I'm Never Taking Off This Nap Dress

Comfort before anything.

by Erin Cunningham

If I had to pick one word to summarize the way I’ve felt over the past year and a half, it would be tired; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thankfully, it seems we’re finally on the up and up. There is a light — albeit 90 degrees with 99% humidity light — at the end of this long tunnel, plus an almost instantaneous revisited interest in, to put it simply, doing things. Sure, I might still wear my Amazon-made leggings five times a week (at a minimum), but I have also felt reinvigorated to sprinkle some Real Clothes™ into the mix. Enter: the Sleeper Love Me Tender Dress.

Even though I’m leaving the house more, comfort is still my number one priority. With the proliferation of the Nap Dress, as pioneered by Hill House Home, sleepwear-as-everyday-wear has become the norm. And it makes sense: They have everything you love about your favorite pair of pajamas (breathable, super-soft), but feature special details (pearl buttons, smocked tops) that bring them out of the bedroom.

As someone who admittedly hates anything without sleeves, I was on the hunt for a dress that possessed all of the above qualities, but wasn’t a tank. This Sleeper number checked all of the boxes: It’s easy to throw on and style, strikes the right balance between on-trend and timeless, and looks (and feels) as good lounging around as it does with heeled sandals for a night out.

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First Up: The Basics

Sleeper was launched in 2014 by two former fashion editors who sought out to create beautiful loungewear. (The Guardian calls them “the brand that made sleepwear cool.”) Every garment is handmade using natural materials. Though they sell a variety of pieces, from pajamas and linen suits to swim and ‘athpleasure,’ dresses are at the heart of the company’s DNA. Case in point: The Sleeper Love Me Tender Dress.

Made from 100% silk, the dress features front buttons and an elastic neckline and sleeves. It comes in one size (to comfortably fit sizes XS through XL) and can be worn on or off the shoulder, buttoned or unbuttoned, and loose or belted. Oh, and did I mention that it also comes with a matching silk hairband?

Though I’m partial to the white, particularly for summer, Sleeper also offers the piece in beige and red, as well as other slumber-worthy dresses in vibrant colors like yellow and purple.

Why I’m Obsessed

With lots of movement this summer, my clothing needs to work in a variety of settings — beach days, city nights. This dress does exactly that. And, as a result, it has tons of styling potential. While I tend to wear it solo, I love the idea of getting more creative and layering it underneath a corset, or wearing it with some patent boots.

The best part about this dress, though, is that it’s completely low-effort without looking like it — it doesn’t get too wrinkled, and it’s so roomy and not at all constricting. As far as loungewear goes, I’ve found this is a great alternative to gym shorts and a worn-through T-shirt. It’s just as comfortable, but just makes me feel more put-together. And aren’t the best pieces ones that make you feel good?

How To Style The Nap Dress Trend

During the day, this look requires zero effort — think: bare feet, air-dried hair, a freshly-washed, dewy face. At night, accessorize with items that compliment the piece, not steal the attention. A woven raffia bag with a chain strap, simple gold jewelry, and comfy-yet-elevated espadrille sandals — plus some subtle, glow-y makeup — does the trick.

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