Of All The Cheap Beauty Products On Amazon, These Have The Best Reviews & Most Loyal Fanbases

Snag the best-priced items that reviewers can’t stop talking about.

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When you’re shopping for beauty products, it can be borderline impossible to sift through all the incredible options that are available to you. That’s why Bustle compiled this list of inexpensive options that are just as effective as their pricier counterparts. These beauty products aren’t just cheap — they also have a loyal fanbase that has sung their praises both through Amazon reviews and on social media.

From hair oils to pimple patches, you’re basically guaranteed to find your new holy grail item. Here are some of the cheapest, best-reviewed beauty products on Amazon.


An Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You The Perfect Wing

If you can't stand the treacherous process of applying a cat eye, pick up this eyeliner stamp for a flawless wing every time. Its long-lasting formula is water and smudge-proof, and it's completely cruelty-free and vegan. Each set comes with two stamps: one for your left eye and one for your right.


A Mascara That's Just As Effective As Falsies

Forgo the false lashes and reach for this mascara instead. Its fiber brush defines, separates, and volumizes lashes without clumping up, and it won't flake or fade as you go about your day. As a bonus, this brand is certified cruelty-free by PETA, so you can feel good about your purchase.


This Hair Oil That Soothes & Strengthens For Faster Growth

You'll love this hair oil for its soothing and strengthening properties, not to mention how effectively it encourages hair growth. It's made with a blend of 30 essential oils and infused with biotin to keep your hair healthy, especially types 3A to 4C. Simply apply it to the ends of your hair before you shampoo and then air-dry or style it as usual.


This Shea Butter That Deeply Moisturizes Skin

Stay hydrated with this shea butter, which quenches dry skin and soothes inflammation. Whether you're dealing with sunburns, eczema, or dermatitis, it's gentle enough to effectively nourish without irritation. You can even use it on your hair if you're looking to moisturize, tame frizz, or protect against sun or heat damage.


These Pimple Patches That Clear Up Zits Overnight

Apply one of these pimple patches on a stubborn zit and head to bed; when you wake up, you're likely to find that it's cleared up. Its medical-grade hydrocolloid is clinically tested, free of unnecessary ingredients, and it'll stay on all night. When you order a box, you'll receive 36 patches — enough to clear up breakouts for weeks to come.


A Heat Protectant Spray For Healthier Blowouts

By now, you likely know that heat styling could be damaging to hair — but the prospect of that salon-quality blowout can be so tempting. That's why this heat protectant spray is such a great buy. It helps protect hair from the inside out by sealing the cuticle, which staves off breakage and damage. If you have fine or oily hair, don't hesitate to try it; the weightless formula won't build up.


These 24 Karat Gold Eye Masks That Reduce Puffiness

If you've been staying up all night binging season 4 of You, these 24-karat gold eye masks can help. They'll de-puff and lighten the area below your eyes, so you'll wake up feeling fresh and well-rested, no matter how much sleep you've actually gotten. Each pack comes with 20 masks, so you won’t have to restock too often.


This Gel Polish Set For Salon-Quality Manicures

Don't spend your whole paycheck on a pricey manicure; instead, pick up this gel polish set for salon quality at a fraction of the cost. Each set comes with a base gel that keeps polish in place and a top coat for protection and shine. It's also made without harsh-smelling ingredients that might irritate airways or adhesives that stick to nails.


This Makeup Brush That’s Great For Mineral & Liquid Foundation Application

It’s always a good idea to rotate your makeup brushes, and this is a great one to add to your collection. While Wet n Wild has brushes for all kinds of makeup application, this specific flat brush is wonderful for both liquids and powders. Reviewers have said that they didn’t expect much based on the price, but that it’s exceeded all expectations — which means, you might want to add a few other styles to your cart as well.


A Hydrating Hair Mask Made With Argan Oil

This hydrating hair mask is like a drink of water for dry or damaged strands. While it conditions, it also helps to detangle and repair dullness for a more manageable mane that's sleek and shiny. It's made with cosmetic-grade argan oil, which strengthens hair to reduce breakage and enhance texture.


This Value Pack Of Flossers With A Minty Flavor

If you're looking for a convenient way to maintain your dental hygiene, try this value pack of flossers. Their tough floss is specifically designed not to stretch or break; instead, it removes stubborn food debris to keep gums and teeth healthy. As a bonus, each flosser features a fold-out dental toothpick for extra cleaning and convenience, whether you're on the road or in the comfort of your own home.


This Castor Oil That’s A Treat For Your Eyelashes

If you'd like to help your eyelashes appear fuller, try this castor oil; all you have to do is apply it to your lash line, and you might be shocked by how quickly you see results. It's incredibly versatile, too — you can use it to help promote longer and thicker hair, soothe dry scalps, or treat dandruff. Each bottle boasts one ingredient: 100% pure castor oil, without unnecessary additives or preservatives.


A Smudge-Proof Eyeliner Pencil That Won't Budge

No matter where you go or what you do, this smudge-proof eyeliner pencil stays in place over the course of your day. It glides on beautifully for hassle-free application, and it'll last all day long, through heat, humidity, or whatever else Mother Nature throws at you. It's intensely pigmented like a liquid liner, but its creamy formula stays put for hours like a pencil; basically, it's the best of both worlds.


A Hand Cream That Lasts While You Wash Up

This fragrance-free hand cream is great at repairing dry skin, even after you've scrubbed up. In fact, its benefits last a full 48 hours after use, without being sticky or greasy. With a 4.7-star average rating on Amazon, customers have credited La Roche-Posay for saving their hands, especially during chillier weather. Even better, it’s great for sensitive skin and for people with eczema.


An Ice Roller That Can Help Calm Your Skin

This ice roller is a perfect way to get a midday refresh. Its rolling action can help you feel less fatigued, making it a must-use before Zoom meetings. It’s great to use before putting on makeup, but can also be a good way to de-stress during a lunch break. Available in eight colors, it’s a great addition to your morning routine — and, nearly 16,000 Amazon customers agree.


An Electric Hair Trimmer That's Fully Waterproof

Groom with confidence when you use this electric hair trimmer. It's fully waterproof, so you can store and use it by the sink without any mishaps, and its removable head is washable in between trims. Its one-button design makes it incredibly easy to use, and its dual-edge spinning blade system cuts hair closely, quickly, and effectively.


This Eyelash Adhesive That's Unbelievably Strong

Keep falsies in place all day with this eyelash adhesive. It's unbelievably strong, so your lashes are sure to stay put for up to 48 hours, and it's latex-free to accommodate beauty gurus with sensitive skin. It's also waterproof, so beach trips and pool parties will literally be no sweat.


A Tongue Scraper That Keeps Breath Fresh

This tongue scraper helps reduce buildup while maintaining dental hygiene. They're made with rust-proof stainless steel that's built to last a long time, and their curved lines are specially designed to fit your tongue. Not only will your tongue be way cleaner, but you'll be choosing a more sustainable option than single-use plastic.


This Collagen Treatment That Helps Repair Damage

Care for damaged hair with this collagen treatment, which repairs the negative effects of bleaching, styling, or dye. Its active ingredient is ceramide-3, which coats hair for maximum health and healing. It's a speedy and effective alternative to pricier hair repair options that costs significantly less and is just as powerful.


An Eyeshadow Pencil That Doubles As Eyeliner

For a two-in-one option that'll save space in your makeup bag, reach for this eyeshadow pencil. Its blendable formula is so pigmented that it easily doubles as an eyeliner, and it glides on easily without pulling or tugging at your lids. Bonus: NYX makeup is acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand, which immediately places it high above the competition.


This Leave-In Spray That Refreshes Curls & Waves

Refresh and hydrate curls and waves with this leave-in spray. It brings shape and body to your natural texture without sticking, crunching, or weighing down hair, and it's made with hyaluronic acid and castor oil to lock in moisture. Of course, its sweet candy scent with notes of pomegranate doesn't hurt, either.


This Oral Rinse That Freshens Breath For Up To 24 Hours

Breath in need of a refresh? Pick up this oral rinse that was formulated by a dentist. It freshens breath without alcohol and artificial flavoring, and it shouldn’t burn or irritate sensitive taste buds. Use it every 12 hours for long-lasting relief that prevents unwanted tastes and odors all day long.


This Jojoba Oil For Lightweight Moisture

For lightweight moisture that won't clog pores or weigh down hair, this jojoba oil might be your best bet. Its only ingredient is pure jojoba oil, and it's completely free of synthetic additives and preservatives, not to mention that it's USDA-certified as organic. Use it to moisturize bothersome dry spots; since it's so lightweight and gentle, it works well on basically every skin type.


This Overnight Lip Mask That's Viral For A Reason

This overnight lip mask by Laneige has gone completely viral — and for good reason. It's formulated with Vitamin C, coconut oil, and shea and murumuru seed butter, all of which help bring on hydration while you sleep. Around 93% of users shared that their lips looked healthier and less flaky after just one week of use, so if you're still skeptical, just listen to its fan base.


These Makeup Sponges For A Flawless Blend

Blend your foundation flawlessly every time with these makeup sponges. They come in a pack of five, so you can keep one everywhere you do your makeup — from the bathroom to the vanity table to the zippered pocket in your purse. Its precision tip helps with application in hard-to-reach areas, its rounded side is perfect for the cheeks and neck, and its flat bottom works best for contouring, as well as blending on your forehead and chin.


These Delicious Vitamin Gummies That Help Strengthen Your Nails & Hair

These delicious vitamin gummies are made with biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D (in addition to other ingredients), which work together to help strengthen your nails and hair. Thanks to their berry flavor, they won’t be a pain to take — but still, ask a doctor before adding them to your diet and beauty routine.


These Luxe Bath Bombs That Come In A Cute Package

It’s always nice to have some bath bombs around for an instant dose of self-care, and this set from Pure Scentum is beloved by Amazon customers. While they don’t change the color of your bath water, they do help your skin feel its best after use. “They are incredibly moisturizing and the smell is amazing,” said one customer, who didn’t hesitate to give these five stars. You can grab them in three different styles — they also make for a great gift.


A Tea Tree Oil Body Wash For All Your Skin Ailments

This tea tree oil body wash is an amazing choice for easing ringworm, acne, and athlete's foot, among other skin conditions. Ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and rosemary soothe and heal irritation, and its strong scent clears up body odor in minutes. It's formulated without synthetic fragrances that might bother sensitive noses and skin, so you can lather up with the knowledge that you're healing while you wash.


This Eyelash Curler With A Rubberized Grip

If you’ve heard horror stories about eyelash curlers yanking and pulling sensitive lashes, try this eyelash curler to ease your mind. Its soft rubberized grip is designed for maximum comfort, and it won't pinch skin or tug on lashes. Its universal fit works with most eye shapes and sizes, so it’ll even convert the most skeptical of users. Plus, you can’t beat the price.


This Lip Gloss That Gives You Shine Without Stickiness

This lip gloss gives you all the shine you want and none of the stickiness you don't. Its smooth and creamy formulation helps it glide on effortlessly, and it's available in a staggering amount of gorgeous color options. If all that wasn't enough, it's a cruelty-free product, making it a more ethical and effective option. You can get it in over 30 colors and packaging options.


A Micellar Water That Effectively Removes Makeup

Remove stubborn makeup with this micellar water. Its no-rinse formula wipes away even the toughest waterproof products while protecting and maintaining the skin barrier, and it's gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Simply pour it onto a pad, press it into the skin to remove makeup, and voila — you’re completely cosmetic-free.


This Eyelash Comb That Removes Mascara Clumps In An Instant

Clean up clumpy mascara in a matter of moments with this eyelash comb. It's designed with incredibly fine teeth that separate lashes and catch unwanted flakes and residue for makeup that looks even better than it did upon application. Plus, its included lid protects it during transportation, so you can throw it in your bag for touch-ups as needed.


These Nail Clippers With A Convenient Tin

Carry these nail clippers on the go; they come with a convenient tin that makes transportation easy. Their elongated, ergonomic design makes clipping comfortable, and the grips on their levers keep cuts even with significantly less force required. They're made of high-quality stainless steel, so they'll last in your manicure kit for a long time.


A Monochromatic Multi-Stick You Can Use On The Go

This monochromatic multi-stick might just be the perfect travel product. Its cream-to-powder formulation stays put all day long, and because it's so lightweight, the application is unbelievably easy. Use it as a blush, eyeshadow, or lipstick, or combine all three at once for a stunning monochromatic look that’s unbelievably affordable.


This Tooth Whitening Pen That Erases Years Of Stains In Just A Week

It may sound impossible, but it's true: This tooth-whitening pen can wipe out years of stains and yellowing in just one week of consistent use. Each pen has a precision brush that glides gently over teeth and a clickable top that helps you control how much gel you use at once. One pen lasts for 35 uses, so you’ll get over a month of nightly whitening; it's an especially smart choice if you've got events, meetings, or performances on your calendar.


This Viral Snail Mucin Moisturizer For Serious Hydration

You may have spotted this viral moisturizer on your TikTok or Instagram feed; users are obsessed with its lightweight-yet-powerful formula. The secret to its effectiveness? Snail mucin, which helps soothe skin damage and deliver serious moisture. This key ingredient is obtained in an eco-friendly manner that doesn't harm snails, so animal lovers who want to try it can breathe a sigh of relief. With a 4.5 overall rating, over 12,000 Amazon customers gave it a five-star review.


A Vitamin C Facial Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

Pick up this vitamin C serum if you're looking for brightening and hydration in one supercharged formula. Made with sodium ascorbyl, a great source of potent vitamin C, it rejuvenates and resurfaces the skin, but it won't dry you out, thanks to hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and cold-processed for maximum stability.


A Foot File For Cracked & Callused Heels

Cracked and callused heels are no match for this foot file, which is made with surgical-grade stainless steel to take care of podiatric problems with ease. Its lightweight design means you can wield it with ease, and it's large enough to access the heel, sole, ball, and anywhere else on your foot that needs a scrub. Use it regularly to clear off dead skin cells without paying an arm and a leg (or... a foot, I suppose) for pedicures at a salon.


This Fragrance That's Fresh & Romantic

Even if you haven't historically been a perfume person, you might just fall in love with this body spray that also happens to be popular on TikTok. Formulated without any sulfates, it’s good to use as a general refresher for your entire body. Pacifica Beauty is also known as a clean beauty company that uses natural ingredients you can feel good about. If vanilla isn’t your favorite fragrance, perhaps you’ll enjoy one of the other options better.


A 14-Pack Of Makeup Brushes With A Gorgeous Rose Gold Case

Not only does this 14-pack of makeup brushes come with all the utensils you need for a full beat, but it's accompanied by a convenient carrying case in stylish rose gold. Each brush is made with synthetic fiber bristles that are vegan and cruelty-free, and they pick up enough product to deliver a flawless look every time. You'll also receive a brush for effortlessly styled brows and lashes. You can get these in one of five different handle colors.


This Glow Enhancing Lotion For A Sunkissed Look (Minus The Sun)

Try this glow-enhancing lotion if you want a sunkissed glow without worrying about UV rays. It's infused with glycerin and shea butter for luxurious hydration, and you can choose between four shades to complement your skin tone. Wear it on its own, under foundation, or as a highlighter or bronzer for concentrated illumination.


This Foaming Facial Cleanser That Doesn't Dry Out Skin

This foaming facial cleanser is a great choice for oily, combination, and sensitive skin types alike. It clears away extra oils and irritants without disturbing the skin barrier, as well as effectively removes makeup and cosmetics. It's formulated with niacinamide and ceramide-3, which work to soothe dry skin and help it retain moisture.


These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads That’ll Save You Money

Use these reusable makeup remover pads as a more sustainable alternative to cotton swabs or disposable wipes. They're made with soft bamboo cotton that's gentle on sensitive skin, and they'll last through years of use and washing. Each pack comes with 20 pads, a storage container, and a cotton laundry bag for maximum convenience.


A Dermaplaning Tool That Shapes Eyebrows & Smooths Skin

This dermaplaning tool works to shape brows, remove excess hairs, and exfoliate your skin. Its fine micro-guards keep skin free of irritation and nicks, and it's portable and slim enough to carry with you on the go. Plus, its included precision cover helps you shape brows to your specifications. You can buy them in a pack of three or nine.


These Pimple Patches That Give You Invisible Coverage

For invisible coverage that lasts all day long, try these pimple patches. Their tapered edges keep them in place, creating a barrier between sensitive spots and external irritants. They also help to draw out impurities at the source with a medical-grade hydrocolloid. If that weren't enough, they're fully vegan and cruelty-free, too.