Ready To Hop On The Barbiecore Trend? These Stylish Home Organizers Make It Easy & Practical

These organizers and home accessories show that pink is easier than you think.

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I was not prepared for how good the Barbie movie turned out to be. It was funny, deep, feminist, and nostalgic, all at the same time. But even if you’re head over raised heels for the movie, adding Barbiecore elements into your interior design scheme can be intimidating — especially if you’re coming from a more neutral palette. Luckily, Mustard Made’s Barbiecore collection makes pink easy to incorporate with its genius organization solutions that work and look good at the same time.

Mustard is a UK-based company founded by two sisters, that specializes in modern yet vintage storage that effortlessly lends themselves to a pop of color. The locker-style units come in five sizes, but there are also organizational accessories for a subtler way to get in on the trend that are both practical and stylish.

1. This Console Table That’s Super Versatile

For a TV unit, console, or office storage, the Lowdown offers 100 centimeters of width and 40 centimeters of depth. Inside, you’ll find two hooks, two cable holes, and one adjustable shelf in two parts, so even though it’s small, it’s plenty functional. Like all of the brand’s lockers, the custom key rings and locks keep your stuff protected, so it also makes for a great liquor cabinet in a house with kids.

2. This Taller Option That’s Perfect For Showcasing A Display

If you’re looking for a little more height without going full-on wardrobe, the Midi is the way to go. This piece has two adjustable shelves as well as hooks and cable holes inside, but thanks to its mid-height design, you can also store and display things on top for maximum sight line impact.

3. A Side Table That Fits Just About Anywhere

Because of its compact size, the Shorty is an easy addition by your bed, couch, work desk, crafting station — anywhere you need additional storage and surface space. It has two adjustable shelves, a hook, and a cable hole, and it comes in both right- and left-facing options.

4. This Tall Locker That Holds Both Clothes & Clutter

Pantone’s colour of the year (Viva Magenta) isn’t the most approachable shade in terms of interior design, but Mustard’s Poppy makes it easy — especially when applied to its tall and slender locker, The Skinny. Place this one in a closet, on its own out in the open, or alongside lockers in other shades to create an ombre effect. It has a removable hanging rail and four adjustable shelves can store both clothes and clutter.

5. Or This Wider, Deeper Option For Even More Storage

No closet? No problem. The Twinny makes for a great small wardrobe or additional bedroom storage. Some reviewers have even used it to add style and functionality to their entryways: “This is the centerpiece of our home entrance. It provides ample storage space and it's aesthetically pleasing,” one reviewer wrote. “The blush colour matches well with our wood flooring and mid-century modern theme.”

6. These Colorful Baskets For A Subtler Accent

Not ready to commit to a pink piece of furniture? Accent and organize with this set of wire baskets instead. Each order includes baskets in three different sizes, all of which fit underneath and inside of your locker to hide clutter — but they’re so pretty, you can display them, too.

7. Some Letter Magnets For A Throwback Touch

Mustard collaborated with the female-founded brand Wordbits to create these alphabet magnets, which work seamlessly alongside any Mustard lockers (or your fridge). Get them in blush or white (letters or numbers) and use them to decorate or write messages to your Dreamhouse roomies.

8. These “Strong” & “Tactile” Hangers

Sold in 11 solid colours as well as two combination packs, these top and dress hangers come in a set of 10. They have a powder-coated finish with a wooden rod and squiggly details, all of which make them “lovely,” “strong,” “compact,” and “tactile,” according to reviewers. Choose from adult and kid sizes.

9. Or These Clip Hangers For Bottoms & Accessories

For skirts, pants, shorts, and more, you’ve got these clip hangers, which come in both adult and kid sizes. The matte, powder-coated finish and timber rods are similar to the top hangers, but these ones have two adjustable clips that “have [a] super strong grip,” even on heavy or slippery clothing, according to reviewers.

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