"Oat Milk Nails" Are The 2020 Version Of A French Mani

Oat milk wins again, and this time not just in your coffee.

Евгения Матвеец/Moment/Getty Images

We've seen many updated, modern versions of the classic French manicure this year. One design I have loved is the coloured French tip mani, which follows the usual technique but adds in pastel or bright tips rather than white, subtle hues. But in a bid to out-do any of these options, including the original French mani itself, nail artist Fariha Ali has coined the term 'oat milk nails,' for perhaps the most 2020 nail trend yet.

We all love our oat milk lattes, and 2020 has been the year of the oat. In fact, oat milk products in online retail in the UK surged 63% for the year ending in April 2020. Oat milk beauty products are also hitting the shelves, such as skincare (think Milk Makeup's Vegan Milk Moisturiser) and haircare (like Briogeo's Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Shampoo). And it seems there are no realms oat milk can't dominate, as the latest trend to emerge from the beauty world is oat milk nails.

Nail artist Fariha Ali coined the term on her Instagram page, where she showed off a set of nails she designed for her client Rumer Willis. Ali has since spoken to Allure about the trend, which she explained a little more about:

"My client wanted something super natural-looking for her nails while adding some length," she told the publication. "I had done a sheer white nail look a couple of years ago that I named almond milk nails and it had been quite a hit, so we decided that this was the 2020 version of those, and hence: oat milk rather than almond milk."

As you already may have established, this is a look probably best left to the professionals in salon, as it requires gel extensions. However, there are alternatives during lockdown times, says Tina Michael, Founder of East London's Shoreditch Nails empire.

"We love the new oat milk nails trend; it is such a beautiful way of creating a clean and elegant manicure. However, if you don’t have access to hard gel (or a salon) then a good alternative would be to use a milky/iridescent pink. We use Shoreditch Nails Polish The Angel to create the no-polish, polish look!"

Shoreditch Nails

Alternatively, if you prefer less of a pinky tone, Townhouse Founder and Creative Director, Juanita Huber-Millet recommends the following: "Our favourite polish to achieve this look is OPI Beige of Reason which has been a very popular request in salon, it is the perfect tone for that ‘your nails but better’ finish!"

Another trend that gives a similar ethereal feel is subtle milky marble nails, which you can also create at home with the help of YouTube. I had these ones done at Townhouse, but they're easy to re-create from the comfort of your own home:

Either way, oat milk nails seemed to have paved the way for an influx of more under-the-radar, relaxed and natural nail trends, moving away from super complicated or bright nail art. Roll on 2021...