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Jill Biden's Election Night Pink Coat Provided Some Calm Amid The Chaos

The soothing neutral was a sight for sore eyes.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Let's be honest: wherever you are in the world right now, following the ongoing U.S. election results is increasingly seeming like a stressful, drawn-out task. We're yet to discover whether current Republican President Donald Trump or Democrat challenger Joe Biden will win outright, and it's seeming like this anxiety could last days, maybe even weeks. But I'm here to share a bit of light relief amidst the doom and gloom in the form of Dr Jill Biden's election night style.

The wife of Democratic nominee Joe Biden has consistently out-styled Melania Trump in the lead up to the election, if you ask me. Trump undeniably has excellent style credentials, and always looks chic no matter where she is seen. But there's something a little more relatable to Biden's looks; she consistently appears elegant and sophisticated, but in an approachable way.

Her election night ensemble was predictably stylish. It was definitely understated and subtle, but also incredibly beautiful and in a way, calming. The accomplished potential First Lady-to be rocked a pale pink coat for her appearance on stage alongside her husband, which she paired with simple black gloves and a black face mask amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The neutral coat stepped away from traditional Democratic blue hues, instead making a case for ethereal, soothing hues that will keep the nation — and indeed the world — breathing deeply. In short, Jill's look confirmed what we all feel right now: by the time this is all over, we will have seen enough bold reds and blues to last us a lifetime.

The coat garnered praise on social media with one user describing it as a "serve."

If this is a sign of what's to come style-wise from Jill should she make it to the White House, we're sure to get a ton more of outfit inspo in coming months and years.