Charlotte Tilbury Is Launching A New Hydrating Pillow Talk Lipstick

Plus four other new beauty products out this week.

Charlotte Tilbury is launching a new hydrating pillow talk lipstick.
Charlotte Tilbury

Over the years, some make-up products have really stood the test of time in a big way. Take for example the likes of Urban Decay's bestselling Naked franchise or Mac's Face & Body Foundation. One we mustn't forget of course is the Pillow Talk range by Charlotte Tilbury. Starting out as a lip liner, the iconic shade soon grew to include a must-have lipstick, along with a blusher, eyeshadow palette, and even mascara. And now, Charlotte Tilbury's 'Pillow Talk' is available in another new formula.

The great thing about this new offering is that it's super suited to our current lifestyle. The lightweight, hydrating lipstick is ideal for dried-out lips, and is very subtle, which works well with our current penchant for WFH pared-back look. It's also easy to apply-and-go, meaning it's perfect for keeping by your laptop for last minute Zoom meetings.

But Charlotte Tilbury's new lipstick isn't the only cool new thing out this week. Also in the make-up category is Fenty's new powder foundation, which re-imagines one of its OG bestsellers, and there's also new skincare treats on the horizon from brand such as Bad Habit, Ren, and Paula's Choice.