If You're Lazy But Want To Look Good, You'll Wish You Got These Weird But Genius Things Sooner

Don’t put forth more effort than you have to, but still achieve a fab look.

Written by Allison Bolt
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If You're Lazy But Want To Look Good, You'll Wish You Got These Weird But Genius Things Sooner
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You can totally be a little bit lazy with your usual getting-ready routine and still feel your best at the same time. How? I found some seriously weird products on Amazon that make your outfit-choosing and fitting process, hair care treatments, makeup routines, and more a lot easier. You maybe haven’t seen these weird things in the makeup aisle or clothing store, but they’re so genius that you’ll definitely want them in your closet and your vanity.


The Easy-To-Use Iron-On Hemming Tape That Even Works On Denim

Keep this double-sided hemming adhesive in your closet to quickly fix those trendy trousers that are bit too long without breaking out a sewing machine. It’s even durable enough to take care of denim or corduroy that needs to be hemmed. This no-sew, permanent tape is compact enough to tuck in your suitcase, so you can fix up a cocktail dress in a hotel room.


This Nail Strengthener To Help Out Stressed Nails

This nail treatment is worth reaching for when your nails feel a bit stressed because it strengthens them and even helps them grow. It applies just like any nail polish, but it’s infused with vitamin E to build up your nail beds. After four weeks of use, you’ll find your nails are stronger and healthier, just like the 6,100 five-star reviewers on Amazon.


These Soothing Eye Masks That Are Easy To Wear

These individually-wrapped 24-karat gold-infused eye masks obviously look good while you’re wearing them, but they also help out your skin if you’re a little sleepy that day. The de-puffing, brightening, and super soothing formula will make your sensitive under-eye area look refreshed and feel soft, even if you’re beyond tired.


A Seaweed-Infused Cuticle Serum With A Precise Applicator

This cuticle conditioner isn’t a hassle to apply during your nail care routine because it has a super precise applicator tip. Not only will this hydrating cream soften your cuticles, but it also helps to strengthen your nails. Unlike classic cuticle oils, this cream has nourishing seaweed, bran oil, and more to seriously repair your hands.


A Lip & Cheek Tint With A Bunch Of Soothing Ingredients

You can honestly swap out all of the pink products in your makeup bag for this budget-friendly cheek and lip tint because the formula works for everything — even as eyeshadow. It’s blendable, of course, but it’s also feels super breathable no matter where you apply it. This tint also has safflower, aloe, chamomile, ginkgo biloba, and other soothing ingredients to keep your skin feeling good.


A Vitamin C Serum That Leaves Skin Bright & Hydrated

This vitamin C serum is all about adding a glowy step into your routine, but it can also help out with painful acne. This citrus-scented formula with hyaluronic acid is as easy to apply as all of your other favorite serums, and it will leave your skin looking brighter, clearer, and with less irritation, which is why it has over 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Hydrating Hair Mask That Takes Less Than 10 Seconds To Work

It’s worth tossing your classic hair masks for this unique hair treatment because you can rinse it out after only eight seconds. It comes with measurements right on the bottle, so you know how much of this lightweight formula will give your hair a seriously moisturized finish while you’re in the shower. After one use, you’ll notice that you have shinier, softer hair.


This 14-Karat Gold Plated Hoop Set With A Timeless Minimalist Style

This 14-karat gold plated hoop set is all you’ll need for your jewelry collection to look trendy and super put together. It comes with three different hoop sizes, so you always have the perfect hypoallergenic pair for your outfit, or you can stack them if you have multiple piercings. This nickel-free set also has a seamless clasp design, so you won’t have to keep up with earring backs.

  • Available colors: 6


A 5-Pack Of Stretchy Extenders To Make Pants Feel Comfier

These little pants extenders are perfect when you need to wear trousers instead of trendy flared leggings — but you still want to feel comfortable. They loop around the button and have plenty of stretch to keep the waistband nice and comfy, all while giving you more room. Plus, this set is easy to remove if you don’t want to wear them that day.


A Classic Mess-Free Lip Balm With Chamomile Essence

If you reach for a big tube of Aquaphor when your lips are painfully dry, this tube of Aquaphor lip balm makes it way easier to apply. It’s fragrance-free and has plenty of chamomile essence, vitamin C, and shea butter to help out dry lips, all while giving you immediate relief and a glossy look.


A Pack Of Pimple Patches That Are So Transparent

These pimple patches are way easier than dotting acne products on before bed, and you’ll barely notice them with the transparent design. They’re comfy enough to sleep in or discreet enough to wear during the day, and they help you to avoid touching the zit. Meanwhile, these hydrocolloid dots quickly heal those painful spots and help out with redness.


This Double-Sided Clothing Tape With An Easy-To-Use, Pre-Cut Design

Clothing tape is always a must, and this pack of tape comes in pre-cut little strips that are so easy to use — no trimming necessary. Of course, each strip is double-sided, so they’re easy to stick on and keep your favorite top secure. They’re also transparent enough to use on spaghetti straps without anyone noticing.


A Root Touchup Kit That’s Already Measured For You

If you love keeping up with your roots between appointments, this hair touchup kit comes with super easy-to-use capsules that are already measured for you. It’s totally ammonia- and odor-free, so your bathroom won’t smell like hair dye for way too long. This set also comes with mixing supplies and a mess-free cream formula to keep things as clean as possible.


These Nipple Covers With A Comfy & Washable Design

If you prefer bra-like coverage but don’t want to wear a bra, reach for these nipple covers that are way comfier than wearing annoying straps or uncomfortable underwire, while still giving you a seamless look. The silicone pads have reusable adhesive on the back, so you can simply wash and air-dry them after wearing them. They’re also waterproof, so no need to worry about getting sweaty.


A Breathable Posture Corrector To Wear Under Your Favorite Tops

If you want to help out your posture (and those shoulder aches), grab this low-profile posture corrector. Not only is it easy to wear this lightweight corrector under your favorite tops, but it also feels super breathable. It’s easy to adjust and compact enough to put in your bag when you’re done wearing it.


These Foot Masks That Give You A Luxurious Exfoliating Moment

These foot masks makes taking care of painful calluses a relaxing and surprisingly easy experience. Instead of getting frustrated with your pumice stone, just wear these botanical-filled masks once for an hour. These masks with fruit acid and extracts work over the next 11 days to peel away dry skin and calluses, leaving you with baby soft feet.


This Seamless Thong Set That’s Even Comfy For Workouts

Sometimes seamless underwear can be seriously uncomfortable, but this thong set is so breathable that you’ll reach for them every day. They’re tag-free to add to the comfiness, and they’re even moisture-wicking if you love seamless underwear for workouts. Plus, this basically invisible set has a versatile and comfortable high-waisted fit.

  • Available colors: 12
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 4X-Large


A Relaxed Blazer With The Chicest Textured Fabric

On top of how lightweight this blazer is, it also has an open-front fit to make it even more breathable and easy to wear. The comfy fabric has plenty of chic texture and a bunch of stretch. Plus, the three-quarter-length sleeves have a relaxed bunched-up design that feels so trendy.

  • Available styles: 28
  • Available sizes: 4 — 22


A Spiral Hair Tie Set With The Stretchiest Design

These hair ties look and feel way better than the classic elastics because the spiral design is never too tight on your hair. These plastic hair ties are seriously stretchy and completely waterproof if you put your hair up after a shower. They also leave your hair nice and crease-free after your go-to updo.


These Seaweed Collagen Masks That Help Irritated Skin

Each of the face masks in this luxurious set has seaweed in the formula to give your skin a bunch of regenerative collagen. They have hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing chamomile, so they even help with dry, irritated skin. These oil- and alcohol-free masks are also individually-wrapped, so it’s easy to moisturize your skin while you’re traveling.


This Chic, Metal-Accented Leather Watch That’s Water-Resistant

Grab this watch when you’re having trouble choosing accessories because the minimalist design will work with any outfit. It’s water-resistant, so you can wear this leather watch no matter how rainy it is outside. Of course, there are also plenty of gold-tone accents to top off this chic watch, which looks much more expensive than it is.

  • Available styles: 2


This Glass Nail File With The Chicest Case

Not only does this unique nail file make your nails look perfectly shaped, but the glass design also and matching case looks so chic in your bag. The glass is also durable enough to reach for every time you want to take care of or paint your nails, and this accessory will last for years. Best of all, it helps out with chipping or painful peeling nails without damaging them.


A Clothing Steamer That’s Compact & Portable

Get rid of wrinkles without breaking out the iron with this garment steamer. It has a gentle steam that can work for up to 15 minutes, so you can de-wrinkle a whole suit or multiple pieces with one fill-up. This steamer is super portable and has a 9-foot cord, so feel free to pack it in your suitcase for that business conference or wedding.


This Tubing Mascara That Won’t Flake, Fade, Or Run

This mascara is called tubing mascara because it creates tube-like extensions for a ton of extra length. These water-resistant tubes also add plenty of volume that won’t fade, run, flake, or smudge. All you need to wash this mascara off is some good old-fashioned warm water, too, which is way easier than other mascaras.


A Set Of Clips To Add A Retro Touch & Customized Fit To Your Cardigans

These adorable little clips are for that cardigan in your closet that’s so trendy but missing buttons. Each one of these fade-resistant clips adds a vintage jewelry-like detail to your sweater, all while giving you a more customized fit. Plus, they make sure that your cardigan is secure and cozy — even on a windy day.

  • Available styles: 10


A Stretchy T-Shirt Bra That’s Free Of Uncomfortable Wires

If you prefer wearing a bra, this breathable T-shirt bra will never feel stuffy or way too warm throughout the day. It’s wire-free to give it a super seamless design no matter what you pair with it. Even though this comfy, stretchy piece fits like a sports bra, it still has a classic clasp on the back for a flawless fit.

  • Available sizes: Small – 3X-Large
  • Available styles: 20


A Sleek Silk Pillowcase That Gentler On Your Hair & Skin

This silk pillowcase zips right onto your pillow to help keep the moisture and natural oils in your hair while you sleep. It also prevents breakage and frizz. In addition to helping your locks, this pillowcase is even gentle on your skin after you took the time to do your skincare. This machine-washable and luxurious pillowcase also has a cooling finish to make sure you won’t get flushed and warm.

  • Available sizes: Standard – King
  • Available colors: 26


A Tinted Sunscreen In An Easy-To-Wear Stick Form

This tinted zinc-oxide sunscreen comes as an easy-to-apply stick, so you won’t have to deal with blending in a liquid product. Instead, it has packaging perfect for carrying around, so this mineral-based formula is easy to use while you’re out. It’s water-resistant and also has cocoa seed butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, and more to hydrate your skin.


A Layered 14-Karat Gold Plated Necklace Set With A Trendy Monogram

Creating that trendy layered necklace look is super easy with this set because it comes pre-layered with a choker and a longer necklace. Plus, this layered look is completely adjustable to work with whatever top you’re wearing. Both the paperclip chain choker and the initial necklace have 14-karat gold plating to make this set feel extra chic.

  • Available styles: 78


These Bendy Curlers That Give You A Bunch Of Extra Time

With these curlers, there are zero annoying cords or damaging heat when you style your hair. You get seven curler sizes from .31 to .78 inches, and the bendable design keeps them all securely in your hair until you’re ready to take them out. Plus, you can do a bunch of other things while you wait for these curlers to do their thing, including sleep.


This Faux-Leather Belt Set To Make Accessory Decisions Easier

This trendy belt set gives you two go-to belts that are super easy to style. Each one has a simple faux-leather finish, but you get two different colors to go with everything. They also have a double O-ring buckle to give these versatile belts a chic and trendy detail.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 24 inches — 54 inches


A Brown Sugar Lip Scrub With A Bunch Of Nourishing Vitamins

This lip scrub has plenty of Hawaiian cane brown sugar to seriously scrub away dry and dead skin. It also has healing kukui nut oil, shea butter, and even vitamins to make your lips feel hydrated and soft. This aesthetic little bottle of lip scrub is also easy to carry around with you.


This Faux Pearl Earring Pack That Looks So Classic

Keep these pearl earrings all over your home (and in a few of your bag), so you’ll always have a pair handy when you’re getting ready. Each one has a hypoallergenic design and a classic stainless steel post for a comfortable, easy fit. This five-pack comes with a bunch of sizes if you want to keep them all together and style a different pair every day.

  • Available colors: 2


This Lightweight Setting Spray That Keeps Your Makeup On All Day Long

This makeup setting spray might be an extra step, but it’s super quick to mist on, and it saves you from fixing your makeup later in the day. It leaves behind a weightless feeling and a matte look that will make your other makeup go-to’s look even better and last way longer.


A Gentle Exfoliating Brush You Won’t Have To Replace All The Time

Unlike an exfoliating cloth that you have to replace all the time, this brush is completely cleanable, and it works just as hard to treat ingrown hairs and prevent irritation from shaving. If you usually exfoliate before the shower, this little ergonomic and super gentle brush also works when it’s dry.


This Easy-To-Wear Cashmere-Like Scarf With Tassels

Keep this scarf around, and you’ll always have an option that feels like cashmere and looks super trendy. It comes in classic patterns, so you never have to worry about what you’re pairing it with. Plus, it’s topped off with some tassels that aren’t bulky or annoying but instead add just the right amount of texture to your look.

  • Available styles: 40


A Micro Pencil & Spoolie That Will Help Fill In Your Brows

This brow pencil has a precise micro tip to make your brow routine so much simpler. It helps out by coating small brow hairs and creating super thin lines that look natural. Basically — you can swipe on this creamy formula quickly without a bunch of effort. Then, fluff your brows and blend with the little spoolie on the other side for a natural look.


These Trendy Sunglasses That Are So Durable

These sunglasses have a UV protective coating, of course, but they also have the trendiest chunky design that truly channels the ‘90s. The sleek rectangular style comes in nearly three dozen styles, including classic black and ultra-trendy green. Plus, they have durable reinforced hinges and such a lightweight fit for practical comfort.

  • Available styles: 34


These Mini Hair Treatments In The Most Aesthetic Jar

This bottle is full of mini keratin hair treatments that make it so easy to pull one out and apply the perfect amount to your hair. Not only do these conditioning capsules have silk protein inside, but they also come in a super aesthetic jar for your countertop, which will make you want to constantly keep them in reach.


A Simple Bag With The Trendiest Puffy Details

This little bag feels trendy with the puffy baguette design, but it’s also easy enough to reach for all of the time. It’s made of durable faux-leather, and the handle even has an adorable scrunched fabric detail. The top of this unique bag is also zipper-free, so you can grab things quickly.

  • Available colors: 14

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