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Rihanna's Wore Nothing But A Trench Coat In New Fenty Hair Campaign

It’s very on brand.

When it comes to celebrity business endeavors, Rihanna is undoubtedly the blueprint.

Since taking some time away from music more than a decade ago, the mogul has certainly been busy expanding her personal brand. Now with a thriving beauty line, lingerie label, and footwear collections with Puma, under her belt, it’s clear she has her hands in a range of industries. But just when you thought Rihanna had done it all, she announced her latest venture — and it might be the most interesting, yet. Introducing: Fenty Hair.

On Wednesday, the ‘Lift Me Up’ singer broke the news of her eponymous haircare line to her millions of fans and followers on social media with a photo campaign. And in true Rihanna fashion, she was wearing nothing but diamonds and a trench coat.

Rihanna’s Oversized Trench Coat Outfit

In the ads teasing her newest haircare product launch, the Fenty Beauty founder wore an oversized trench coat from Courrèges Fall/Winter 2024 collection— off of the shoulder, of course. The revealing look gave the illusion that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

She also reverted back to her signature pixie cut with a short honey-blonde wig, flipped, slightly, at the ends. But her bronzed makeup look felt perfect for the glamorous feel of the look

But despite wearing very little clothing, it wouldn’t be a Rihanna look if she wasn’t sporting a few pieces of sparkly diamond jewelry.

Her Diamond Jewelry

She stacked at least four or five rings across both hands with massive stud earrings that glistened from underneath her pixie cut. Her lariat-style necklace featured an equally big stone that could be seen from the back, laying flat next to her instantly-recognizable star tattoos on her back.

So now that we’ve been introduced to the highly-anticipated Fenty Hair, what’s next? Fenty Home Decor? Fenty Furniture? One can only dream.