KFC Has Launched Its Own Lipstick – & It Tastes Like Hot Wings

The finger-lickin' fast food chain has made the move into cosmetics.

by Aoife Hanna
KFC lipstick

Applying a bit of lipstick is one of life's simplest ways to get a glammed up but when it comes to snacking while wearing lipstick, things can get a little bit messy. So news that KFC is launching a hot-wing-flavoured lipstick is frankly the news that chicken lovers have long awaited.

The announcement comes in celebration of National Lipstick Day and National Wing Day which this year fell on the same day, July 29. KFC have made the lipstick, called Bucket Red No 11, that tastes exactly like you're munching on a hot wing by distilling a blend of Hot Wings and chilli oils. That might well sound a bit... errr, gross to you but you cannot deny that the shade of red emblazoned across the KFC bucket is utterly divine.

Aware that those who choose to purchase this lippy are probably eager to munch on a few of the brand's iconic wings, KFC also did a few durability tests with respondents wearing Bucket Red No 11 while eating them.

The results are in and they claim that 100% of subjects were able to eat two wings and walk away with a perfect pout, which means this product is being advertised as "WingProof."


A KFC spokesperson, per Metro, said, "Not only does it taste lip smackingly good, but it's been formulated with a new eight-hour conditioning and smudge proof technology that means it can survive a KFC wing-sesh." Adding that the product has a, " budge-proof finish," and that it, "gives you the freedom to wear your lipstick and enjoy your wings."

Next question, where the hell do you get your greasy hands on this? Do they stock it in Superdrug? Or do you need to take yourself to Selfridges? Well the good news is that they're free from KFC but the bad news is there's only 400 available, which makes it somewhat of a collector's item. What you have to do is register for KFC's Colonel Club and you'll receive an email to enter a draw for the lipsticks. Entries close on Aug 11 so make sure you're in it to win it.