Stylists Say These Trends Look Dated — Here Are The Cheap, Stylish Things They Recommend Instead

Keep things fresh and wallet-friendly.

by Christina X. Wood
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It’s a fact of fashion life that trends come and go. Keeping track can sometimes feel like riding a merry-go-round. So, I reached out to professional stylists to get the skinny on what trends are riding high and which need to say goodbye.

There’s no need to throw out those jeans you love or part with kicks that cost a lot of money, though. Jackie Condura, personal stylist and fashion blogger at Stylings By Jackie, advises: “Remember, fashion is cyclical so if one of your favorite trends isn't currently in fashion, chances are we'll see it come back again at some point.” Just keep in mind “it's always fun to try out new styles too,” she shares.

Freshening up your wardrobe is a matter of adding a few updated pieces to your collection, shelving some things until they come back in fashion, and changing up what you wear. So as we say goodbye (or “see ya later”) to trends that are past their prime, the experts have recommended an array of stylish, fresh, budget-friendly items to give your closet new life.

Dated Trend: Skinny Jeans

Instead: These Straight Jeans That Let You Ease Out Of The Style

“It's no secret,” says Condura, “We've all heard skinny jeans are out.” Will they be back? Probably. Meanwhile, you might want to augment your wardrobe with something on-trend. “Look for a wider leg with straight leg or boyfriend/girlfriend styles currently in fashion,” she says.

These straight-leg jeans from Levi’s are perfect, especially if you want to let go of your skinny-jean look slowly. The straight leg isn’t crazy wide and the stretchy fabric is comfortable enough to wear them fitted.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: 2 — 40W x 32L

Instead: These Ultra-Wide Jeans With A Relaxed Fit

If you are fully ready to move on from skinny jeans, though, these high-waisted, wide-leg jeans have a straight cut and a slouchy fit that’s comfortable and roomy. This style makes for a more balanced silhouette than skinny jeans and reviewers love them.

“Let’s keep up with fashion trends,” said one reviewer. “These jeans are perfect for the modern-day cut jeans. [...] Great fit and not too over the edge.”

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Instead: High-Waisted Pants That Are Comfy & Chic

Creative director and stylist Denise Styless agrees the skinny-jeans trend is out. She likes “high-waisted wide-leg pants” to freshen up your closet. These high-waisted trousers are rendered in a light and flowy fabric that hangs beautifully and can go from casual — paired with sneakers — to dressy if you add a cute pair of heels). The color options go from neutrals through a rich palette of lovely hues to patterns and plaids.

  • Available colors: 32
  • Available sizes: X-Small Short — 2X

Dated Trend: Ankle Boots

Instead: The Blingy Sneaker That’s So Fashion-Forward

According to Condura, ankle booties are a style that’s on the way out. “[They] are no longer considered a stylish shoe,” she says. The bootie trend has been replaced — fortunately for those of us who love comfort — with sneakers. And if you refuse to give up the skinny jeans, she says, “Pair them with fashion sneakers, heels, or lower boots with the jean tucked in.”

These bling-heavy lightweight sneakers are everything you are looking for. They are affordable and so flashy your trainers can’t keep up. They’re ultra-comfortable with a stretch mesh upper and cushioned running-shoe-inspired sole. Some styles sport gold-chain but others are adorned only with color and texture.

  • Available styles: 30
  • Available sizes: 6 — 11

Instead: A Pair Of Heels That’s On-Point With Jeans & More

When the occasion calls for dressing things up a touch, slip into these faux-leather braided heels with a chunky, 3-inch heel and a bare, warm-weather vibe that’s easy to wear with all the jeans, baggy pants, or a skirt. These are easy to step in and out of when you sit at your desk or get home, too.

  • Available colors: 23
  • Available sizes: 6 — 10

Instead: These Ultra-Low Boots With Cutouts & ‘70s Vibes

If you love your boots, there are fun plays on the style that keep things fresh. This cut-out low boot gives warmer-weather appeal and lets you show off some flash hosiery, too.

These also look fab with flowy midi skirts and Daisy Duke shorty-shorts if you’re daring. A side zipper makes them easy to get on and off and the leather upper will quickly conform to your foot.

  • Available colors: 17
  • Available sizes: 5.5 — 11

Instead: Retro Sneakers Like These Classic Soccer Shoes

According to Kim Appelt, stylist and author of Style For Everybody, keeping your wardrobe on trend is simple. “Incorporating a few ‘it pieces’ can make the difference between an updated or outdated look,” she says.

Sport these Adidas’s Samba classic soccer shoes and place yourself firmly — and comfortably — in what Appelt calls the retro sneaker trend. With racing stripes and a rubber sole — no flashy air cushions or platforms — these are old school. There are no cleats, though, so you can wear them anywhere.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available men’s sizes: 6.5 — 13.5

Instead: A Retro-Style Sneaker That’s Super Affordable

These super cute canvas low-tops tempt, first because they are a budget-friendly way to test the waters of the retro sneaker trend without committing too much cash. But then, the patterns are so fun that they take the concept to the next level. The crochet pattern, gray suede, and micro florals might start their own trend. There are, of course, old-school solid colors, too.

“These [...] are just as good as the name brand and for so much cheaper!” said one reviewer. “This is my second pair and I love them!”

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11

Dated Trend: Logos All Over

Instead: A Plain White Tee That Will Forever Be In Fashion

“A couple of years back, an all-over logo print on anything was the epitome of style,” says Elisabeth Kassab, stylist and personal shopper. “Now, it’s all about how minimal can you get.” Instead of loud designs and messages that scream, choose a plain, solid-color tee. “You never have to worry about a white tee going out of style,” she says.

And at this price — for a 100 percent cotton, pre-shrunk, short-sleeve T-shirt — you don’t have to stick to white, especially since there are so many great colors.

  • Available colors: 20
  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large

Instead: This Shoulder Bag That’s Subdued & Pretty

The same minimalist rule Kassab applies to tees goes for accessories, too. “If your current handbag has logos all over it too, try this one from JW Pei,” she says.

This cute shoulder bag is textured but otherwise simple with clean lines and a versatile handle that slips easily over your shoulder. With high-quality hardware and a size that holds your essentials, it can go from day to night easily.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 1

Instead: A Budget-Friendly Handbag That’s Chic & Simple

For a more affordable option with the same over-the-shoulder wearability and minimalist, logo-free look, this handbag is a colorful take that is equally versatile. The cute, bunny-ear shoulder straps convert to a crossbody style for times when you want to walk or shop hands-free.

  • Available colors: 30
  • Available sizes: One

Instead: This Graphic Tee That’s Back In

Denise Styless agrees that oversize logos are out. She sees vintage-inspired graphic tees (along with statement earrings and high-waisted, wide-leg pants) heating up.

Drop your favorite version of this crewneck graphic tee in your cart for an easy and affordable wardrobe update. There are so many fun images to choose from and the lightweight rayon is soft and comfy.

  • Available colors: 23
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Instead: The Monochrome Trend That Packs A Punch

According to Kim Appelt, monochrome dressing is an emerging trend. It’s so easy — just wear a single color, even if you are almost wearing jammies. This two-piece, long-sleeved loungewear set does the trick and can go from lounging around the house to running errands with the application of the right pair of shoes.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: Small — Large

Instead: Going For A ‘90s Preppy Look With This Vintage-y Sweatshirt

Appelt says, as ‘90s styles make their way back into fashion, “preppy chic” is back. Think ‘90s vibe meets Lady Di and you have it. So feather your hair and pull on this Baylor Bears vintage sweatshirt.

“EVERYTHING you want in a sweatshirt,” said one reviewer. “It's so comfy, cute, and warm. [...] It looks like you’re wearing your ‘man’s’ sweatshirt.”

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large

Instead: These Bike Shorts To Complete The Look

Bike shorts are not just for working out. They are comfortable, in style, and pair beautifully with an oversize sweatshirt, blazer, open button-down, or tee. These biker shorts with a high waist and hip-level phone pocket are not only cute but are also super functional, with a pocket on each side. And you can choose the inseam length you prefer.

“I wear these all the time,” said one reviewer. “Super comfortable and stylish.”

  • Available colors & styles: 37
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Instead: The Bucket Hat That’s Comfy & Cute

Top off your stylish ensemble with another Appelt-approved item — an on-trend bucket hat to protect your face from the sun and ramp up your style at the same time. It’s easy to wear since the brim is a trim 2.4 inches that won’t catch the wind or get in your way. It’s practical, too, since in all-cotton it is breathable, washable, cool, and packable.

  • Available colors: 1
  • Available sizes: 1

Dated Trend: Camo Print

Instead: These Wide Cargo Pants Because This Style Is Super Hot

“Let's save the 2000’s camouflage print pants for the military,” suggests Zoé DuFour, personal stylist, founder, and designer of The Zoé DuFour Collection. “Swap them out for a pair of cargo pants.” These slightly stretchy, pocket-rich, high-waisted, wide-leg cargo pants are a great example of the look people are embracing.

“This season, cargo-inspired trousers will be seen everywhere in jogger, wide-leg, and on-the-hip silhouettes,” she says. “These will take you from day to evening and look fabulous with a strappy sandal.”

  • Available colors: 10:
  • Available sizes: 4 — 18

And: These Strappy Sandals To Complete The Cargo Look

For summer, DuFour suggests finishing that cargo look with a pair of strappy sandals. With a walk-friendly, flat sole and adjustable straps that minimize slip and look cute on your feet, these will quickly become your go-to summer shoe. They are so easy to pair with everything from pants to skirts they may even simplify your life.

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: 5 — 15

Dated Trend: Oversize Sunglasses

Instead: A Statement Pair Of Retro, Cat Eye Shades

“Oversized sunglasses were all the rage,” says DuFour, “ but narrower sunnies are on trend so put those large frames away and try on a pair of slim sunglasses.” Because no outfit is complete till you top it with some on-trend shades, you might need an update to accomplish this.

For a fun take on slim shades, try some retro cat eye sunglasses. These are lightweight and sturdy, and reviewers appreciate their darker tint. “A pair of slim leopard print cat-eye? Nostalgia is back!” says DuFour.

  • Available colors: 1
  • Available sizes: 1

Dated Trend: Tie-Front Tops

Instead: A Versatile Button-Down That’s Timeless

According to Jackie Condura, the knot and tie-front tops that were so popular a few seasons back are now dated. “They passed the expiration date a while ago,” she says. If that was a look you liked to sport, though, fear not. There’s a hack. “An easy way to get a similar style that's more current would be to wear a button-down shirt open and just tie it in the front,” she says.

This long-sleeve button-down shirt is perfect for rocking this style. It doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable and comes in so many colors and patterns.

  • Available colors: 23
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

Instead: This Breezy Beach Shirt You Can Wear So Many Ways

This semi-sheer, soft button-down blouse is another way to sport the open-overshirt look. The lightweight fabric is more comfortable for warm weather and it’s a garment that can make the transition from wear-to-work dressy to a swimsuit coverup. Tie it, button a couple of buttons, or leave it unbuttoned. It’s pretty, airy, breathable, and comes in a huge selection of colors.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Instead: Sheer Clothing For Fun With Layering

When you are looking to spice up your look, Kim Appelt suggests that you look to “sheer clothing,” which is emerging as a hot trend. This see-through shirt adorned with pearls and rhinestones evokes cheeky elegance and lets you show off a dainty bralette, elevate a cami, and showcase your otherwise secret tattoos.

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: 2 — 16

Instead: A Striking, Sheer Metallic Tee Shirt

“Metallics,” Appelt says, are something you should consider adding to your collection of on-trend “it” pieces. This metallic mesh tee is a cute and easy way to do just that. Since it is also sheer, you can cover two trends with one piece of clothing.

“I LOVE THIS SHIRT!” said one reviewer. “It is see-through but the blue-to-purple shimmer is what makes it so cool.”

  • Available colors: 1
  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large

Dated Trend: Choker Necklaces

Instead: This Snake Chain Necklace That’s Simple & Delicate

Elisabeth Kassab says, “I remember when I was in high school, a thin black choker was my go-to jewelry piece.” That look has been replaced, though, with classic chains. “I would go for a simple chain like this herringbone one instead,” she suggests.

This snake chain necklace has a liquid movement that’s pretty alone or that layers well with other chains. It comes with a 2-inch extension so you can change the length to match other pieces. “It’s delicate but still elevates a simple look, and it will never go out of style,” says Kassab.

  • Available colors and styles: 20
  • Available sizes: One

Instead: These Simple Necklaces That Are Easy To Layer

Another trend Appelt says is “in” is thin, layered jewelry. This is easy to get behind as it’s so delicate and pretty. It’s also easy to find a few pieces to hop on this trend no matter your budget. This gold snake chain necklace is dainty and easy to layer. Plus, the 14-inch chain comes with a 2-inch extension to make it easy to combine with other pieces in your collection.

  • Available styles: 20
  • Available sizes: 1

Dated Trend: Dainty Earrings

Instead: These Big Hoops That Are Light Enough To Wear All Day

While accessorizing, it might be time to update your earrings, too. “Dainty earrings were fine for a while,” says DuFour. “Small, delicate pieces still work for a second and third piercing. But swap your main earring for a bold two-inch to three-inch hoop,” she instructs. “These will elevate your accessory game and be a staple in your jewelry arsenal.”

This chunky hoop is easy to wear because it’s designed to look big and bold but is also light and super comfortable. Choose from four hoop-size options. All pieces are constructed from recycled materials as part of the brand’s commitment to sustainability, to boot.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 4

Instead: A Pair Of Statement Earrings For Instant Style

Denise Styless is also a fan of statement earrings, and it’s super affordable to add this pair of bold drop earrings to your collection to catch the current trend. They offer just the right amount of big bling to an outfit and come in a selection of geometric shapes and colors so you can match them to your wardrobe, sunglasses, or hat.

  • Available styles & colors: 18
  • Available sizes: 1

Dated Trend: Bandage Dresses

Instead: This Ultra-‘90s Skirt That’s Back In

The ‘90s called to tell you that this throwback midi skirt with ruched details and a drawstring waist is so much fun to wear. Appelt puts it on her “it” piece list, and it pairs with all your grunge and goblincore accessories as well as crop tops and lacy tanks. There are various fabrics, lengths, and adornment options to choose from so you can get the look you want. Oh — and it has pockets.

  • Available colors & styles: 22
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

Dated Trend: Block Heels

Instead: These Sandals With Kitten Heels That Are So Cute

When it comes to shoes, Elisabeth Kassab says chunky is out. “I know a block heel is a comfortable option for some people,” she says, “But I think there are much cuter, in-style options. I personally love a kitten heel or a little mule. Especially these Calvin Klein ones ... that are super cute and super affordable.”

The square toe on this heeled sandal is adorable and they are easy to step into and kick off.

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11

Instead: A Mule For Instant Style That’s So Comfortable

This pointed-toe mule is another cute alternative to a chunky heel. It’s nearly flat so the comfort level is high and the step-in style is super easy to wear. The pointed toe gives it a modern elegance that’s right on point. It’s so affordable, you can stock up on fashionable, comfortable options and there are lots of colors to choose from.

  • Available colors: 20
  • Available sizes: 6 — 11

Fresh New Trends To Watch:

All Denim Everywhere

A denim jacket never goes out of style but, according to Appelt, even the all-denim outfit is making a comeback. So there is no risk in deploying this oversize denim jacket along with your straight-leg jeans. There are lots of pockets and buttons for versatile styling options. The long length makes it an essential garment you can throw on over anything and go.

  • Available colors: 12
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

A Slouchy Bag That’s Shiny & Fun

Slouchy bags and purses are also hot right now, says Appelt. This sparkly slouchy purse is the date-night version of this trend. It’s so cute you will insist on going on dates just so you can carry it. A soft inner lining contrasts with the rhinestone exterior and it is sized perfectly to carry your phone and a few essentials.

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: 1

An Oversize Blazer As An Easy Style Hack

Styless also likes “a versatile blazer” as a fresh, go-to piece. This one has a two-button closure, notch lapel, and two functional pockets to chic up your closet. A blazer can turn almost any outfit — even a cami and jeans — into a wear-to-work or date ensemble in just a few seconds.

“When I had to go back into the office, I wanted to continue wearing comfortable clothing,” said one reviewer. “I ordered this jacket to dress up more casual and comfy shirts. It did the trick, but is amazingly comfortable, too.”

This Trench Coat That’s Light Enough To Wear In Spring & Summer

Denise Styless suggests “a classic trench coat” as an MVP closet refresher. This timeless, double-breasted trench coat is only $40. It’s light and comfortable enough to wear as a fashion piece, is waterproof, and has two slant pockets to keep your hands in. It also sports old-style epaulets, a belt, and lots of buttons.

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: 2 — 16

Faux Fur Accessories That Make Things Fun

Appelt predicts that faux fur accessories are positioned to take off. So you might want to test that out with these adorable faux fur hair scrunchies for a low-cost, high-practicality dip into this trend. This is a pack of 30 of them in an assortment of colors, so you will be set for every day of the month or for sharing with friends.