35 Mistakes That Are Making Your Outfits Look Cheap

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by Madison Barber
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Sometimes it can feel like such a hassle to try to look put-together all of the time. Trust me, I know how real these struggles can be. But you don’t need to iron your jeans or spend hours picking out the perfect accessories to make yourself look like a million bucks.

But, what if I told you that making yourself look presentable is something you can achieve with just a few easy tips? Fixing up your damaged pieces, properly storing your clothes, and adding some simple, cute jewelry aren’t particularly difficult tasks but they can make a big difference. This is all thanks to Amazon, which has everything any lazy person needs to ensure their wardrobe is intact and that they’re putting the best versions of themselves out into the world.

While fashion mistakes are easy to make even for the most seasoned dressers, Amazon has all types of products to prevent them from happening again, like fashion tape, bra extenders, denim patches, and no-show socks. Even if you didn’t spend a lot on them, fixing some mistakes with these kinds of items will take your look from cheap to chic.

Don’t settle for ill-fitting clothes, destroyed denim, or embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen — check out these 35 ways to rock your favorite clothes with confidence:

Mistake: Your Clothes Have Stains On Them

Solution: Spritz Away Oil, Blood & More With A Scent-Free Stain Remover

One of my fatal flaws is how often I spill things, which is why I rely on a good stain remover to ensure that my clothes look presentable when I’m out and about. This stain remover from comes in the perfect 4-ounce spray bottle, which makes it ideal for tossing in your bag on-the-go. It’s nontoxic, scent-free, and actually works — and works fast! — on everything from oil to blood to curry. Just spray on the affected area, blot carefully, rinse, and your favorite white top will look good as new.

Mistake: Your Favorite Shades Are Scratched

Solution: Keep Them In A Travel-Friendly Case

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for many, especially come summertime. Keeping your favorite pairs of shades stored neatly inside this five-slot organizer is a surefire way to keep your sunglasses safe from scratches or breakage when they’re not on your face. This case can be hung up in your closet to keep things orderly, but it also folds up into a convenient pentagon bag so you can keep your sunglasses protected in your car, purse, or suitcase when you’re on the go.

Mistake: The Wrinkles On Your Clothes Are Obvious

Solution: Use A Compact Steamer That Heats Up In 1 Minute

One of the quickest ways to have a fabulous outfit look instantly not fabulous is by wearing wrinkled clothes. Solve this problem quickly by running a steamer over your wrinkled or creased items for an instantly smooth appearance. This one heats up in less than 60 seconds and can even neutralize odors in your clothes while it de-wrinkles. And its so compact at just 1 1/2 pounds, it’s easy to pack in a suitcase for formal occasions.

Mistake: Your Clothes Are Awkwardly Long

Solution: Hem Anything & Everything With This Iron-On Adhesive

Do you have a dress sitting in your closet that you’re obsessed with but is just a little too long for your liking? Get the hem to the length you desire with an iron-on adhesive tape that lets you permanently alter your clothes without a sewing machine or heading to a professional. This double-sided tape even works for heavier fabrics like heavier cotton, denim, suede, wool, and corduroy, and it creates a clean, long-lasting hem in seconds.

Mistake: Your Ponytail Looks A Little Loose

Solution: Put Your Hair Up With These Damage-Free Spiral Hair Ties

If your hair looks a mess, chances are you’re not going to feel as confident when stepping out the door. Having a durable hair tie like these coil ties ensure that your ponytail, top knot, or half-up-half-down hairstyle won’t budge all day. And these comfortable ties won’t damage or crease your hair in the process. Ditch your old rubber elastics for these cute and better-for-your-locks spiral ties, and you’ll feel fabulous and confident in any updo.

Mistake: Your Top Surprises You With Too Many Slip-Ups

Solution: Hold Your Clothes Steady With Some Reliable Double-Sided Tape

One of the most frustrating (and embarrassing) wardrobe malfunctions occurs when a too-loose top exposes a little too much skin. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to flimsy V-necks and unreliable strapless dresses: double-sided fashion tape. This option comes in strips that won’t irritate your skin or harm the fabric you’re wearing and keeps any garment in place no matter how active you are. Join the 12,000-plus five-star reviewers and keep this tape around so you can feel confident that you won’t experience any slip-ups.

Mistake: Yellow Stains On Your Whites Ruin Your Look

Solution: Wash With This Detergent That Brightens Clothes & Erases Stains

While all of us sweat, not all of us want to see those yellow sweat and deodorant stains that end up on our white clothes after a few wears. This special whites detergent is perfect for keeping those icky stains in check while also working to whiten and brighten your white clothes. This 32-ounce bottle can last up to 64 washes and leaves your clothing with a clean scent.

Mistake: Your Socks Draw Attention Away From Your Sneaker Game

Solution: Wear These No-Show Socks With Silicone Grips

Nothing ruins your sneaker game like a pair of crew socks awkwardly peeking out from under your favorite pair, which is why no-show socks like these are an essential for frequent sneaker-wearers. These socks won’t go above your heel, preventing any unstylish sock appearance on the ankles or shins. Plus, these ones have special silicone grips on the heel that prevent them from slipping down inside your shoe.

Mistake: Your Earrings Are Too Heavy To Be Comfortable

Solution: Wear These Lightweight Yet Super Sparkly CZ Studs

Allow yourself the glamorous appearance of diamond studs without having a pair that’s way too heavy for your ears (and way too expensive) with cubic zirconia earrings. These 14-karat pairs come in a pack of five in all different sizes and will dazzle just like real, luxe diamonds. They’re hypoallergenic, too, so you won’t have to worry when sticking these in your ears if you have super sensitive skin.

Mistake: Your Favorite Tops Are Dirty From Falling On The Floor

Solution: Hang Your Clothes Up On Sturdy, Grippy Velvet Hangers

Prevent wrinkly and dirty clothes from ruining your look with non-slip velvet hangers that appropriately store your clothes and prevent your favorite silky tops and button ups from falling onto the floor. You’ll get 50 of these hangers with a swivel hook in your order, each of which can hold up to 10 pounds, so they even work for thick, heavy coats.

Mistake: Your Jewelry Isn’t The Right Length

Solution: Adjust Bracelets, Necklaces & More With These Handy Extenders

Want to achieve the layered jewelry look that’s in style but don’t have long enough necklaces, bracelets, or anklets? With a jewelry extender like these gold and silver ones, you can spice up a basic outfit with layered jewelry in minutes. Just attach these different-sized extender chains with lobster claws to the items already in your collection — and voila! — you have the perfect layered look without having to break the bank for new pieces.

Mistake: Your Clothes Are Covered In Pet Hair & Lint

Solution: Brush Your Outfit With A Lint Brush That Has A Self-Cleaning Base

A bunch of lint, loose threads, and pet hair stuck on your clothes can make even the freshest outfit look funky. Avoid this pesky problem with a good lint brush. Unlike ones with weird, sticky tape, this lint brush is endlessly reusable and uses texture to get rid of unwanted hair and lint. This particular brush comes with a self-cleaning base that holds any lint until emptied, making this a practical all-in-one cleaning and storage unit.

Mistake: You Never Wash Your “Dry Clean Only” Pieces

Solution: Skip The Dry Cleaner & Use This At-Home Kit

It's important to take proper care of your clothes, especially those “dry clean only” pieces that can be a huge pain in the butt to drag to the cleaners. This at-home dry cleaning kit from Woolite is an essential item for lazy people and those looking to save money on weekly dry-cleaning bills — just use the cloths (there’s six included in your order) to spot stain-remove and to add to the dryer with all your dry clean only pieces for 20 minutes. They’ll be clean and wrinkle-free once the time is up!

Mistake: Your Shirt Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

Solution: Wear These Best-Selling Silicone Breast Petals

Adhesive nipple covers are the perfect solution for see-through tops, and these flesh-toned pasties are made from super soft silicone that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing, and they won’t budge all day or night. Available in three colors and two different sizes, they’ll look completely natural and not bulky underneath any top in your closet, which is why they have over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Mistake: Your Everyday Purse Looks A Little Dusty

Solution: Store Them In A Protective Purse Organizer

A protective organizer like this clear hanging option that hangs on the back of your door is perfect for keeping dust or dirt from collecting on your purse. And this organizer can six of your favorite bags for seamless storage and easy access when you’re picking out your go-to bag for the day.

Mistake: Your Leggings Keep Falling Down

Solution: Wear These High-Waisted Leggings With 53,000 Five-Star Reviews

If your everyday bottoms are starting to sag or get stretched out, it may be time to invest in a new pair of leggings. These fan-favorite, high waisted leggings come in capri and full length, and they’re so buttery-soft you’ll never want to take them off. With over 53,000 five-star reviews, you know these leggings are the real deal.

Mistake: Your Jewelry Looks Like It’s Seen Better Days

Solution: Polish Your Gold & Stones In 30 Seconds With This Cleaner

When you’re wearing your favorite jewelry pieces every day, they’ll naturally going to get dirty overtime (especially rings — we use our hands for everything). Make sure your dull and grimy jewelry isn’t catching people’s eyes in the wrong way with an at-home jewelry cleaner. This cleaner, with the help of the included brush, dip tray, and lint-free cloth, gently gets rid of dirt and grime, restoring your gold, diamonds, and other precious gem to their sparkling glory in under 30 seconds.

Mistake: Your Wrinkly Pants Make The Wrong Statement

Solution: Keep Them Orderly With These Special Wooden Hangers

While it may be tempting to leave your go-to pairs of pants in a pile on the floor for easy access during hectic mornings, the wrinkles that follow aren’t fashionable. Instead, hang them up in your closet with these clamp technique hangers that are ideal for even the laziest pants-owners, which keeps your pants wrinkle- and crease-free. The wood on these hangers looks great in your closet, but cleverly placed felt on the inside helps secure your pants while protecting them.

Mistake: Your Pit Stains Are Stealing The Show

Solution: Get Rid Of Stains With A Non-Toxic Laundry Bar

If you’re the kind of person that avoids certain types of tops because of their potential to show your pit stains (I know I am), boy do I have the solution for you. Keep a stain-removing agent like this wash & stain bar on hand, and you can rid your favorite tops of icky armpit stains, collar rings, and other oil- and grease-based stains without needing to throw it in the wash. The bar of vegetable soap, borax, and essential oils also means you can travel with laundry detergent without hauling around a giant bottle of suds.

Mistake: Your Jeans Have Rips & Holes

Solution: Patch Your Denim With These Iron-On Patches

Iron-on denim patches like these are the perfect solution for fixing overly-distressed denim or accidental rips and tears. These patches come in four different washes so you can guarantee a match for any pairs in your closet. One side is 100% comfy cotton while the other side features an adhesive film that bonds to your jeans with the use of an iron. After that, these patches can be worn and washed just like the rest of your pants.

Mistake: Your Nails Are *So* Chipped

Solution: Give Yourself A Long-Lasting Mani With This At-Home Gel Kit

There’s no joy quite like the joy of a fresh manicure, and nothing worse than discovering that one of your nails has chipped. Prevent frequently-chipped nails from ruining your mood and your look with an at-home gel manicure kit. This kit comes with everything you need to give yourself a long-lasting mani from the comfort of your own home, including polishes, a UV light, top coat, and more. The long-lasting top coat will last for over two weeks, so there’s no need to worry about breakage or chipping.

Mistake: Your Favorite Sweater Has Reached The Pilling Point Of No Return

Solution: Use This Gentle, Hardworking Fabric Shaver

I recently purchased this fabric shaver to help de-pill all of my old, beloved sweaters, and I can tell you I haven’t been this excited about a product in a while. Not only is it so satisfying to watch this shaver remove all of those pesky pills from your chunky knits, but it does it all in just a matter of minutes. It’s safe to say I’m both a) obsessed and b) never going to leave my house with pilly sweaters again.

Mistake: Your Clothes Have Clearly Shrunk In The Wash

Solution: Skip The Dryer & Use A Foldable Rack Instead

Instead of throwing everything in the dryer and shrinking the clothes that aren’t dryer-friendly, use a dryer rack to ensure your clothes can safely dry without shrinking. This rack has seven rods and a top shelf to dry tons of clothing all at once and can support up to 32 pounds. If you’re worried about space — don’t be — this metal rack neatly folds up for storage.

Mistake: That Pair Of Jeans Are A Little Too Small

Solution: Give Yourself Some Extra Room With No-Sew Pants Extenders

If you’re obsessed with a new pair of jeans you just bought but hate how they’re just a little too tight in the waist, you don’t have to abandon them just because they look and feel uncomfortable — button extenders exist. These extenders don’t require any sewing and can be used to inconspicuously extend the waist size of any pant style up to about 2 inches, letting you feel comfortable and confident when you wear your favorite pants.

Mistake: A Lack Of Accessories Makes Your Outfit Look Blah

Solution: Wear These Layered Neckaces For A Touch Of Glam

There’s an easy way to spice up any look: accessories. This 14-karat gold plated layered necklace set is the perfect add-on to any everyday look. There’s tons of different styles and finishes to choose from, and you can wear these necklaces on their own or stacked together. Whether you want a silver locket or a minimalist bar, this set has you covered.

Mistake: Your Heel Tips Have Clearly Been Through It

Solution: Apply These Easy-To-Use Heel Caps

If your go-to high heels have spent countless hours on the dance floor or standing on sticky bar floors, it starts to show after awhile. Luckily, you can restore your damaged heel tips with heel caps that seamlessly cover up your tips and protect them from further damage. Available in a variety of widths and black or taupe, they even prevent you from slipping or making those annoying clicking sounds.

Mistake: Snags Leave Your Favorite Pieces Looking Disheveled

Solution: Fix Your Knits With A Clever Knit Picker

Having snags in your clothes may not seem like a big deal at first, but when they’re visible, they can draw attention away from the cute sweater you’re trying to show off. A knit picker like this one can help fix sweater snags and have your knits looking as good as new in no time. “This just makes it so easy to grab snagged thread and pull it through to the wrong side of the sweater, even if you're in a rush. It should be a must have for anyone who has sweaters!” one reviewer raved.

Mistake: You Have To Keep Pulling Up The Too-Big Waist Of Your Pants


The easiest way to remedy the look of ill-fitting pants? Wear a belt! This set of three faux leather belts are super chic and will go with any outfit, fancy or casual. These sleek belts work equally well with jeans, khakis, dress pants, and skirts, and you’ll be surprised just how often you find yourself reaching for them. You can choose from seven different color combinations when you order to match your exact wardrobe needs.

Mistake: Your Go-To Shoes Are Scuffed

Solution: Cover Scuffs & Scratches With An Easy-To-Use Leather Dye

Give your trusty leather shoes a much-needed spruce up with special dye that transforms your leather and covers up any scuffs from over the years. This leather dye has a built-in sponge that makes restoring your leather at home incredibly easy, and the super-pigmented nature of the dye ensures your shoes will stay looking as good as new for a long, long time.

Mistake: An Ill-Fitting Bra Is Making Your Tops Clunky

Solution: Use These Bra Extenders To Give Yourself Some Extra Room

If you have fallen victim to an ill-fitting bra, bra extenders are a great (and cheap) quick fix. These bra extenders come in tons of different variations depending on the colors, styles, and inventory of the bras in your drawer, and can easily make your everyday ones actually fit your chest. Just attach the hooks on the backside of these extenders to the existing hooks on your bra and feel the benefit of an extra few inches.

Mistake: You’re Missing A Sparkly Accessory That Pulls Your Look Together

Solution: Add A Little Glitz With A Crystal Necklace That Looks So Expensive

Everyone needs a little something that really pulls a whole look together, no matter how fancy or casual that look is. This gorgeous and highly-rated 14-karat gold plated crystal necklace is a simple yet stunning accessory that is sure to add the perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit. It’s so beautiful, no one will know how little you paid for it.

Mistake: Your Jeans Lost A Button

Solution: Apply These No-Sew Buttons To Your Pants

We’ve all been there — you’re eating the best appetizers and desserts you’ve ever had, when suddenly the button of your jeans falls off. While the delicious dinner was worth it, now you’re left with a buttonless pair of pants and nowhere to turn. Luckily, this no-sew button repair kit has you covered. Just use the included screwdriver to seamlessly cut a whole into your denim and fasten a new button onto your waistband. No one will ever know that it’s not the original button!

Mistake: Your Pants Are Coming Out Of Your Boots, Ruining Your Sleek Look

Solution: Strap On These Durable, Adjustable Boot Clips

The look of bunched up jeans coming out of boots isn’t exactly appealing. Remedy this frequent struggle with elastic boot clips that keep your jeans secure inside your shoes all day long. These ones are adjustable from 5 to 9 inches, so they’re guaranteed to fit no matter your foot, boot, or pant size, and are durable yet comfortable for longterm wear.

Mistake: Your Leather Shoes Are Too Tight

Solution: Stretch Out Your Footwear With This Leather Spray

Wearing too-tight leather shoes is painful and makes you look constantly uncomfortable. Stretch out those new sneakers, dress shoes, or combat boots with this leather stretch spray. It softens up your leather’s fibers and the shoe’s interior to give extra stretch and comfort to pricey but too-small shoes. No need to brave blisters wearing in new Docs with this spray!

Mistake: You Left Your Clothes In The Dryer & They’re Wrinkled

Solution: Spray Them With This Fast-Acting Wrinkle Remover

Ensure that you never leave the house with a wrinkle in sight with a good wrinkle release spray. Just spray a few spritzes onto any creased clothing (no matter the fabric), spread them with your hands, and your pieces will look like they just came back from the cleaners in minutes.

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