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Six Photographer-Approved Gifts That Are Sure To Delight This Holiday Season

Rising creative Sisilia Piring on her favorite picture-perfect picks from Shutterfly.

By BDG Studios

Striking the right tone with a holiday gift can be difficult no matter how long you’ve known the recipient. Whether it be for a new friend, partner, or parent, a photo of a cherished shared memory is a wonderful memento of a relationship and a unique present that’s sure to stick in the giftee’s mind long after opening. While you might be picturing simple 4x6 photo prints, there’s so much more that can be done with a good photograph — especially with the help of Shutterfly.

Shutterfly offers a huge range of customizable products — from photo books to blankets, clipboards to aprons. To help you in your holiday decision making, Bustle enlisted California-based photographer Sisilia Piring to help us by picking out her favorite items from Shutterfly’s vast catalogue. She’s our ideal expert for a reason: While splitting time between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, Piring has amassed over 130,000 followers as well as big brand deals with her feed of artfully shot lifestyle and fashion photographs, so you can rest assured that she’s the real deal.

I think Shutterfly's customizable gifts are perfect for the holidays because the holidays are for connecting and spending time with loved friends and family

“I think Shutterfly's customizable gifts are perfect for the holidays because the holidays are for connecting and spending time with loved friends and family,” Piring says. “It's a time for reflection and I think customizable gifts bring that out even more.” Plus, for a quick piece of practical advice, she added, “Make sure the images you’re using are high-res. This way the photos aren't pixelated once they're printed.” Here are some of Piring’s top gift ideas:

For someone who’s just moved

This is the ideal gift to help a friend liven up their new living space and to break out all of your most lively images. “When it comes to my home I love white walls and feel drawn to them,” Piring says about her decorating style. “How I bring color is usually through pops of accessories in my home like a small blue vase or a pop of color through fresh flowers or prints.”

For your partner or traveling bestie

If you have a hard time paring down your best photos for just one print, this book gives you plenty of room to spread out. “I used to make yearly photo books of my family. I'd take all of my digital and film photos and compile them together in a book,” Piring told us. “I think these types of photos are appealing because of the memories and value attached to them.”

For yourself

We all know the pleasure of guiltlessly indulging in gifts for ourselves during the holiday season – and this custom phone case is a delightful daily reminder of all the best things in life. Piring’s super into it, too. “I have a photo of my family on my phone’s wallpaper, but I love that I can have them on my phone case too and that I can personalize my phone a bit further with whatever photo I choose to have.”

For someone in need of inspiration or the self help fanatic

Got a friend who’s super into manifesting? This calendar features a different inspirational quote for each month, layered over top of the best city and landscape photos. Plus, if your loved one is keen on certain quotes or images, you can customize the calendar to fit their particular faves.

For the cat or dog obsessive

All pet owners will take any opportunity to bask in the adorability of their fur baby. This canvas print is a lovely way to show off a pet’s cuddly face, and its twine hanger would look excellent hung up next to a leash hook or above a kitten’s No. 1 scratching post.

For the in-laws

“My in-laws love the yearly photo books I make because it’s a collection of moments,” Piring says. “I also think about them when making the customizable ornaments—they’re perfect for loved ones.” Her advice on picking which photos to immortalize? “I look for what the moment captures when choosing a photograph to gift. Something I hope my loved one also appreciates and cherishes.”