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Twitter Has Strong Opinions About Loewe's Egg Stilettos

Walking on eggshells.

Loewe's egg shoes at Paris Fashion Week were the talk of Twitter where users had a field day. See th...
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It’s not everyday that fashion delivers a deliciously bewildering moment on the runway, but when it happens, it’s truly *chef’s kiss*. In the case of Paris Fashion Week, which is underway through Wednesday, Oct. 6, the label that got fashion lovers talking over the weekend was Loewe, currently helmed by creative director Jonathan Anderson.

The 37-year-old designer made waves with a series of shoes that featured a variety of kitschy designs for the actual heels. There were strappy, open-toed sandals set atop a pair of fake nail polish bottles. Other alternative heels included pink and white birthday candles, crushed red roses, and — wait for it — cracked eggs. Yes, as in the kind of eggs you make for breakfast. Quite the concept, isn’t it?

Now, as someone who is low key obsessed with eggs in all shapes and varieties — no, seriously, I will have them scrambled, poached, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — I can’t lie: My immediate reaction to seeing these egg-adorned heels from Loewe was that of profound admiration and appreciation. I mean, eggs are one of the most versatile foods in existence. Why wouldn’t you want to pay tribute to them with your wardrobe?

I’m also into this very literal approach to the phrase “walking on eggshells.” Because if you’re going to be on edge — as the meaning behind the popular phrase suggests — you might as well look good.

While my take is that I need these in my closet immediately, not everyone felt the same. Per usual, people made their opinions on Loewe’s egg shoes very clear on Twitter. Ahead, check out some of the best reactions to the brunch-ready footwear.

Bringing A Metaphor To Life

Walking on eggshells? Raise your hand if you can relate. Oh, how I love when fashion goes literal.

Love At First Sight

With this assortment of absurdist heels to choose from, what’s not to love? Each heel is a true conversation starter.

The Stuff Of Geniuses

The way his mind works: it truly leaves fans in awe.

An Automatic Holiday Wishlist Addition

If no one gets these for me for Christmas, I will absolutely buy them for myself. And maybe snag those crushed rose heels, too.

Footwear That’s Fashionable And Funny

Need to break the ice? Just crack the egg (not literally, of course, but you get the idea).

Let’s Get These Added To Cart, Immediately

The birthday candle heel is another head-turner. It’ll pair perfectly with a chic suit for your next birthday party look.

A New Icon In Your Shoe Closet

With a little white dress and an edgy black leather jacket, you’ll be ready for date night in no time. Or, wear these to your next brunch with the girls and get ready for all your gram-worthy photos.

BRB, Gotta Check My Bank Account

I’m a little scared to find out how much these cost, but really, they’re truly worth every penny. Time to start saving up!

Siri, What Does Living In 2021 Feel Like?

Loewe’s egg shoes: truly a sign of the turbulent times. Historians will have lots to say about these.