How To Find Sales At Maison Margiela’s Outlet, According To Employees

On Tabis and more.

Hyeokjin Eum seen wears Maison Margiela tan tabi boots
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For fashion girlies, Hudson Valley’s famous Woodbury Common Premium Outlets are an urban shopping legend. We’ve all heard of a friend of a friend who found a Prada cross-body there for half-price. Unless you’ve been there yourself, these rumored bargains seem too good to be true.

After almost a decade in New York City, I finally made the hour-long drive — and can confirm the hype is real. I paid $115 for a pair of Tory Burch sandals, while my partner got Bottega Veneta espadrilles for $342 and a monogram Dior ring for $250. But my most cherished find was a milestone purchase every Fashion Girlie™ looks forward to: my first pair of Tabis.

Of the 250 shops Woodbury Common boasts, I was most excited about the newly-opened Maison Margiela outlet, which offers 40-50% off almost everything in the store. I saved up for months in hopes that the fabled shopping destination would supply the Tabis of my dreams at a discounted price. I’m thrilled to report it absolutely came through.

Among the (surprisingly robust) selection of toe-accentuating flats, Mary Janes, and sandals sat a single pair of black leather platform Tabi boots in a size 41. They were everything I’ve ever wanted — and they were $540 off.

Since opening its doors in March 2023, the outlet store remains a little-known hidden gem, often overlooked amongst popular tourist destinations like Gucci, Prada, and Coach. For anyone hoping to secure their first pair of toe-shoes, however, it’s an absolute must.

But outlets can be tricky to navigate — hot-ticket items sell out, full-priced styles are randomly thrown into the mix, and garment conditions can be unpredictable. So I chatted with a Maison Margiela sales associate for his best shopping recommendations. Here are all his expert tips on how to find the best sales on Tabis, handbags, and more.

Call Ahead

New Yorkers everywhere are rolling their eyes, but I promise, you’ll actually get through (I tried it myself). “They can just call us in advance through the Woodbury Margiela account,” he said. “Then that way we can keep them updated and take them as personal clients.”

Call (845)-262-0929 to be connected directly to a Margiela employee. You can ask what styles and sizes they have in stock (37s and 38s sell out quickest), so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Make Friends With A Sales Associate

The sales associate I spoke to said his number one piece of advice is to “make a friend here.” Each sales associate gets their own work phone, so they can text you with updates and answer any questions you have. (Read: Are there any white Mary Janes in a size 36 in stock RN?)

Track New Shipments

Your new BFF can also keep you posted on when new shipments are coming in, so you can shop the new-new as soon as it hits shelves. This is info only employees know, because shipment day changes by the week. “There's no true date with the shipments, so it could vary because we're the outlet,” he said. “We get whatever's left [from] past seasons. So it depends on what the vendor's assigned to us.”

Stick To Shoes, Bags, & Jewelry

This was a common theme I noticed among the dozen designer outlets I visited during my trip: Accessories have the highest markdowns. According to the worker I spoke to, this holds true at Maison Margiela. “Truthfully, I think our shoes, jewelry, leather goods, and bags are actually the best-marked pieces in regards to value,” he said.

Go Before A Big Holiday

I visited Woodbury Common on July 16, which, according to the sales associate, limited the options available. Though I was still able to bring home my dream boots, he said styles were much more limited than usual. “July 4th was popular, so many of the sizes are all sold [out].”

Shop From Home

Reason number 3895 why you should bestie-up with a Margiela employee: They’ll hook you up with a virtual lookbook so you can shop their current offerings from home. Just tell them which product you want and they’ll ship the discounted goods to your door. (Pro tip: Send it to your parents’ house in New Jersey to avoid NYC’s clothing tax.)

Start At The Back Of The Store

This is shopping advice that stands even in traditional stores, but at the outlets, this was especially true. Across all the stores I shopped at, the best deals are housed towards the back of the store, while new, full-priced items live in the front. Though Margiela only stocks a handful of non-sale items, this rule applies.