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Rihanna Wore An ‘I’m Retired’ T-Shirt & The Internet Has Thoughts

True or not, the look was cute.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 16: Rihanna is seen leaving a restaurant on May 16, 2024 in New York, New York. (...
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The beauty of Rihanna's fashion choices is that they’re always unpredictable. Remember that time she strolled through New York City in a vintage faux fur coat in the middle of May? Or who can forget the sock boots that had everyone scratching their heads? This week was no different: The hitmaker proved she can send the internet into a frenzy by wearing a mere graphic T-shirt.

Rihanna’s Off-Duty Look

Allow me to the set the scene: This past Thursday, the Fenty mogul was spotted in NYC with A$AP Rocky. She sported a custom blue Connor Ives tee for the occasion that would be innocuous enough save for a very controversial message emblazoned in big white letters across its front: “I’m Retired.” (In a smaller red font below, however, it reads: “This is as dressed-up as I get.”) Fans immediately began speculating about the length of her current hiatus from making music, but let's be honest here. Even if this crypic message were true, the Rihanna Navy will be content if the star kept blessing us with looks like this. (All this said, I’m still praying for a new album soon.)

This rest of the outfit was a lesson in off-duty chic. Rih paired the tee with a navy reconstructed maxi skirt and matching vintage Dior sunglasses. From there she punched things up with a neon green Bottega Veneta purse and red Fenty x Puma sneakers that popped against the oceanic hues.

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A$AP Rocky’s Downtown Cool Vibe

Rihanna's beau, A$AP Rocky, was by her side for their NYC stroll, looking just as cool (though perhaps a touch more understated). He wore a short-sleeved argyle-print shirt, the pattern adding a preppy twist to his usual streetwise vibe. Paired with jeans and black sunglasses, the whole look had a nonchalant coolness that complemented Rihanna's playful energy well.

Their coordinating braids, his in a similar square-patterned style to hers, added another layer of texture and individuality to their couple's look. Together, they were the epitome of a fashion-forward duo who effortlessly combines high-end elements with a laid-back street style.

Ulices Ramales / BACKGRID

So, is Rihanna taking a break from music... forever? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure: As long as she keeps gracing the streets (or even her living room) with killer off-duty looks, we will all be just fine.