So Many People Are Using These Genius, Viral Products To Make Themselves Look So Much Better

These beauty and fashion products are worth their FYP hype.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Do you ever wonder if trying a viral product is actually worth your time, money, and effort? No matter how many times you’ve seen a video about that budget-friendly mascara or shimmery gold eye mask, it can be hard to know if those fashion and beauty products really are worth it. But these genius TikTok-famous products and finds from the Amazon’s Internet Famous page are also backed by rave reviews.

These things truly are worth being all over our feeds and in your cart.


This Chic Floral Lip Balm That Gives You A Customized Color

This vegan lip balm will honestly be the chicest thing in your makeup bag because the container has gold-tone accents, and the actual balm has a real chrysanthemum flower inside. It’s completely clear, so you can see the tiny flower inside, but the formula turns a pink that’s unique to your body’s pH when you put it on, giving you the perfect hint of color.


A Geometric Claw Clip Set That Gives You Tons Of Trendy Options

This pack of geometric claw clips all have that chic rectangular shape that’s easy to style, and you even get a nice mix of matte-finish and glossy clips, so you can pick the look that best fits your outfit of the day. Simple yet chic, these sturdy clips have an astonishing 4.8-star rating on Amazon, so you know they’re actually worth their viral fame.


These Exfoliating Foot Peel Masks That Aren’t Too Harsh

These foot masks have an exfoliating and peeling formula, but they won’t be too harsh on your skin, because they’re made of natural, botanical acids. Just wear the sock-like booties once for an hour, soak your feet, and be amazed as they work over the course of two weeks. The end result is feet that are as soft as a newborn baby’s.


A Trendy Faux Pearl Headband Set That Is So Cheap

This trendy headband set comes with two different styles — depending on your accessory vibe that day. One is slim and made out of stacked faux pearls, while the other one has a chunky design that’s covered in faux pearls. These headbands have a bit of stretch to make them comfortable to wear, all while adding a chic, vintage vibe to any look.


These Stretchy, Buttery Soft Leggings That Are So Versatile

Take it from the 62,000 five-star reviewers, and keep these high-waisted leggings around. The buttery soft fabric is totally opaque, which makes them so versatile no matter how you want to style them. They’re comfy enough for lounging, working out, or running errands with their stretchy fabric, and they won’t slide down or move around.

  • Available colors: 25
  • Available sizes: One Size – One Size Plus


A Set Of Exfoliating Mitts With An Easy-To-Use Design

These exfoliating mitts are way easier than any sugar scrubs or exfoliating brushes because the wearable design makes them comfortable to use, and you can scrub quickly. The viscose fabric helps with everyday exfoliating, keratosis pilaris, and even taking care of dead skin before you reach for your go-to self-tanner.


The Unique, Glow-In-The-Dark Eyeliner That Works With A Bit Of Water

This little makeup product simply looks like a powder eyeshadow in your makeup bag, but it’s actually a seriously unique eyeliner. Be sure to wet your makeup brush, and this vibrant product will turn into a creamy eyeliner that’s smudge-proof and fade-proof. Plus, it glows under a blacklight, which makes it fun for a night out on the town.


A Best-Selling Volumizing Hair Dryer That Detangles Your Hair

This volumizing hair tool will easily replace whatever your usual blowout routine is because it’s so fast-acting and easy to use. It’s actually a miniature hair dryer with a mix of detangling bristles and super gentle tufted bristles to brush as you dry. It’s also topped off with a circular design to create that flippy blowout moment, which is why it has a remarkable 271,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Super Cheap Mascara With Nearly 300,000 Reviews On Amazon

The best part about this volumizing false lash mascara isn’t how smudge-proof, long-lasting, or lengthening it is (even though it is all of those things) but that it’s so budget-friendly. It has a conic fiber brush that saves you from buying pricey mascaras, and you still won’t have to worry about clumps. This mascara is an absolute viral sensation with nearly 300,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.4-star overall rating.


A Pack of 6 Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings That Are All Chunky & Trendy

Grab this hoop earrings because it gives you a ton of six different styling options, and they all have super unique, chunky, and trendy designs. Whether you want a pair of twisted hoops with vintage vibes or a sleek geometric style, this glam, 14-karat gold-plated set has all of the options you need, which look much more expensive than they are.

  • Available colors: 2


These Reusable Lashes With An Easy-To-Use Grabber Tool

These magnetic lashes come with a little grabber tool to make a frustrating and time-consuming part of your makeup routine way easier. Of course, you get a five pairs of three types of reusable lash styles depending on your desired look that day, and it comes with two smudge-proof, waterproof magnetic eyeliners.


This Gold-Plated Monogram Ring With An Adjustable Style

This 14-karat gold plated ring feels so custom and luxe because it has an initial on top and an adjustable design. The bottom of this trendy ring is completely open, so you can bend it for a comfy fit on any finger. Even with the adorable initial detail on top, this ring is delicate enough to stack with your other favorites.

  • Available styles: 26


A Set Of Freckle Pens That Won’t Smear Or Wipe Off

These freckle pens save you from trying a bunch of different makeup hacks for that trendy freckle look. They come in two colors — light brown and dark brown — and each one has a fine tip to create the tiniest (and realistic) freckles. They also have a waterproof formula, so your faux freckles won’t smear or get all smudged when you apply powder or get wet.


These Chunky Sunglasses That Actually Feel *So* Lightweight

These sunglasses in a pack of four, so you can change up the color and print of your trendy sunglasses daily. No matter which print or color you reach for that day, all of these sunglasses are super lightweight yet durable, and they all have that ‘90s-style chunky design that you see all over TikTok and Instagram.

  • Available colors: 4


A Soothing Facial Roller That Freezes Quickly

This facial roller features a bright pink gel roller that is actually removable, so you won’t have to make room to fit the handle in the freezer. This cooling, soothing, and de-puffing attachment also freezes super quickly, in case you’re rushing through your morning skincare routine.


This Washable Glass Nail File That Looks So Luxurious

Not only will this nail file take care of your nails, but the glass design with an ombre finish makes it feel so much more luxurious than a metal one. The unique glass design also prevents any painful chips, splitting, or peeling nails. Plus, you can clean it without worrying about it rusting in your nail care bag, and the durable design won’t dull over time.


A Glittery Mini Bag With Convertible Strap Options

Not only is this bag covered in glittery rhinestones, but it also has that adorable mini-shoulder bag style that’s so on-trend right now. The glitzy details are also paired with a long and removable silver-tone chain, so styling this zipper-top clutch as a crossbody is always an option.


A Brow Glue To Completely Avoid A Flaking Brow Gel Situation

This brow glue stands out from all of your other brow products with its seriously strong styling formula. Don’t let the word glue worry you though, because this transparent product won’t leave your brows feeling sticky. You also won’t have to fix any flaking after applying this precise gel, which is why it has nearly 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Best-Selling Shoe Cleaner To Erase Those Sneaker Stains

Don’t let the bright pink cleaning formula scare you away from this shoe cleaning kit, because it’s completely safe to scrub your trendy white sneakers with it, and they’ll end up brighter and cleaner than ever, keeping your ‘fit lookign fresh. Scrub away with the non-toxic formula and the included shoe brush to make leather, vinyl, suede, canvas, nuback, and other types of shoes look as good as new.


A Watermelon & Cactus Toner That Comes In An Aesthetic Glass Bottle

This facial toner comes in the most aesthetic curvy glass bottle that will look seriously chic on your vanity. This glowy toner isn’t just about the adorable bottle, though, because it has fun ingredients like moisturizing watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, and even hydrating cactus water for electrolytes, all of which helps to lock in moisture and leave you glowing.


This Versatile Scalp Massager To Really Work In Your Hair Masks

This scalp massager pairs with whatever shampoo or weekly hair mask is your favorite right now. It’s completely waterproof, and you get two different bristle options, so the entire silicone brush is easy to wash. Of course, you can also reach for it when you want a massage between hair-washing days, because this little brush feels so good.


A Trendy Wool Newsboy Hat With A Moisture-Wicking Interior

This trendy newsboy-style hat is so cozy with its wool-blend fabric, but you also won’t get too warm when you wear it. Inside, it has a hidden moisture-wicking band, so it won’t smear your makeup if you get a little sweaty. It’s even finished off with a drawstring inside to give it a comfy and secure fit.

  • Available styles: 24
  • Available sizes: Medium — Large


A Glossy Overnight Lip Mask With A 4.7-Star Rating

Take care of moisturizing your lips overnight (instead of reaching for lip balm all day) with this unique lip mask. With all of the moisture from coconut oil, murumuru seed butter, and shea butter, you won’t even have to deal with flaking or dryness when you go to put on your lip gloss. The nourishing fruit complex and vitamin C also amp up this glossy balm-like mask, which is why it’s a cult favorite with a 4.7-star rating on Amazon after 22,000 reviews.


These Dermaplaning Razors With Biodegradable Pastel Handles

These neutral, pastel dermaplaning tools are super lightweight, so it’s extra-easy to shape your brows. Each one comes with a protective cover for popping them into your travel toiletry bag. They’re completely washable, too, which helps to keep them hygienic. To top it all off — they have grippy handles that are completely biodegradable.


This Fun Cleansing Face Mask With Super Lightweight Bubbles

It’s obvious why this activated charcoal face mask is so viral right now: the carbonated formula creates a bunch of tiny bubbles, which is as joyful as it is effective. Not only does it add a bit of fun to your skincare, but all of those bubbles make this clay mask feel super lightweight while it exfoliates and deeply cleanses your skin.


This Gold-Plated Layered Necklace Set That Feels So Minimalist

This 14-karat gold-plated necklace set might have a layered design, but they’re dainty enough to wear them with everything. This minimalist set comes with a flat snake chain choker and a super thin herringbone chain necklace to finish it off, and it looks so chic and expensive. Plus, you can adjust each one or separate them if you want to layer them with other necklaces.

  • Available styles: 22


These ‘90s-Inspired Wavy Headbands That Are Surprisingly Comfy

These curvy headbands give you that ‘90s zig-zag headband moment that’s everywhere on TikTok right now, but they’re actually comfy. They fit like a classic headband, and they’re so flexible that you won’t get tired of wearing them. Plus, the wavy design actually helps to keep your hair in place.


This Soft-As-Butter Lip Gloss That Has 62,000 Five-Star Reviews

You see this lip gloss everywhere because it’s super smooth and buttery, but you won’t have to deal with feathering or even touching it up with lip liner. It’s also a fun gloss to reach for because it’s sheer enough to quickly swipe it on, but you can still create a medium coverage look if that’s your vibe.


A Deep Conditioning Argan Oil Hair Mask That Is So Cheap

This budget-friendly hair mask comes in a pretty big jar, so you’ll always have a deep-conditioning treatment at hand. Every time you reach for it, this creamy vitamin-packed mask will strengthen, hydrate, add shine to, and detangle your hair, leaving it feeling softer and silkier than ever before.


This Water-Resistant Watch With A Chic, Timeless Style

This water-resistant watch is covered in chic details — especially the gold-tone band that’s just as elegant as your favorite bracelets. This expensive-looking band even has a jewelry clasp that’s similar to your bracelets, and it’s completely adjustable. To top it all off — the glossy gold finish is paired with a matte black watch face, which is a timeless look for a timepiece.

  • Available styles: 11


A Extra-Large Eye Pencil That You Can Use For Almost Every Makeup Step

This jumbo eye pencil is so versatile that you’ll want to have a bunch of them in your makeup bag — at all times. The creamy formula works as an eyeshadow, a highlighter, a primer for your eyelids, and even a super precise contour, depending on the color you grab. It’s available in over 15 shades, so feel free to play around with this cult-favorite item.


This Stackable Ring Set With The Trendiest Y2K-Inspired Designs

This stackable ring set feels so on-trend because the classic gold-tone metal is paired with bright white accents that have a contrasting matte finish. The accessories have a new millennium vibe that’s so fun. It comes with a bunch of quirky designs, like a chunky heart ring, along with two simple bands to balance out this adorable set.

  • Available styles: 7


A Bronzer With A Nourishing Sweep-On Formula

This bronzer is everywhere because the glowy formula gives you that shimmery bronze moment when you’re tired of a matte contour. It also has a bunch of murumuru butter, tucuma butter, and cupuaçu butter packed inside, so it’s smooth enough to sweep on with your fingers and it helps to soften your skin.


This Exfoliant With An Easy-To-Use, Leave-On Formula

Applying this exfoliant isn’t a huge ordeal because it has a lightweight liquid formula that won’t feel too thick under your other skincare, and its leave-on formula makes this easy to add to your routine. To make it even better — this 2% BHA product with salicylic acid has green tea calm your skin down while you exfoliate.


These Cult Favorite, Invisible Pimple Patches That Work Overnight

These pimple patches might be everywhere right now, but they aren’t just another trendy thing to add to your skincare drawer that you’ll never use. Instead, these invisible patches have a medical0grade hydrocolloid formula that you’ll reach for all the time because they shrink spots overnight, protect your skin, and even take care of redness. That magical trio is why these are a best-seller on Amazon with over 84,000 five-star reviews.


An Adorable, Lightweight Silk Scarf With Over 40 Pattern Options

This adorable scarf is easy to wear, because the 100% mulberry silk fabric is smooth and chic enough to style with all of your outfits. The square design makes it so easy to tie and style in whatever the trendiest way is at the moment, whether that’s around your neck or in your hair. Meanwhile, the 40-plus patterns will let you keep this lightweight scarf in your closet no matter your personal style.

  • Available styles: 41


A Squeak-Free Jade Roller & Gua Sha For Cooling, Soothing Facial Massages

Grab this cooling jade roller and gua sha set if you already have all of your favorite serums and skincare products because it will work with them. You obviously get a classic massaging gua sha tool, but this de-puffing set also comes with a quiet, double-sided jade roller with an extra-precise side for your under-eye area.


A Trendy Crocodile Print Bag With A Dressy Gold Chain Strap

This clutch purse stands out from all of the other trendy little bags because it comes with a removable gold-tone chain to make it feel a bit dressier. Of course, you can pop it off and carry this faux-crocodile print bag just like any other mini shoulder bag, adding to this stylish piece’s versatility.

  • Available styles: 15


A Nourishing Vitamin E Oil That Also Hydrates Your Lips

Keep this little jar of vitamin E oil in your skincare drawer or even with your hair brushes and go-to hair masks because it helps out your skin and your hair. The jojoba and avocado oil in this unscented serum help to replenish and rejuvinate your skin, giving you a smooth look and soft feel. It comes with a small dropper bottle, so you can even grab a small drop of this moisturizing formula to use on your lips.


This Wide Brim Hat With The Comfiest Built-In Details

Get that Instagram-worthy look with this breathable wide brim felt hat. It will look so trendy with the neutral felt fabric and faux-leather strap, but it’s also available in fun colors like hot pink, pale green, and orange. This adorable hat has a moisture-wicking sweatband and an adjustable design on the inside, which also makes it a comfortable, practical piece.

  • Available styles: 31


These Brightening Golden Eye Masks With 18,000 Five-Star Reviews

These eye masks add a luxurious moment to your skincare routing, because not only are they made with 24-karat gold, but they also have hydrating, brightening ingredients will help out with tired eyes and puffiness. These fan-favorite masks also come individually wrapped, which makes them ideal for packing for vacation.


This Reusable Press-On Nail Kit With Seriously Fun Designs

These press-on nails give you that trendy moment with their vibrant colors, but they still have a classic and wearable French tip. Each colorful nail is paired with a transparent base, so these reusable pieces seriously won’t look like stick-ons. You also get application supplies and a little holder for when you take these nails off.


These 14-Karat Gold Beaded Bracelets That Give You A Chic Stacked Look

This bracelet set instantly gives you an arm full of stacked bracelets — without having to pick out and pair a bunch of individual ones. Each one is made with 14-karat gold-plated beads, and you get two bracelets with larger beads for a bit of variation when you stack them up.

  • Available styles: 21


A Microneedle Roller With A Precise, Easy-To-Use Design

The compact design of this microneedle derma roller makes it super easy to precisely exfoliate your face before reaching for your serums. It has a long handle that’s easy to hold onto while you exfoliate with the 540 titanium needles, which work to reveal glowing skin when used once a week.


A Freezable Gel Eye Mask That Is So Soothing For Your Skin

This gel eye mask is perfect for days when you want to de-puff or reduce unwanted redness but don’t feel like grabbing your ice roller. You can stick it in the freezer, just like your roller, or in the microwave. Unlike your roller, it has a comfy felt-lined and adjustable strap, so there’s zero effort involved.