Nailed It

25 Navy Nails That Will Convince You It’s Actually A Neutral

Navy is the new black.

Sophisticated and cool, navy nails feel infinitely modern. The shade is dark and deep without skewing downcast, and packs the calming, reliable power of blue into a decidedly chic polish job. Think midnight sky. Think the deepest waters. Think the highlight of a raven’s wing (we’re going somewhere here, we promise). Navy comes with an innate air of mystery, the dark blue acting as a neutral base with some major attitude. As a bonus, the shade is a seasonless one, elevating looks and vibes year-round. Shapes and finishes completely shift the nature of navy blue: Oval with a shiny top coat feels entirely refined, while a matte finish leans modern. Add metallic, and you’re toeing the line between futuristic and retro. Opt for an abbreviated manicure, a series of hearts, or a diminutive evil eye motif, and navy is suddenly cute (but still elevated, of course).

Whether pulled across tops in a micro French, checked in neutral and blue, or dotted across nail beds, the darkest azure hue makes a major statement with minimal effort.

We scrolled Instagram in search of the most aspirational navy nails. Here, a round-up of 25 of the best deep blue options for you to dive into.


Micro French

Barely-there is better with a hint of blue. A micro-French mani pops with the addition of a navy blue tip.


Classic Shine

Square, round nails get a stylized shine with a glassy, glossy coat of navy blue.


Royal Oval

We’re in too deep with these royal lovelies. Oval nails painted in an almost-cobalt shade of navy offer a timeless pop of color.


Metallic Mod

Peachy notes, graphic lines, and a metallic finish combine for a modern mod manicure.


Colorful Confetti

In need of a ‘90s-inspired galaxy quest? Out-of-this-world retro is easily achieved with a blend of navy and multi-colored speckles.


Abstract Leopard

To further an already elegant navy paint job, furnish the ring finger with an abstracted column of navy leopard-print.


Matte Mondrian

Add an abstract design to just one hand for a fresh-feeling paint job.


Matte Daisies

Picture it: A garden, at midnight. Daisies get a moody twist with a matte navy background, the moody hue turning a summery flower into one that can be worn year round.


Night Sky Inspired

Metal starbursts and constellations — no, that’s not the sky, it’s my navy blue manicure.



Undersung neutrals, unite! A medley of solid navy, coordinated French tips, tortoiseshell, and gilded additions combine for a supremely cool set.


Long with Lines

Mondrian, but make it minimal. Rather than a complex pattern, this manicure’s drama comes courtesy of its extra-long oval shape.


New Classic

With well-tended nails and a perfectly executed square round shape, a couple coats of tried-and-true blue is all you need.


Evil Eye

Bad vibes, begone! Subtle navy evil eyes and baby touches of gold leaf define make this manicure an It girl favorite.


Shade Selection

Here’s a thought: why not debut a manicure featuring all the different navy polishes you own? The effect is surprisingly cool.


Negative Space

Take a sharp turn toward geometric angles of rose gold and negative space.


Checked French

Who doesn’t love a checkered moment? To achieve this look, relegate the timeless pattern to the almond tips alone.


Peachy Graphic

Sunrise, sunset. Diagonal pulls of navy with a peach punch and negative space design is perfect for a day-to-night vibe.


Go-To Blue

Shorter nails skew wholly sophisticated when colored navy blue.


Foiled Camo

Celebrity nail artist Betina Goldestein is at it again, this time with splashes of rose gold leafing edged in navy blue to create a pretty camo print.


Matte Coffin

Legends only — extra-long coffin nails and matte navy are a show-stopping pair.


Palette Patterns

Sea-inspired hues can lean ethereal, but this paint job offers structure with neat checks and color-blocking.


Abstract Eyes

We see you. The evil eye gets abstracted with a zoomed-in take featuring navy lids and pupils topped by shimmering gold lash lines.



The single French tip navy blue and silver glitte makes us think of stardust and magic spells.


Blue Hearts

Blue valentine. Sleek almond nails in sheer white and tiny blue hearts is so fresh, so clean.


Baby Dots

Spice up your navy manicure with two neutral nails and micro navy dots. One word: obsessed.