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Millie Bobby Brown Talks '80s Trends & Her Vogue Eyewear Line

"Cardigans are making a huge comeback."

Vogue Eyewear

If your glasses collection could use a seasonal refresh, look no further than the latest and final drop from the Millie Bobby Brown x Vogue Eyewear collab. The Stranger Things star co-created and co-designed the entire capsule, which features an assortment of styles that’ll instantly elevate your look.

“I wanted these pieces to be items that I would wear,” Brown tells Bustle. “My taste in glasses is quite unique. I definitely like a frame that is a little different, and not your average shape. But I also wanted them to be for everyone, so I had to keep that in mind. I love making bold color choices, too.”

The MBB x Vogue Eyewear collab consists of “rules” that serve as a guide for the wearer. Past rules have included “Be Kind,” “Stand Out,” “Keep it Real,” and “Laugh Out Loud.” For this last drop, Brown chose “Chase Your Dreams.”

“I would describe them as my mantras,” Brown shares. “They are the daily affirmations I live by and remind myself of every day. They are short and to the point. If I am having a bad day, I tell myself to laugh out loud. If I am feeling a little insecure, I remind myself to love who I am. They are there to remind me of the important things in life.”

Vogue Eyewear

When she needs to create a polished look quickly, like for a last-minute Zoom, Brown says her secret styling weapon is an unexpected accessory or two, which explains her love for quirky eyewear.

“I just don’t think you can go wrong with a T-shirt, jeans, and Converse,” she says. “It’s casual, but you can dress it up with some accessories. I had to force myself to have a few dress up days during quarantine to make myself feel more human. I was just lounging around the house with full hair and makeup and a fun outfit. But most days, I am wearing an oversized shirt and tracksuit bottoms.”

For these cooler fall months, Brown is turning to one item in particular. “I feel like cardigans are making a huge comeback,” she shares. “I love the long, nearly-to-the-floor cardigans, as well as the cropped patterned ones.”

One look she’s not really feeling these days? “I think they are still trendy right now, but for me, shoulder pads are over!”

While she may not be sporting shoulder pads anytime soon, if her past red carpet looks are any indication, Brown will continue to top best-dressed lists for years to come. Her secret, she explains, is not being afraid to go for the unexpected.

“The first thought is normally that I want to wear something that I haven’t worn before,” Brown says. “That could be the color or the style. I always want the next outfit to be different from the last. I have an amazing stylist and friend, Thomas Carter Phillips, who really understands me and my style. I do think it ultimately comes down to the fact that I always want to try a new style and switch it up.”

And obviously, fans are also obsessed with her '80s-inspired outfits on Stranger Things. If Brown had to pick a favorite Eleven ensemble from seasons past, it’s one that speaks to her character’s personal style evolution.

“Season 3, my colorful patterned playsuit from the mall,” she shares. “It was the most feminine I have ever felt on the show, and it was nice for El to find her own style. I loved the colors, and I think playsuits in the summer are the best — so summery and cool.”