PSA, Beauty Lovers — Sephoria Is Back For 2023

Here’s what to expect.

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After the past few years of back-to-back Zoom meetings, we're all itching for a bit of IRL connection. Today, Sephora announced that it’s bringing back Sephoria, its annual event featuring 50+ brands, exclusive perks, and optimized virtual experiences. For those of who don’t know, Sephoria: House Of Beauty isn’t just your everyday beauty event — it’s more like the Coachella of beauty. Plus, it’s the brand’s 25th anniversary, so you know it’ll be pulling out all the stops.

Although previously held in-person and online during the pandemic, Sephoria will be in hybrid mode for the first time in 2023. On Friday, September 29th and 30th, the beauty community of New York City will find unique, curated experiences under the brand-new Skylight at Essex Crossing in Lower Manhattan. Upon entering each room, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store — except instead of candy, you’ll be surrounded with your favorite beauty products. You’ll find endless swatches, shades, and exclusive products from Sephora and its partners, including Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Yves Saint Laurent, Glow Recipe, Youth to the People, and more. Though there will be plenty of photo opps, that’s not all to expect — during previous a Sephoria event in LA, the brand built a glitter dance room, a makeup-themed cafe and kitchen, and a fragrance bar to sip on cocktails while smelling scents, so we have high hopes for the NYC version.

And if you’re not in New York, don’t fret — Sephora will also be offering virtual experiences globally. You can chat with Sephora Beauty Advisors one-on-on, redeem digital rewards such as Beauty Insider points (only available for U.S. and Canada), and receive free NFTs and exclusive digital tokens such as P.O.A.P. (Proof of Attendance Protocol) all virtually. Finally, Sephora's 3D gaming platforms allow you to create unique avatars to help immerse yourself fully during the online activities exclusively created for these two days.

“While we’re grateful for the return to an in-person experience, we also recognize the importance of making these events inclusive and broadly accessible to our global beauty community and will do so with free virtual components that are equally enriching,” says Jessica Stacey, SVP External Communications Event & Experiential Marketing at Sephora. “We can’t wait to debut our biggest event endeavor year and deliver on an unforgettable beauty experience in partnership with many of the world’s best brands.”

Tickets will go on sale earliest on July 18th, with three different tiers that will offer different benefits — such as receiving specially curated goodie bags worth over $1000 for the highest tier.

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