Reviewers Say These Cheap Beauty Products Work So Well They Deserve 6 Stars

From lash serums to minimalist lip butters, shoppers are obsessed.

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You can’t give a product six stars on Amazon, but some reviewers wish there was a way. Why? Because some beauty products work so well, a five-star review just can’t get the point across. Trust me: You might just find yourself starting a petition to add that sixth star after you look through these budget-friendly products.

What beauty product could possibly be so good that “perfect” isn’t strong enough? How about an eyebrow growth serum? Your lashes can’t be the only things that get a special strengthening conditioner, and this moisturizing brow serum pampers and thickens your brows. It even makes them more flexible to help out your tinted brow gel application.

There are also so many aesthetic beauty products like the minimalist lip butters on the list. With their trendy packaging, they’ll fit right in with any and all pricey skincare bottles — but they’re so cheap. As for the actual lip butter, it comes in tinted options and is totally vegan with an agave formula.

This list also has a bunch of beauty tools that deserve six stars. There’s even a microneedling tool that helps your serums really soak in at a fraction of the cost of professional services. If that’s not your thing, check out this hair brush that actually reduces frizz.

I do have something sad to say after you buy a few of these cheap beauty products. You can’t give them six stars — no matter how much we all want to.


This Cheap Mascara That Will Make It Look Like You’re Wearing Fake Eyelashes

This mascara from L'Oréal is formulated to not do all of the annoying things mascaras normally do — aka flake, smudge, clump or fade. Instead, this waterproof formula creates dramatic volume that will make your real lashes look as lush and long as falsies. A soft, wavy bristle brush with over 200 fine bristles amplifies volume and helps prevent stuck-together lashes — it’s a lot of benefits for $10.

One reviewer raved: “This mascara is one of my all-time faves and a permanent member of my Mascara Closet. [...] I like this mascara because it's flexible, strength-wise. Lightly sweep it on for a work-appropriate clean lash look. A bolder sweep or two gives dramatic nighttime lashes.”


This Foot Peel Mask That Leaves You With Super Soft Feet In Just 2 Weeks

Made with natural ingredients like papaya extract, aloe vera, malic acid, citric acid and more, this foot peel mask is a surefire way to revive your feet. Wear the serum-soaked socks for one hour, wash your feet in warm water, and watch in amazement as old, dry skin and calluses peel away over the next week or two. In the end, you’ll be left with feet that are as soft and smooth as a baby’s.

One reviewer raved: “OMG! This is the most amazing product I've encountered lately! It works just like they say, you soak your feet in the solution for an hour and then, they say 14 days but for me it was a week and a half and the skin just peels off by itself! You should be aware that sometimes it almost looks like a snake shedding his skin.. But it peels just what it should and my feet are so soft right now! I can't remember when was the last time it was like that, maybe when I was 5 lol.”


A Pack Of Mini Makeup Wipes That You Can Take Anywhere

It just makes sense to keep a few of these adorable little makeup wipes in your bag. They’re individually wrapped and infused with micellar water. If you need to get rid of a mascara smudge while in your car, these handy wipes will leave your under eye area feeling moisturized. Plus, each individual package might be tiny, but the wipes are the perfect size for removing makeup, which is why this handy pack has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

One reviewer raved: “​​I have used these wipes for years and love to take them when I am traveling. The regular container would always dry out the wipes in the bottom before I could use them. Having the individual sizes is FANTASTIC! GREAT for traveling and home too.”


A Bold Matte Lipstick That Lasts All Day & Night

This liquid lipstick has a matte formula that will stick on your lips for up to 16 hours. No need to worry about smudges when applying, either, because there’s a precise applicator to help you out. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, this moisturizing option is actually super pigmented and comes in over 30 lip colors, including a unique bright blue.

One reviewer raved: “At this price, this is like finding the Holy Grail of long-lasting lipwear. It's my everyday lipstick now. I have 4-5 colors and you can mix them for even more. You can get that overlined look without having to use liner or any other product, which is amazing.”


A Hydrating Poreless Primer With Super Compact Packaging

The unique packaging of this poreless primer takes up way less space than another pump bottle in your bag. So, you can take and apply this poreless product pretty much anywhere. This packaging also makes it easy to scoop out the velvety putty formula. This formula is lightweight, and it’s complete with hydrating squalane.

One reviewer raved: “I have a love-hate relationship with primers, but this one I love. I tried the matte version and it was too dry for my skin. But this version seems to hydrate my skin, reduce any fine lines and increase the longevity of my makeup.”


This Exfoliating Mitt That Can Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs & Unwanted Bumps

This exfoliating mitt is absolutely something you’ll want to keep in your shower. Made of 100% viscose, this mitt is the perfect blend of rough to effectively scrub your skin yet gentle enough so as not to irritate your skin. Using this mitt can help products like self tanner absorb into your skin, but it’s also ideal for getting rid of unwanted bumps on your arms and legs as well as ingrown hairs.

One reviewer raved: “These mitts have LITERALLY changed my life. They've completely, TOTALLY changed my skin! After having used every cream, lotion, loofah and exfoliating gloves for 15+ years, I am SHOCKED at how efficacious these mitts are!!! I'm not even kidding, these things are like NOTHING you've ever used. Nothing like those rough exfoliating shower gloves you buy from Walmart. They're nothing like any loofah or shower sponge, or any rough bath towel. You might think you're exfoliating your skin but TRUST ME, you haven't been. You'll be SHOCKED and maybe even a little disgusted when you see how much skin comes off on these gloves the first time you use them.”


These 24K Gold Eye Masks That Are *So* Soothing

These 24K gold under eye patches have nourishing ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and nano gold, which can enhance the effectiveness of other skincare ingredients. They’ll help nourish, de-puff, and brighten your under eye area in just 20 minutes. If you really want to make these feel good and add to their depuffing properties, pop these in the fridge before use. Trust me: It’ll feel so good.

One reviewer raved: “These patches have definitely helped with rehydrating that area, decreasing the discoloration and making my eyes look more awake. I definitely recommend these under eye patches to give your skin a little pick me up!”


This Bold Eye Pencil That Reviewers Love For Highlighting

This eye pencil comes in 21 bold colors with names like strawberry milk, donut, blueberry pop, and more. So many reviewers say to grab one of the lighter colors to use as an eye and face highlight. Why? The creamy formula is totally blendable, and the unique colors allow you to play around with your look.

One reviewer raved: “I am obsessed with using this little white pencil to help my eyes POP. I put a little bit on the inside crease of my eyes, and sometimes just underneath my eyebrows. It's easy to use, does NOT sparkle, and does the trick!”


These Fan Favorite Pimple Patches That Work Overnight

These gentle pimple patches peel off easily, plus that painful blemish will look and feel so much better underneath after just six to eight hours (which is a perfect night’s sleep). That’s because each medical-grade patch has hydrocolloid to help heal whiteheads. This pimple patches are an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 70,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “I have tried so many things to help with acne. But these are my absolute favorite! They help to reduce the swelling, the infection, and the redness associated with acne. I have extremely sensitive skin and some major allergy issues so I was worried about trying them, but I've had no issues. Since you have to wear them at least 6 hours I just put them on at night before bed and let them work while I sleep. Seriously love this product!”


A Quick-Drying Vegan Nail Polish That Doesn’t Need A Base Or Top Coat

What can’t this essie nail polish do? This vegan formula is free of eight less-than-desirable ingredients like formaldehyde or toluene, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. This polish dries in just about one minute and promises full coverage without the use of a base or top coat. In addition to classic shades of beige and gray, this polish is available in super trendy hues like olive green and lilac.

One reviewer raved: “I'm not much of a nail polish person but I love this stuff! Love the fact that it dries super fast! I am not a person to sit around and wait for polish to dry. This stuff dries quickly without having to add an extra layer of some other product to make it dry..... Mostly bought this because it is vegan, no animal testing, no animal products. But even if you're not vegan, this is great polish!!! The colors are amazing, and it lasts for about a week. Love it!”


This Flat Pencil That Softens Your Brow Look

If you’re scared of brow pencils or overdrawn brows, this is the matte eyebrow pencil to grab. It actually softens your brow look thanks to the eraser-like flat tip. Plus, you can use the spoolie brush to soften it even more. Don’t worry — that same flat tip still lets you create the perfect outline. This easy-to-use pencil comes in eight shades including espresso, blonde, and charcoal.

One reviewer raved: “So this eyebrow pencil is perfect. So great that after I used it once I immediately bought 2 more of them. I use sunscreen everyday, my face gets a bit shiny but this eyebrow pencil stays put and the color is perfect. I can blot my face and not worry about my eyebrows coming off on the paper. It's great stuff. I have very sparse, light eyebrows and with this I can fake some pretty normal looking brows. I love it.”


The Setting Spray That Locks In Your Look For 16 Hours

This vegan setting spray comes in eight options, including matte, dewy, radiant, and plump. So, spritz on this long-lasting spray, whether it’s humid or super dry outside, and get the exact look you want on your skin while locking your makeup in place for up to 16 hours.

One reviewer raved: “I love this product for keeping my eyeshadow in perfect condition! Before this I used to accidentally smudge my eyeshadow (and makeup overall) ALL THE TIME! Everyday when I got home I’d look in the mirror and grimace at myself, wondering if I’d looked like that the entire day- missing half my eyeshadow on one side.This spray is magnificent! Just puts a little layer between my makeup and my hands when I brush my face.So, no more missing splotches of makeup!”


This Ergonomic Brush For Detangling & A Scalp Massage

Unlike all of the forgotten detangling brushes in your drawer, this hairbrush will actually separate annoying knots instead of tugging or pulling your locks, causing damage to your hair. The gentle effectiveness of this brush is thanks to the cone-shaped bristles that also happen to be super helpful for massaging your scalp. This colorful brush is also free of bristle beads that might hurt your scalp.

One reviewer raved: “Upon opening the box I thought “this is NEVER going to work on my hair”... But I needed a shower & so I decided to use it right then. Boy did this prove me wrong! I lost less hair trying to get out the tangles than I used to while using a hair pic. Just start at the bottom & once you figure out how to work the brush strokes, the knots come out easy. I’m in love with it for $11 & would definitely buy another. It’s my go-to shower brush now.”


A Pack Of Non-Irritating Lashes That Are So Fluffy

This set of false lashes might just be the fluffiest pack around, and each one is actually 25 millimeters long, so be prepared for an over-the-top, glam look. You get a bunch of pairs of these non-irritating lashes, and they’re even reusable. If these cruelty-free lashes are little too fluffy for you — there are 10 styles to choose from.

One reviewer raved: “These are literally the best fluffy lashes I’ve ever tried. The value for the money is great! And they are lightweight, easy to put on. Will definitely get more when I run out”


This Full Coverage Concealer With An Applicator That Stays Clean

There’s no need to worry about the soft, puffy applicator on top of this moisturizing concealer. It’s complete with an anti-microbial system to keep it nice and clean for your under eyes. In addition to being so easy to use, this concealer comes in 18 shades, blends easily, and offers full coverage to keep you looking refreshed.

One reviewer raved: “I really like this concealer under my eyes. It brightens and covers so good and it works a treat with my under eye powder. I use it everyday, I can even use it on "no makeup" makeup days, out blends down like a dream.”


This Brow Soap Kit That Makes The Trend Super Easy

You will figure out that soap brow look with this volumizing brow soap styling kit. It comes with everything you need to achieve the look du jour, including two tins of waterproof, clear styling paste and brow brushes. Just spritz a little water on the angled brushes, run these through your brows, and rock a natural yet elevated look all day long.

One reviewer raved: “I was looking for a good soap for “soap brows” for so long! I have super dark brow hair and the problem I have with most bar soap is it will get each throughout the day or super sudsy and white. This product did not! It was amazing and left my brows in whatever direction I wanted!!!”


A Hair Serum That Gives You That Post-Salon Feeling Hair Every Day

This keratin protein hair serum gives you shine, biotin, moisture, volume, and more. Yep, you’ll get that post-salon sheen every day of the year, especially because this serum is complete with heat protection. It’s also has plenty of castor oil and collagen in the formula, leaving you with hair that’s strong and soft.

One reviewer raved: “I have long hair and I cover my roots—I wash and condition everyday—when I get out of the shower I use this on the ends of my hair as I blow it dry daily and also use large hot rollers. This keeps my hair looking healthy and protected from the color and heat from the dryer and the hot rollers. This is my secret!!!”


This Aesthetically Pleasing Vegan Lip Butter With 17 Tinted Options

This minimalist lip butter looks nice enough to keep out on your vanity, on your desk, in your bag — literally anywhere. It’s a vegan formula, thanks to the agave base — AKA zero beeswax — but you’ll still get moisturizing shea butter, jojoba oil, green tea seed oil, and more to keep your lips soft and supple. Plus, there are 17 tinted options and plenty of multi-colored packs.

One reviewer raved: “The BEST lip balm/moisturizer ever, and the ingredients natural and vegan! I have major problems with dry, cracked skin especially in winter. The skin on my lips and around my mouth will even become flaky at times and peel off. This stuff makes my lips smooth and soft and doesn't leave them drier or require me to keep applying more and more every few minutes. Highly recommend!!!”


This Cleansing Balm With Just 10 Ingredients

The 10 simple ingredients in this cleansing balm can totally take wash away your makeup and your daily sunscreen. This balm also packs impressive and organic ingredients in its nourishing yet minimal ingredient list. There’s vitamin A and even brightening pearl barley in this non-stripping formula. Plus, rinsing it off is as simple as the ingredient list. It won’t even leave a residue.

One reviewer raved: “I use this everyday and I feel like it helped me removed the sweat and grime of the day! Can’t imagine my skin care routine without it! Totally gets all the make up my remover didn’t get.”


These Microfiber Hair Towels That Won’t Cause Frizz

These microfiber hair towels may be lightweight and soft, but they’re also super absorbent — like can hold 10 times their weight in water levels of absorbent. These towels won’t just dry your hair faster than plain ol’ cotton towels, but they’ll also do so without causing frizz or breakage, which makes them ideal for all hair types, especially curly hair.

One reviewer raved: “Initially, I wasn't sure how well this product would hold up, but it has proven worthy. It dries my hair fairly fast and reduces frizziness of curls. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone with medium or long hair.”


A Dry Body Brush That Actually Fits In Your Hand

This gentle dry brush isn’t too soft, so it will actually exfoliate your skin before you shower. That’s because it’s made of a mix of boar hair bristles and massaging beads. You’ll really feel this bamboo brush exfoliating. Plus, the handheld design is easier to store and use than dry brushes with a long handle.

One reviewer raved: “I've been using this brush for days now and I'm so happy with how much it's improved my skin. The brush it's self is well made with quality materials. I love the massage nodes. I think this is wonderful an affordable gift or would be great for a pampering gift basket. It's a wonderful everyday body exfoliator.”


A Growth Serum That Promises Thicker Brows In 1 Month

Grab this eyebrow growth serum because you too were a victim of overplucking your brows in middle school. It’s non-irritating enough to brush on your brows daily with the easy spoolie brush and little sponge. You’ll get thicker brows in four to six weeks, of course, but they’ll also be conditioned and more flexible to help out your brow gel.

One reviewer raved: “This is my fourth purchase of this product and I just can’t say enough. I have spent $150 for similar products that don’t work as well. So easy to use I’ve never had a problem with irritation. Thank you to the manufacture for such a great product and the best value for your money.”


A Compact Foundation Brush That Glides On Product “Like Butter”

The miniature handle on this foundation brush comes in chic colors, like pink, rose gold, green, and more. Plus, the compact nature of this product means this soft-bristle brush will always fit in your makeup bag (even if you have way too many palettes). Don’t worry — the handle has an easy-to-hold-on-to diamond shape, so it’s still super effective.

One reviewer raved: “I’m very impressed with this brush. I use it with my mineral foundation. I only need the smallest amount of foundation and with this brush it glides it on like butter. I use upward strokes and a few circular strokes. The brush is small and fits in your hand perfectly. It’s the best makeup brush, I’m ordering a few more as gifts for my friends.”


These Eyeliner Stamps That Give You More Than A Perfect Wing

Use these liquid eyeliner stamps to dot crescent moons, hearts, or stars onto your face for a party-ready makeup look. Obviously, you also get a felt tip pen to create the perfect wing. Each smudge-proof stamp pen has a normal liner pen on the other side. Basically — this is the only eyeliner pack you’ll need for festivals and your everyday makeup bag.

One reviewer raved: “I love these because I'm so sick of other eyeliner drying out. These feel like they last forever and the stamps are totally my style. Worth the price.”


This Stainless Steel Facial Roller That’s Super Soothing After A Long Day

It’s totally understandable if you use this fridge- and freezer-safe facial roller before and after work. Using this stainless steel roller before work will wake your skin up and increase circulation. It’s also worth grabbing from the fridge after work because it will help with muscle tension and headaches after a stressful day.

One reviewer raved: “I really liked how large the stainless steel ice roller is; it covers larger areas of the face in each roll with ease. I mainly use it in the morning after washing my face because it makes me feel extra refreshed and wakes me up (using it fresh out of the freezer is a must). I highly recommend!”


A Pack Of Makeup Sponges That Are So Soft

These budget-friendly makeup sponges work just as well as single sponges that cost twice as much as this five-pack. The precise blending sponges in each are sensitive-skin friendly, so you’ll never want to put on foundation without them. They’re soft and can help you blend accurately with the rounded bottom and narrow tip.

One reviewer raved: “I was scared to buy these online at first, but after receiving them, they are great. I feel like they’re better quality than what I get a store. I also pay less for more than a single one. I wanted multiple ones because I have work makeup and going out makeup, and this makes it easy to separate.”


This Body Butter With A Nourishing Pansy Ingredient

This plant oil body cream is complete with the addition of pansies. This flower helps with hydration alongise other natural ingredients like sunflower oil, beeswax, rosemary, chamomile, and more. You can keep this rich body butter in your makeup bag as a hydrating and clear highlighter, but of course, it’s also an amazing hand lotion.

One reviewer raved: “Forget all those “Cracked heel” creams and lotions that really just don’t work. This worked amazingly for me. I live in the Arizona desert and my skin is always super dry and my heels were always cracked and I have tried almost everything. I first started using this actually to moisturize my face. It really helped, it is quite greasy at first, but once I put a layer of sunscreen on and my makeup the greasiness was gone. I used it everyday and after 2 weeks my cracked heels were gone-no gimmicks, awesome!”


A Microneedling Tool That Goes With Your Once-A-Week Serums

This is the microneedling tool to pair with your special one-a-week serum. You know, the pricey serum that you really want to sink in. That’s because the 540 exfoliating titanium microneedles will help with serum absorption. You can also easily sterilize this skin-brightening roller. Plus, it comes with a case to keep it clean until it’s time for that fancy serum.

One reviewer raved: “A must get and a lot less expensive than many other micro-needling tools out there I attached a before and after picture I’m 44 years old and in one application I already saw a difference especially under my eyes and on my hyper pigmentation and very easy to use the best product!”


This Oil-Control Roller That You Can Use Over & Over Again

This oil-control facial roller means you’ll never be without a blotting option. Unlike single-use blotting papers, this is washable, and it works over your makeup. Plus, the roller is honestly easier to use over foundation than blotting papers that stick to your skin.

One reviewer raved: “Amazing! So much better and convenient to use. I have really oily skin and this works better than the blotting sheets. This will save money because I won’t have to keep buying those blotting sheets. It’s more eco-friendly.”


A Vegan Hair Mask That Repairs Your Hair On A Deep Level

This vegan hair mask is a bond-building treatment. What exactly does that mean? Basically, this repairing formula will calm your hair at a molecular level after any dyeing or heat damage. The formula is also free of so many yucky things like mineral oils and sulfates, so this is a

One reviewer raved: “I love this so much. It saved my hair I was going to cut off AT LEAST 6 inches of totally dead disgusting fried hair. Even if I flat ironed it it was fuzzy and had no movement. It was soo bad and I tried literally over 50+ conditioners and treatments. Nothing worked Except this. My hair feels like it’s never even been dyed. Lol it is so soft when it air dries with zero product except this. It is so amazing. And you get a lot of uses with the jar!!! You don’t have to use a lot like the directions say either.”


This Adjustable Microfiber Headband With A Slot For Your Ponytail In The Back

If you have a plain white spa headband, you need to replace it with this lightweight microfiber headband. There are nine colors and patterns, including palm leaves, sunset tie-dye, leopard, and more. It’s not only the adorable patterns that make this headband better. It also has a slot at the back to keep your hair up without a claw clip and an adjustable fit.

One reviewer raved: “I’ve been obsessed with this headband since I got it and really love it. The material is very soft and the head band keeps 100% of my hair away from my face. I have thick hair and had a pretty easy time pulling it through the slot. It’s not uncomfortable and the headband fits just right.”


This Micellar Water That Gets Rid Of More Than Just Makeup

Don’t worry about how your skin will feel after using this affordable micellar water to remove your makeup — the cucumber extract makes it refreshing and soothing enough to avoid an irritated face. In addition to effectively wiping away even waterproof makeup, this micellar water can remove impurities from your skin, leaving you with a clean face morning, noon, and night.

One reviewer raved: “So gentle! It’s like water but better. I use it everyday and just need a few cotton pads. Does not irritate your eyes at all or irritate any blemishes you may have.”


A Smooth Primer That Is Lightweight & Matte

This little tube of mattifying primer is pore-blurring, but it’s not super thick. That means you won’t have to re-do your foundation because it’s cakey underneath. Instead, it’s lightweight and matte under whatever product you like to layer on top. The smoothing formula even prevents that dreaded foundation pilling, which is why this has over 36,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “Love this primer. You need a pea sized amount blend into whole face. It glides on and feels soft definitely not sticky. I found my liquid foundation that I use with a blending brush goes on easier. I didn't need to use as much I usual and found I didn't need as much powder either.

Highly recommend for your first primer. Great price too.”


A Waterproof Scalp Massager With 2 Different Heads

This BPA-free scalp massager is more customizable than others out there. It comes with two removable bristle styles, so can choose which silicone bristles you like the best for washing your hair. You can still keep it in your shower to remove dandruff, dry skin, and product buil-up, because all of the scalp massaging options are waterproof.

One reviewer raved: “This massager feels AMAZING! My hair/scalp is so clean after I use it. I normally have a greasy scalp, but using this once or twice a week leaves my scalp grease free for the week!!”


A Tube Of Brow Gel That Lets You Get All Of The Product

With this tube of transparent brow gel, you don’t have to give up on a half-used brow product. Unlike normal packaging, this soft tube lets you squeeze out all of the flake-free brow gel. As for the actual brow product, this glue lasts for 16 hours, and your brows won’t feel sticky.

One reviewer raved: “Tired them all, expensive and cheap. This is by far the best brow tamer. Sometimes I need 2 coats, sometimes not. Save your money and stick with this economical one.”


A Heat Protectant Spray That Helps Prolong Your Hair Color

With this protective hair spray, you can stop your hair from losing that trendy color you chose at the salon. Dying it took forever, so use this hydrating coconut oil spray to stop it from fading too soon. This long-lasting treatment also protects your perfectly dyed hair from heat tools that go up to 450 degrees.

One reviewer raved: “I absolutely love this product! I have purchased it twice now and still love the final product. I have fine color treated naturally curly hair so when straightening my hair it can get very frizzy! This spray is very light and that’s important with my fine hair. I love the heat protector part of this product so I don’t have to put a ton of product on my hair. Use the coconut spray on your damp hair before blow drying and style as usual! I can tell when I don’t use it and my hair is not as smooth and lustrous looking.”


This LED Makeup Mirror With 3 Levels Of Magnification

If you hate buying bulk packs of batteries, this magnifying makeup mirror has a backup plan. It comes with a USB for your bathroom outlet, so you don’t have to grab batteries. However you choose to power this lightweight mirror, you’ll get 36 LED lights to help illuminate your face and mirrors with three different levels of magnification to help you apply your makeup flawlessly.

One reviewer raved: “Best makeup mirror I've ever owned!! The color of the LED light is PERFECT for applying makeup, the colors are true & your entire face is illuminated so you don't miss a single detail! Using drab, off-colored bathroom light bulbs is now a thing of the past.. Blending my eyeshadow is so much easier & more consistent, and I look like I'm ready for a photo shoot every morning, thanks to this mirror!!”


This Big Bottle Of False Lash Remover That Soothes Your Skin

This gentle remover isn’t just for your at-home false lashes. The quick formula even works on those trendy lash extensions that took the salon forever to apply. It comes with over 3 ounces ounces to last you through a ton of lash extension experiments. This affordable remover also has rosewater to soothe your skin as it removes the glue.

One reviewer raved: “Just place a little on a cotton ball, hold on the eyelashes, and poof, eyelashes slide right off. Much better process and safe for your lashes.”


This Nail Lamp That Keeps Your Nails Safe & Shiny

This UV nail lamp is just like the one the salon uses to give you a flawless, long-lasting gel manicure. It has four timer settings, so you could totally start out with 10 seconds to figure out which setting works for your nails (and adjust it up to 99 seconds). It will also automatically shut off if you’re too distracted with your podcast while you’re drying your nails. This customizable light also works with shellac polishes.

One reviewer raved: “This light has NO issues curing thick PolyGel. I kept it under for 90 seconds. Same with dark gel polish. I used this light after using a $100+ light for the last few years... I can't tell any difference.”


An Oversized Neon Eyeshadow Palette With Star-Shaped Glitter

Yes — some of the glitter shades in this highly pigmented neon eyeshadow palette are filled with sparkly shapes, like a standout glitter shade with little stars. Other shadows glow under a blacklight. There are also plenty of neon shades, making this a palette that’s ready for a night out on the town. Despite the bright hues, this 54-color palette is perfectly blendable.

One reviewer raved: “I love this product, I was looking for a palette scheme with high pigmented colors and I was very surprised when I stumbled across this.

I have tried the makeup the colors are exactly as what you see in the picture...

The price is excellent!! usually, a palette like this would run you about 40-50 dollars.”

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