, and upload a high-quality photo to Amazon’s customization tool that will then be transformed by a portrait artist into a watercolor painting and digitally printed onto canvas. Preview the final product and make as many revisions as you need to get it just right.


A Doormat With A Monogram For An Extra Welcoming Effect

Not just a practical domestic gift, this outdoor monogrammed doormat says “welcome to my home” in a very special and personalized way. With a rubber base for extra durability, the border resembles a wrought-iron design, and the coir mat (a material made from coconut husks) is removable for easy cleaning.


This Travel Coffee Mug Representing Their Favorite NFL Team

Fervent NFL fans will feel very seen when they receive this travel coffee mug representing their favorite team. The mugs are officially licensed from the NFL and are made with appropriate team colors and designs. Made of stainless steel, they are double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep beverages hot for hours, on top of being dishwasher safe. For extra adjustability, the mug can become either right or left-handed depending on how you screw on the leak-proof lid.


A Calligraphy Set For Thomas Jefferson Vibes

Who wouldn’t want to feel like you’re penning the Declaration Of Independence on the regular? This 12-piece calligraphy set comes in a classy case with an assortment of nib sizes, five different inks, a hand-made birch wood handle, and a feather handle acting as an old-school quill. Promised to provide a smooth writing process with an easy ink flow and well-balanced pen body, the enthusiast and novice alike will be sure to love this set.


A Gift Of Mental Relaxation With This Beginner’s Knitting Kit

Knitters have long praised the mental health benefits of sitting down with two needles and yarn, not to mention the fact that you create a wearable result. Minus the yarn, this beginner’s knitting kit provides everything you need to get started, including two pairs of knitting needles of different sizes, one yarn needle, five stitch markers, and a fabric measuring tape. As a bonus, there is an included booklet with nine different patterns for cozy garments such as a scarf and shawl.


This Cocktail Kit That Brings The Happy Hour En Route

For those who live for a craft cocktail, this cocktail kit allows them to have a quality drink in a super portable fashion, great for traveling in old-fashioned style. The small copper tin contains enough ingredients for two Moscow mules, with an included spicy ginger syrup, a half-ounce jigger, a small bar spoon, a recipe card, and a linen coaster. Just provide the vodka and club soda and, voilà, a craft cocktail is made with minimum effort and maximum class.


A Personal Library Kit For The Serious Bibliophile

Those family or friends who love their books may want to spread the joy of reading but are justly afraid of the lending experience. This personal library kit recalls the library checkout experience of old and will be sure to not only make it fun to lend books but lessen anxiety knowing those books will come back (by the due date, hopefully). Available in several editions such as cookbook, classics, or self-help, the kit comes with 20 self-adhesive vintage-looking pockets and checkout cards, a date stamp with an ink pad, and a pencil. Late fees are optional.


This Dual Portable Charger For Limitless Connectivity

Give the indispensable gift of endless phone battery life, and your giftee will never stop thanking you. This two-pack dual portable charger comes with two USB-C and two micro USB chargers and allows the compatible phone models listed to be charged two times over. Light, slim, and portable, the pack has a grippy design for durability and is available in five different color combinations.


These Yoga Pants In A Casual Jogger Fit

Perfect for the athletic-minded person, these versatile joggers are at home just as easily in the yoga studio as they are on the track or in the coffee shop. Made from a combination of polyester and elastane, these pants feature a tapered fit with a flat yoga waistband and hip pockets. Affordable and available in navy, black, ice blue, or ruby red, give the gift of athleisure without having to break the bank.


A Cat Hammock For The Ultimate Sleep Spot

A happy cat makes for a happy owner, and this cat hammock gives an indoor cat a comfortable place from which to survey the outside world. Made with a strong pine frame and a comfy carpet cloth available in three shades (gray, beige, and brown), four suction cups attach to the window to provide a stable perch able to hold up to 40 pounds. Their owner will be overjoyed to see their cat stretching, napping, and enjoying their very own “cat TV.”


This Digital Camera That Prints Photos Instantly

A thoughtful and fun gift to help others capture memories in a tactile and shareable way, this instant print digital camera prints up to 25 pictures per charge, all of which are water-resistant, tear-resistant, smudge-free, and include a removable sticky backing to adhere to any surface. A five-megapixel camera and wide-angle lens capture photos that are printed in a two-by-three inch size and are also saved to a microSD card. Available in six vibrant shades, on top of being very affordable, its slim profile keeps this camera extremely portable.


A Bamboo Book Stand Perfect For Cookbooks

Great for the frequent recipe user, this bamboo book stand clearly displays cookbooks or tablets, making it easy for the home chef to refer to their recipe while cooking. Made of high quality and eco-friendly bamboo, you can adjust the stand to one of five different angles best suited to make reading the most comfortable. Useful for the office or study as well as the kitchen, attached metal clips keep pages in place to allow for a relaxed hands-free experience.


An Insulated Tumbler That Displays Their Favorite Dog Breed

Give your preferred pet lover this insulated tumbler that not only serves a practical purpose but also reminds them of their favorite dog. Choose from 10 different designs featuring portraits of different breeds from Boston Terriers to Goldendoodles to Schnauzers. Made of stainless steel, each tumbler is double-wall insulated, can hold up to 16 ounces of hot or cold liquid, and is topped with a BPA-free plastic lid.


A Merino Wool Sweater That Can Be Styled Numerous Ways

This wool sweater is the perfect well-fitting wardrobe essential that gives your gift recipient a number of creative styling options. Made of high-quality 100% Merino wool, the material is soft, lightweight, and breathable, but also offers warmth when needed. With a V-neckline and slight ribbing at the collar, cuffs, and hem, choose from 17 different neutral and classic shades. Note that this sweater will have to be dry cleaned, but this will keep it in great shape for years to come.


This Leather Bi-Fold Wallet With RFID-Blocking Capabilities

This bi-fold wallet proves a very considerate gift as you’ll be distinctly looking out for others’ security. It not only holds up to 16 cards but also keeps all that information safe and sound from information-stealing thieves due to its RFID-blocking material. Containing two zippered pockets and made of leather, choose from 32 different colors such as pink sakura, red wine, or purple steel.


A Cult-Fave Grooming Kit For The Bewhiskered

With a high rating and over 30,000 reviews on Amazon, this beard grooming kit is obviously a favorite choice amongst the bewhiskered population. Nine different items are packed into this plentiful gift box such as a beard wash, conditioner, beard oil, and balm. Tools for maintenance like scissors and a boar bristle brush are also supplied. A storage bag is provided to keep everything organized, and to top it all off is an e-book with special beard maintenance instructions.


This Spa Gift Basket That Encourages Some R&R

In the spirit of a “treat yourself” life philosophy, you could do worse than gifting this luxurious and soothing spa gift basket. The basket includes all the usual suspects for the full spa experience from bath salt and bath gel to bubble bath and body lotion. The lavender and honey ingredients aim to soften and moisturize skin, while a flower-shaped sponge helps to create a proper lather, and all are prettily presented in a charming reusable bathtub.


A Vintage-Style Marquee Letter To Jazz Up Decor

This well-priced and festive marquee letter is made in an industrial vintage finish and is conveniently cordless, requiring only two AA batteries. Able to be either wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop, choose from any letter of the alphabet to gift someone their initials displayed in lights. With many decorative options, these oversized illuminated letters will be sure to make a thoughtful statement in their home.


This Running Journal That Gives The Gift Of Motivation

If you have someone in your life who’s either just starting out running or is an established runner then this running journal will give them the inspiration and motivation they need to keep up their practice. With nine different cover designs to choose from, each journal contains uplifting quotes and a planner to plan daily runs and short or long-term goals. As a helpful tool, they can record their thoughts after every run to help them improve and track their training progress.


A Clever Paintbrush Cleaner For The Avid Artist

This paintbrush cleaner is a nifty tool that, once used, the artist will be hard-pressed to live without. Available in either a longer jar size or wider mug size, each cleaner allows you to dip the paintbrush, clean the paint off the brush by using the puck nubs at the base, then remove through an inner squeegee that rids the brush of extra moisture. Store the brush on the outside of the cup with help of small holders, while a tray collects any drips.


This Meditative Buddha Board Art Set

Give this meditative Buddha board gift to someone and they will surely appreciate not only the fun of brush painting but also the serenity that comes with its impermanent nature. Imparting the idea of mindfulness, each set comes with a blank drawing board and a bamboo water brush, which, when dipped into the provided water reservoir, makes a beautiful inky brushstroke on the board. The work of art will fade as the water dries, teaching the important art of letting go.


A Jewelry Box With Adjustable Compartments

This jewelry box contains two levels of compartments, complete with adjustable dividers and removable trays, perfect for the person with an ample-sized jewelry collection. Made in faux leather and available in a choice of three colors (gray, black, and navy blue), the soft velvet interior contains eight hooks for necklaces and pendants, trays to hold rings and earrings, and a more spacious compartment for larger accessories. Rest easy knowing that all this jewelry will remain safe under an included lock and key.


This Travel Cup Holder That Attaches Your Latte To Your Carry-On

For the frequent traveler, that airport latte or soda can really help to lessen the pain of airport fatigue but definitely makes you pay in terms of mobility. This travel cup holder frees up that extra hand by attaching to the front or back of your suitcase’s handle. Made of durable and stylish oxford cloth, the caddy has three pockets: one for smaller items like phones or passports, and two for coffee or other drinks. When not in use, it folds up into a small and portable item.


A Dough Roller That Imprints A Beautiful Rose Pattern On Cookies

Sure to uplevel even the most dedicated baker’s game, this embossing dough roller imprints a gorgeous rose pattern onto their baked goods. Delicious cookies will get a serious aesthetic upgrade with the help of this engraved rolling pin which measures 15.8 inches long and is made of wood. As a bonus, there are three recipes included to help get the most out of your roller.


This Cheese Board Designed With A Hidden Drawer

Any host will be sure to love this cheese board that not only provides a beautiful way of displaying charcuterie but also stores four different cheese knives via a hidden drawer. With the board and knife handles being made of sustainable bamboo, each stainless steel knife gives you the option to slice any type of cheese from hard to soft. As another clever addition, the scooped perimeter is perfect for storing cheese-friendly items such as meat and olives.


A Pillow That Transforms The Bath Into A Spa

Anything in the self-care sphere makes for an amazing gift, and this soft, cushioned bath pillow allows for a serious relaxation upgrade. It attaches firmly to the back of the bathtub using six strong suction cups to prevent any sliding, and the 3D air mesh fabric allows for supreme breathability and quick-drying of the material. Post-bath, hang it up with the attached hook, and store it away in the provided bag for the next spa day.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp That Provides Peaceful Vibes And Decor

Giving off a gorgeous and warm glow, this Himalayan salt lamp is said to promote peace, calm, and relaxing vibes, on top of acting as nice home decor. Handcrafted and authentically made of natural rock salt from Pakistan, the lamp sits atop a wooden base made of neem. Control the amount of glow from the 15-watt bulb inside using the included dimmer switch.


A Bluetooth Speaker With A Unique Triangular Design

For less than $30, this portable Bluetooth speaker gives off a high-quality sound in stereo with, due to its triangular design, a downward-facing bass radiator for a rich bass experience. According to the manufacturer, dual precision acoustic stereo drivers promote clarity of sound, and being IPX5 makes this speaker water-resistant and weather-proof. Available in nine different colors, you can play music for up to 14 hours knowing you’ll always be connected with an incredible 100-foot wireless range.


This Car Diffuser To Add Calm To Their Commute

This car diffuser offers peace and calm while at the wheel and sits conveniently in a cup holder to release essential oil mist into the air. Fill it up with the appropriate amount of water, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil, plug the unit into the car’s USB, and let the serenity begin. Decide on a continuous or intermittent mode, and, as a nice aesthetic touch, choose from seven soothing night light colors.


A Pampering Set Of Essential Skin Care Products

From one of the original pioneers of eco-friendly and all-natural skin products, this gift set from Burt’s Bees shows not only that you care about your gift recipient but that you care about the planet as well. Complete with a deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm, all come in a convenient travel size so they can pamper on the go.


This Trio Of Plant-Based Vegan Lip Butters In Three Shades

These cruelty-free lip butters are made with 100% plant-based ingredients in a combination of agave and shea butter, in addition to other oils such as vitamin E and jojoba. Coming in a set of three lovely shades (red velvet, dusty rose, and lust red), each offers lots of lasting moisture and is great for those with sensitive skin and chapped lips.


A Hair Clip That’s Secretly A Multi-Tool

For those who obsessively prepare for any eventuality, these tactical hair clips are, in fact, a mini survival kit in the guise of an ordinary hair accessory. Acting as a full-on multi-tool, they can work as a screwdriver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler, and cutter, on top of still effectively holding hair. Made of stainless steel, they come in a pack of three and also include a small metal gift box.