MySweetSmile's Peroxide-Free Formula Has Whitened Over 100,000 UK Smiles & Is An Amazon Best-Seller

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Although hydrogen peroxide is widely considered to be the star teeth whitening ingredient, it often comes with unfortunate side effects including sensitivity, irritated gums, or even damaged tooth enamel. As someone who once experienced sensitivity so bad that it hurt to breathe cold outdoor winter air, I took a vested interest when MySweetSmile — a clinically-proven, peroxide-free teeth whitening formula — crossed my desk. Could a gentle product really be effective enough to deliver comparable results?

Getting Whiter Teeth Without Hydrogen Peroxide

The dental experts at MySweetSmile have harnessed the cutting-edge organic compound phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP) to whiten as effectively as 6% hydrogen peroxide without wrecking your enamel or sensitizing gums in the process. On top of that, the brand has pinpointed different methods that are optimized for treating each type of stain and developed its formulas accordingly. There’s a nonabrasive powder that physically buffs out surface stains, plus a pen and classic adhesive strips that rely on PAP to whiten deeper discoloration. You can pick the application that’s easiest for you, or use all three synergistically for faster teeth whitening results.

Shop Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening

And results they’ll deliver: Over 100,000 shoppers have fallen hard for the brand’s gentle, effective teeth whitening, writing that they “honestly can’t believe how good it is” and that their “teeth haven’t felt this clean in ages,” with multiple reports of a visible difference in as little as one application — although, unsurprisingly, the best results were usually reported after slightly longer use. “Have super sensitive teeth and this has been amazing,” another reviewer added, confirming the mildness of the formula.

The “Kitchen Sink” Kit With Everything You Need

For little more than a box of conventional whitening strips, you can stock up on three peroxide-free brighteners that tackle stains at every level without triggering sensitivity. The Whitening Trio Bundle includes the brand’s signature products — powder, strips, and pen — that combine to deliver the most powerful results. Scour away physical stains with the powder, then follow up with the strips and pen to whiten teeth chemically below the surface.

A Game-Changing Powder That Leaves Teeth “Dentist Smooth”

This gentle tooth powder physically deep-cleans teeth while removing superficial stains and actually helps stave off tenderness in the process. The formula includes calcium carbonate to scrub away plaque and tartar while pentasodium triphosphate breaks down discoloration, and strontium chloride is effective at preventing hypersensitivity in the process. (Don’t worry, there’s a touch of mint to keep it from tasting like chalk.) Used one or two times a week as directed, and it should last you up to six months. “After using it for a few times, I noticed a result straight away. My teeth looked whiter, shinier, and felt so smooth,” a reviewer remarked, adding that they weren’t the only one who noticed: “My husband has started using this whitening powder also, and he commented on the clean smooth results.”

This Upgraded Version Of The Classic Whitening Strips You Know & Love

If you prefer a more traditional approach, MySweetSmile’s sensitivity-free whitening strips can erase years of deeper stains. These strips rely on PAP to whiten just as effectively as hydrogen peroxide while maintaining the integrity of your gums and enamel. They adhere firmly for 30 minutes of wear, with enough in the kit for two full weeks. You may actually notice an effect immediately — they even advise you to gauge how many strips you need based on your first day’s results — and you can use leftovers for touch-ups throughout the year. “I absolutely love these and have purchased them many times now, they are so easy to use and I see results after just one use,” a fan gushed. “I was worried they'd give me sensitive teeth when I first bought them last year but I have never had a problem with them. Highly recommend these to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to whiten their teeth without damaging them or having any sensitivity.”

A Convenient Whitening Pen That Targets Hard-To-Reach Areas

Already a bargain at just $20, this teeth whitening pen gives drugstore competition a run for its money. Like the strips above, its formula also contains PAP to whiten teeth gently yet effectively, and the brush allows you to target areas that might be easy to miss with strips or powder. (Especially if you have crowded, crooked, or otherwise hard-to-reach teeth.) That said, just about anyone will appreciate the convenience of a travel-friendly tube that you can toss blindly in your bag — or its formula that works in a flash, for that matter. Brush it on three times a week for just 10 minutes each, then rinse with cold water to reveal whiter teeth on the go, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Subscribe & Save On Your Favorite Products

Since peroxide-free teeth whitening is not yet widely available, anyone who’s diligent about avoiding the ingredient altogether will love the ability to subscribe to automatic refills with MySweetSmile’s Whitening Plans. Choose your favorite products to have delivered every one month, three months, or six months — with a 20% discount on every order.

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