Sick Of Having A Messy Home? You'll Wish You Knew About These 47 Things Sooner

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I’ll be honest: I’m a messy person. I seem to leave a trail of clutter wherever I go, and when I clean my room, it never seems to last for more than a day or two. But is that my default state? Not at all. Over time, I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks to help me become a tidier person so that I’m less distracted and the people I live with are less annoyed. And I’ve also learned that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel: There are tons of products and systems that make it easier to maintain a clean home.

If you also struggle to maintain a tidy space, then you’ve come to the right place. Here I’ve gathered up nearly 50 products that can help you on your journey. From the kitchen to the bathroom, these items will help you create systems that make sense, which is key to actually following through on them. There are stackable wardrobe storage boxes to help make sense of your closet, some versatile drawer organizers to categorize your office supplies, and so much more. Keep scrolling for 47 of the most helpful home products that will help you take charge of your messes once and for all.


A Streamlined Organization System For Your Cleaning Supplies

A wall-mounted broom organizer could be the answer to your cleaning product organization woes. The five spring-loaded clamps and six hooks can hold a total of 35 pounds, enough for all your household cleaning tools or gardening supplies. It works just as well indoors as it does outdoors, and you’ll love how streamlined it makes that section of your home.


This Adjustable Rack Keeps Bulky Kitchen Items In Order

It can be a real pain to organize bulky kitchenware, like baking pans, cooling racks, and cutting boards. Luckily, this adjustable rack makes it easy. With seven adjustable dividers that take less than a minute to assemble, those items will remain upright and stay organized in your cabinets or on your countertop.


An Over-Toilet Rack Offers The Perfect Spot For Bathroom Linens

If your bathroom cabinets offer limited real estate for storage, then consider keeping your linens and other items you don’t mind being on display on this bathroom spacesaver rack. It weighs less than a pound and is super easy to install in about 20 minutes. It sits over your toilet and offers three shelves, which is plenty of space for towels, toiletries, and even a candle or two.


These Innovative Rug Grips Are Way Less Of A Hassle Than Rug Pads

This eight-piece set of rug grippers perform two functions in one: They (obviously) keep your rug from sliding across the floor, but they’ll also prevent the corners from curling, which looks unsightly and can create a tripping hazard. Dual-sided grippers attach to each corner of your rug, as well as the floor below it: Just peel and stick them to each of the corners, and let them do their thing. When you’re ready to move the rug, they won’t leave a residue and can even be reused after wiping them down.


An Ultra-Tough Counter Spray That Cuts Through Every Type Of Stain

This marvelous stain-proof counter spray not only cuts through tough kitchen grime, but it acts as a barrier preventing new stains from happening. For grease, tar, oil, and other tough kitchen and bathroom messes, it’s hard to find something as effective as this water-based spray with active enzymes. You can use it on natural stone, lacquered wood, stainless steel, or even concrete countertops.


These Stacking Boxes Serve The Purpose Of A Dresser, But Take Up So Much Less Space

These stackable wardrobe storage boxes act as drawers without the bulk of a dresser and are customizable to your organization needs. Each box measures 17.7 by 13.4 by 7 inches and is equipped with slide rails that allow you to use them as drawers when stacked on top of one another. They’re seen here in a closet for smaller clothing items, but you can use these boxes in any room of your house.


This Paper Towel Holder Sticks To The Wall & Is Renter-Friendly

No room for a countertop paper towel holder? Try this mounted version, which adheres to the wall or a piece of furniture in just 30 seconds. It’s renter-friendly since it leaves no damage or residue behind. Made from aluminum, you can mount this tool vertically or horizontally to suit your space.


An Innovative Splash Guard Prevents Accidental Messes While Doing Dishes

We’ve all been there: You’re standing at the sink doing dishes and get blindsided by a surprise splash that leaves you and the countertop soaking wet. With the help of this sink splash guard, that’s a thing of the past. The Korean-made silicone guard sticks to the inside of the sink with suction cups and has curved edges for resting your arms on. When you’re done with the dishes, simply detach the suction cups and stick it in the dishwasher for next time.


This Compact Shelving System Was Made To Organize The Cabinet Under Your Sink

As for the cabinet under your sink, you can get it in order with this tiered shelving system. Two shelves offer storage for cleaning supplies, cosmetics, or whatever else you need to stash out of sight. It’s compact enough for even tight spaces and wipes down easily with a damp cloth.


A Set Of Multi-Use Drawer Organizers To Tidy Up Small Items

From cosmetics to desk supplies, this six-piece set of clear drawer organizers could be useful nearly anywhere in your home. The three different sized boxes stack easily, and will help you make sense of everything from makeup brushes to paperclips. There are 10 different sizes available if you find yourself in need of additional organizers.


A Machine-Washable Sofa Slipcover That Protects Against Wear & Tear

If you’re prone to messes or if you have kids or pets, then you’ll love this sofa slipcover. Choose the appropriate size and color to match your couch, and the one-piece polyester slipcover will slide right over it, cushions and all. Your couch will be protected from normal wear and tear, and in the case of accidental spills, you can toss the entire thing in the washing machine.


These Expandable Racks Are The Best Way To Organize Your Spices

Keep your spices from crowding your countertops with these nesting bamboo spice racks. All the bottles and jars you use frequently while cooking can find a home there, and it’s expandable to give you ample storage space. Each tier can hold up to 6.6 pounds, so you can even use this rack for canned goods, larger jars, and other heavier items.


This Portable Laptop Table Makes It Possible To Work From Practically Anywhere

Work from home just got a little cozier with the addition of this foldable laptop table. Use it on a desk as a riser for your computer or work from bed or the couch comfortably. You can even repurpose it as a meal tray, and it folds in half to provide storage for desk supplies when not in use.


A Motion-Sensing Light For Those Hard-To-Light Areas Of Your House

Illuminate the darkest corners of your home with this motion-sensitive wireless light. With a strong magnet built in, you can stick this light to a metal surface or add a magnetic strip wherever you need it. It’s especially useful in closets, under cabinets, or other areas where it’s not possible or easy to wire in a light.


This Over-The-Door Organizer Offers Spacious Storage For Everyday Items

Sometimes, an over-the-door organizer is just what the doctor ordered for keeping a room organized, like this four-pocket windowed version. Use it in a kid’s room to sort everyday supplies like diapers and toys or in a bathroom to hold other essentials. You can see exactly what’s inside each rack through the clear windows, and it hangs neatly on any standard door. It looks and feels more substantial than most other pocket organizers.


A Set Of These Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks That Look Stylish

A pair of magnetic curtain tiebacks are a compact and efficient way to, well, tie back your curtains. The strong magnets wrap around even bulky curtains to let the light in and keep them secured without hassle. There’s no need to drill holes or buy specially-made tiebacks, and they’re long enough to fit around any size curtain.


An Acrylic Message Board For Your Computer That Holds To-Do Lists & Even Your Phone

At work or at home, you can keep your thoughts and to-do list near with this monitor message board. The acrylic board latches onto the side of your computer screen, and there’s a slot at the bottom to store your phone as it charges, while the upper part of the board has room for notes and reminders. If you frequently reference the same phone numbers, websites, or other information, this is a great way to handily store that info in plain sight.


This Woven Basket Is A Catch-All For Just About Anything In Your House

Storage baskets like this one are a saving grace for eliminating clutter and keeping stuff easily accessible but not in sight. You can use this basket effectively as a junk drawer for random clutter, or use it to hold blankets, toys, shoes, or even a plant. It’s just 13.8 inches tall and tucks nicely into a corner of your living room or bedroom. The generous handles also make it easy to move around the house as needed.


This Rack Turns Wine Storage Into A Funky Display

Wine enthusiasts, allow me to introduce you to this innovative wine rack that doubles as decor. There’s room for up to six of your favorite bottles, and it comes with all the hardware you need to mount it to the wall. Compact and versatile, you can also use this rack to hold towels in your bathroom.


A Set Of Closet Organizers That Maximize Space & Organize Clothes

Low on closet space? This pack of closet organizers will change that: Use them with your normal hangers to multiply the amount of hanging space by nine. Thread your in-use hangers through each of the holes, and hang it vertically from the 360-degree rotating hook. You can also use it to group similar items in your closet, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


These Clear Organizers Store & Sort Food In The Fridge Or Pantry

This 10-pack of clear organizing bins was made for organizing items in your fridge can can also keep order in your pantry. Use them to sort drinks, produce, and packaged goods: You can even stack one on top of another to take advantage of all the space you have. They have built-in handles so it’s easy to take them out and fill them, and they’re even dishwasher-safe should something happen to spill.


This Ottoman Offers Extra Seating & Even More Storage

When you live in a small home, finding unexpected places to store things is just part of the game. This stylish ottoman is a two-for-one: extra bench seating or a foot rest and hidden storage for blankets, books, games, and more. With three different colors to choose from, this ottoman looks good as part of any living room arrangement and takes just seconds to set up.


These Cable Clips Will Keep All Your Cords Organized & In Place

At your desk, it’s easy for the cables you use every day to become tangled and disorganized quickly. Using these cable clips, you can keep cords in place, prevent clutter and keep them in better shape. Each cable clip sticks to the surface of your desk or the wall and holds between one and five cables in the slots. There are a variety of sizes included, and enough included in the set to share or take them to the office.


This Kit Has Nearly 100 Reusable Chalkboard Labels To Get Your Pantry In Order

These chalkboard labels will save your pantry from disorganized disaster. Use them for marking your reusable jars, bottles, and other food containers, and you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy pantry in no time. The 96 labels are waterproof and can also be wiped clean to reuse. A chalk marker is included to make labeling easy.


A Spill-Proof Table Cloth Will Save Your Furniture From Damage

Planning a large family gathering, or just trying to manage weekly dinners? This spill-proof tablecloth will be your new BFF. Water and other spills will bead up rather than soaking through the polyester cloth and potentially wrecking your dining room table. And best of all, it’s machine-washable. Choose from 24 color options.


This Collapsible Dish Drying Rack Is Smaller & Easier To Store Than Most

Dish drying racks can be a real nuisance due to their bulky shape and the fact that they live in plain sight on your counter nearly constantly. This collapsible dish drying rack changes that: Not only is it much smaller in height and width than most, it also collapses neatly when not in use so you can put it away easily. Useful for dishes as well as washing produce, it’s made from BPA-free plastic and silicone materials.


A Trio Of Nonstick Liners That Make Cleaning Your Oven So Much Easier

Cleaning your oven is important, but a real pain: Not only is it out of commission for several hours, but it uses a ton of energy and makes your kitchen super warm. Instead, some preventative action and line the bottom of your oven with a nonstick liners, which can easily be pulled out and cleaned in the dishwasher periodically. These large liners can be cut to fit the size of your oven, and they work in electric, gas, and toaster ovens.


This Wall-Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser Organizes Your Toiletries

A wall-mounted toothbrush holder will help keep your bathroom tidy, and in turn, more sanitary. Four brush slots and an automatic toothpaste dispenser will protect them from germs, and there’s even room for cups too. A shelf on top holds your other frequently used items, like lotions, face washes, and a razor.


A Shower Curtain Liner With Pockets For All Your Products

Limited storage in your shower or tub means getting creative, and one thing you can do is hang this shower curtain liner with 12 pockets for storage. With various sized pockets appropriate for your shampoo, razors, loofah, and other bathing essentials, you can use this liner alone or paired with a curtain. It fits any standard sized shower, and you can even slip your phone or table inside one of the pockets and enjoy some entertainment.


A Pack Of Reusable Mats That Make Cleaning Your Fridge Easy Every Time

Make cleaning your refrigerator much less of a pain by installing these washable mats first. Cut each of the nine rubber-like mats to size, and adhere them to each shelf and drawer inside your fridge. You can place food directly on top of them, and when it’s time to wash, just remove, wipe clean, and re-stick.


A Pot & Pan Organizer That Keeps Your Cookware Sorted & In Prime Condition

When stacked directly on top of one another, your pots and pans are not only hard to access but can leave scratches. But with an expandable pot and pan organizer, they’re separated neatly from one another in pre-designated slots, and it’s easy to pull one out when you need it. This organizer can rest vertically or horizontally, and expands to fit up to 10 items.


A Super Narrow Storage Cart To Fill In Your Storage Gaps

In need of a super compact storage solution for a tight space? Try this three-tiered storage cart: It measures just 5.1 inches across, and it’s perfect for storing laundry products, cosmetics, toys, and more. It’s super easy to set up, and the wheels make it so you can move it around your house as needed to access your items.


A Storage Solution For Hoses That Makes It Easier To Carry Them, Too

These easy-carry storage straps will help you store and transport bulky cord-like items, like hoses, extension cords, generator cables, rope, and more. This is especially helpful if you frequently move these items around and need a way to store them when they’re not in use. Hang the handle from a heavy-duty hook, and detach when you’re ready to use. The durable polypropylene strap can hold up to 50 pounds.


These Under-Cabinet Hooks To Organize Mugs & Tools

No counter space, no problem — you’ll love these under-cabinet mug hooks for storing your coffee cups, cooking utensils, dish towels, and more. They loop over a shelf of your existing cabinets, allowing your items to hang neatly below. There’s room for up to six items on each rack, and they can hold up to 6.6 pounds each.


A Tabletop Vacuum Cleaner Could Be Just What You Need To Tidy Up Crumbs & Dust

This mini tabletop vacuum cleaner is way more effective at cleaning your surfaces than any damp cloth, duster, or bare hands could be. With the help of two AA batteries, it cleans up crumbs, hair, dust, and other residue from your desk, counters, or tables. One reviewer used it to clean up after their coffee grinder and said it “works amazingly well at picking up the grinds. And with daily use I haven’t [sic] had to change the batteries yet.”


These Self-Adhesive Drawers Stick To The Bottom Of Your Desk & Offer A Little Extra Storage

If you need some additional storage for your desk but can’t afford to lose any work space, allow me to introduce you to these self-adhesive desk drawers. They adhere to the bottom side of your desk, making use of a space otherwise wasted. Together, the larger and smaller drawer offer plenty of room for pencils, small notebooks, and other desk supplies.


A Handy Stand For Your Cooking Utensils & Lids

While you’re cooking, set your extra utensils on this ladle holder and lid stand to keep them handy and prevent countertopmesses. Suitable for spoons, spatulas, ladles, or even cookbooks, you’ll find yourself reaching for this stand every time you cook. It’s made from a powder-coated steel, making it rust-resistant and durable, and it’s available in white or black to match your kitchen.


These Floating Shelves Are Great For Displaying Your Favorite Decor

These wall-mounted floating shelves can come in handy practically anywhere in your home, whether they’re arranged together or separately. Made from rustic-chic wood and powder-coated metal brackets, these shelves are perfect for displaying plants, hooks, trinkets, and other decor. They hold up to 40 pounds each, so you can even use them to store heavier items too.


A Set Of Spice Jar Labels To Definitively Organize Your Spice Rack

A set of minimalist spice jar labels will make your kitchen look organized and chic. You can use your existing jars or invest in a matching set, and adhere these waterproof and removable vinyl labels so they all coordinate. The set includes 162 pre-made herb and spice labels, along with 24 expiration date and blank labels.


This Drain Tool Will Save You The Expense Of A Plumber When It Clogs

If you have long hair, then you know the struggle when those hairs clog up your shower drain. Rather than calling in a plumber to fix it, use the Green Gobbler drain tool to clear your drain quickly and effectively without professional assistance. The 22-inch tool is compatible with all household drains, and the spikes on the side loop onto hair and other clogs for a gross-but-satisfying cleaning experience.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That’s Compact But Has Space For All Your Favorite Products

It’s every makeup or skincare lover’s dilemma to find a way to neatly, compactly store their most-used products where they can easily be accessed. This 360-degree rotating makeup organizer is one such solution. With seven adjustable compartments, this organizer takes up minimal counter space, but has room for all your cosmetic containers. It’s easy to assemble and wash, and once it’s full, will blend into your vanity setup.


This Slide-Out Tray Lets You Easily Access & Store Your Most-Used Appliances

This cabinet sliding tray doesn’t look like much, but it will allow you to effectively store your kitchen appliances beneath your cabinets and pull them out with ease when you’re ready to use them. The 12-inch tray can hold up to 25 pounds and works well with coffee makers and other frequently used appliances.


This Revolutionary Cutting Board Has Built-In Storage For All Your Ingredients

When prepping a meal with lots of components, take advantage of the built-in storage in this innovative cutting board. Chop your vegetables on the bamboo surface, then slide each ingredient into the three compartments on the bottom. You’ll limit the number of dishes you use, and it’s easy to transfer your prepped ingredients from the cutting board to the pan or the serving dish. Plus, you can even use this gorgeous bamboo surface as the serving tray itself.


A Magic Marker For Recoloring Your Stained Tile Grout

White or light colored tile makes dingy grout all the more obvious. With this white tile paint marker, you can skip the labor of scrubbing and recolor your grout just by sliding the pen over the top of your grout. The long-lasting ink is non-toxic and covers stains to make your tile look new again.


A Set Of Clear Jars That’s Perfect For Organizing Your Bathroom Counter

For storing your cotton swabs, cotton rounds, hairpins, and other small bathroom objects, these double canister jars with storage lids will be absolutely perfect. With the divided design, it’s like having two jars in one, and you can store additional objects on the lid. They can even stack on top of each other if you’re really cramped for space.


This Laundry Soap Dispenser Station Will Save You The Hassle Of Cleaning Up Messy Detergent Spills

Keeping your laundry room clean is a little bit easier with this laundry soap dispenser station. The unique product has room for your detergent bottle and its cap, which rests neatly below the nozzle and collects excess drips that inevitably occur. It’s sturdy and stable, and while not strictly a necessity, it will prevent sticky detergent messes before they happen.


This Cleaning Duo Will Make Your Stainless Steel Appliances Shine Streak-Free

Caring for your appliances is easy with this 2-in-1 stainless steel cleaner and polish. Smears and smudges, begone: First, spritz down your refrigerator, dishwasher, or other surfaces, and follow up with the microfiber cleaning cloth that’s included. Together they leave behind a tidy sheen. This formula is plant-based and scented with lavender essential oil.

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