I Tried It

This K-Beauty “Wrinkle Bounce” Stick Is Going Viral On TikTok

Doja Cat loves it too.

by Destiny Knight

If you’re looking for the next viral beauty product, TikTok is the best search engine there is. The social media app is known for selling out many of our favorite beauty products, from the resurgence of Clinique Black Honey lipstick to Rare Beauty’s blush — and recently, we’ve noticed a celeb-approved Korean balm showing up on our #FYP. Meet the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm — a small, portable balm-stick that’s become a celebrity favorite for creating fresh, gleaming skin in one swipe. The Kahi balm stick first saw its popularity rise following its usage in Korean dramas, commercials, and celebrity recommendations, but recently, it’s grown its following stateside.

First, Doja Cat used the Multi Balm in the music video for her song Vegas, which debuted earlier this summer. In the video, Doja Cat is seen dancing around a church with a small congregation of people and partygoers. There’s a shot of the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm on a table, then we cut to see Doja Cat apply the balm to her jawline and lips. Doja Cat joins the party dewy and bright, without missing a note.

K-beauty guru, Ava Lee aka @glowwithava, is another Kahi Multi Balm admirer. Lee has gained a loyal following on TikTok for her honest reviews of buzzy beauty products, and in her video, she shares that she discovered the balm after her mom brought it home from a trip to Korea, and praises it as a do-it-all product with the ability to create glowy, hydrated skin.

The Ingredients

We know what you’re thinking — there are a lot of skin-smoothing, glow-giving balm products out there. What makes this one different? For starters, the balm can be used in multiple ways — because of its ability to smooth fine line and minimize pores, it can also be used an an everyday primer before makeup. Ingredient-wise, it’s rich in skin-loving amino acids, and has anti-inflammatory properties that work to heal and soothe irritated skin over time.

It’s also infused with skin-plumping collagen and natural fermented oils native to the Korean island of Jeju, such as carrot root extract and carrot seed oil, which are rich in the antioxidant beta carotene. All of these ingredients ensure that you’re using a product that will not only make your skin look dewy and glisten-y — like instant glass skin in a tube — but also help your skin over time.

Lee said she loves how multi-purpose the product is. “You can use it over makeup as a highlighter, or throughout the day for added glow — or you can use it on your hair for flyaways” she says. More importantly, she said she noticed small changes in her skin after just a few uses, specifically in the fine lines across her forehead, and under her eyes.

The Review

After adding the balm into my nighttime routine, I’ve found that it does not disappoint. I tested the balm on my under-eyes, cheekbones and forehead, where fine lines appear over time. I also applied around the corners of my nose, since that's an area where makeup cakes in and tends to be a little drier from lack of moisture. After just three days, I’ve noticed that my skin feels bouncier and softer when I wake up in the morning, and it’s supple to the touch without being too oily. As someone with naturally oily skin who usually has to blot multiple times a day, the addition of the Kahi balm has lessened my skin’s excess oil production, but still leaves me with a natural-looking glow.

Given its skin-soothing ingredients, the Kahi balm stick works well to moisturize — I’ve noticed a difference in my skin in such a short amount of time. I also love that the balm stick is travel friendly, easily tucked into the tiniest of handbags to take on-the-go. Overall, I’d recommend Kahi balm to anyone — after all, even Doja Cat approves.