Stylists Swear By These Things On Amazon That Are Cheap As Hell

Look so chic with dollars to spare.

by Christina X. Wood
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Ever wish you could hire a personal stylist to refresh your look from head to toe? Whether you’re a bonafide fashionista or prefer style recommendations, trusted expert guidance inspires confidence when selecting new wardrobe treasures. But not everyone has the budget to hire a style coach — or to pick up the designer items that top the trend charts. That’s why I tapped renowned style experts to share their favorite picks to help you look like a million bucks while keeping your wallet smiling.

Following are budget-friendly, fashion-forward finds hand-picked by people who live and breathe style. So make some space in your closet, because stylists swear by these things on Amazon that are cheap as hell.


This Cream You Can Use As A Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, & Lip Balm

“This has been a staple in my drawer for as long as I can remember,” shares Melissa Rivers, renowned style guru and “Fashion Police” red carpet queen. She says, “I've always had really dry skin and just like everyone else it gets worse in winter.”

She opts for this all-purpose skin cream rich in olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, Royal Jelly, and bee propolis as a luscious treatment. Its soothing, hydrating properties also make it ideal as a makeup primer, hand and cuticle cream, after-sun and scar treatment, and more.


These Wardrobe Staple No-Show Socks That Stay Up

“Nothing [is] worse than when your favorite socks have been washed so much they slip down,” Rivers asserts. That’s why she recommends these compression no-show socks with the fortitude (and spandex) to survive your lifestyle — whether you are running, hitting the gym, or gadding about town.

They are designed to conform to the shape of your foot — right and left — and cushion high-impact areas to protect your feet like nothing else. “This is the brand I continue to go back to,” Rivers says. “Love these!”

  • Available colors: 28
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


The Patch That Stops Unwanted Zits In Their Tracks

Breakouts are annoying and don’t necessarily end in your teens. When they happen, you can stop things at the source with these clever zit stickers. The clear, hydrocolloid patches feature tiny “microdarts” that deliver ingredients deep into your skin so the healing can start early. This lets you stop that pimple plotting to wreak havoc on your face before it does.

“Yes, I still break out,” shares Rivers. “And yes, these work!”


The Classic Flip-Flops Made From A Secret Rubber Recipe

“Havaianas,” says Rivers. “Need I say more?!” These flip-flop sandals are made in Brazil from a family-secret rubber recipe. They are high quality, have been made the same way since the ‘60s, and are loved by style gurus — like Rivers — everywhere. Flip-flops are the ultimate easy summer shoe and these are the ultimate, slim and pillow-soft, flip-flops.

  • Available colors: 23
  • Available sizes: 5/6 Toddler — 10-11 Adult


This Much-Loved Sunscreen That Works For Sensitive Skin

Wearing sunscreen every day is largely considered a necessity. For sensitive skin, lots of products can cause irritation — but it’s important to protect that face. Rivers recommends this SPF 40 sunscreen and moisturizer by Elta MD that has transparent zinc oxide (a physical as opposed to chemical sunscreen) and hyaluronic acid.

“Every dermatologist I know recommends this,” she says. “I've been a fan for years. It's great for sensitive skin like mine.”


This Shine-Enhancing Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair

If you color your hair, it’s prudent to use a shampoo that helps protect and maintain that color — and your hair. This shampoo from L’Oreal is the gentle, color-preserving shampoo Rivers recommends. Its formula is designed to enhance your hair’s shine while protecting the color, without weighing it down.

“My hair colorist recommended [this product],” she says. “It’s light, yet effective, and smells great.”


The Fuzzy Bucket Hat That’s Totally On Trend

When it comes to boosting your cool-weather style, multifaceted fashion consultant and style coach AK Brown gushes, “This is an over-the-top, dramatic bucket hat that can be worn with any street-style look or even a gown, I’m here for all of it!”

The faux rabbit fur hat is warm and cozy. The wide brim gives some sun coverage. And the soft velvet lining feels lovely on your head. “I love how this has been trending,” Brown says, “especially with the notion of ‘occasionwear equals everyday wear.’”

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: 1


This Flash Crop Top That Makes A Statement

Brown is also a big fan of this sleeveless, ribbed crop top with blocks of color. It gives you a flashy, everyday-is-special look no matter what you pair it with. It’s stretchy, fun, and a great base for jeans, leggings, or a night on the town. You can choose the color combination and the shape of the color blocking.

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


A Glitzy Evening Bag That Shimmers In The Light

If you want to embrace Brown’s “occasionwear equals everyday wear” philosophy, making this rhinestone purse your carry-all is a great place to start. “[It] literally shimmers as soon as you walk outside (no photoshopping or special effects),” she says. This bag comes in two sizes, has a zip closure, and a detachable shoulder strap. And of course, it also works well for special occasions.

“You could have a minimalist outfit base and make a statement with the bag alone,” suggests Brown.


The Rhinestone Clutch With A Crystal-Crusted Handle

If the slouchy option above isn’t flashy enough for you, this evening bag with a crystal-studded handle, removable chain shoulder strap, and silver chain closure that dangles will get you there. It’s like jewelry but it also carries your essentials. The small size is wearable and makes for great wardrobe bling. And there is a larger size if you need to carry more gear.


The Bodycon Tank Dress That’s Here From Y2K

With a glitzy bag on your arm, all you need as a base is a simple bodycon dress like this tie-dye tank dress with a side slit. The stretchy cotton blend hugs your form and is glamorous and casual at the same time. There are so many colors, lengths, and styles to choose from you could fill a wardrobe with these.

  • Available colors: 59
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


These Comfy Bubble Shoes That Make A Statement

Dramatic footwear does not have to be hard-to-walk-in heels. These bubble slides will steal the show and massage your feet as you wear them. They also have an anti-slip sole to ensure you feel secure wherever you bubble around town.

“As hard as they look,” says Brown, “these are massagers in shoe form! I absolutely love my bubble slides, and again — it brings some dramatics, even with a toned-down casual ‘running to the store’ vibe.”


A Slinky Evening Dress With A Strappy Back

Brown also likes this spaghetti strap slip dress in a silky fabric. The strappy, cutout back is super cute and unusual while the cup-shaped front gives you lift and low-cut coverage. The back straps are adjustable so you can perfect the fit of the top. Both the body-skimming cut and silky fabric are luxurious. A back slit makes movement easy.

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


These Fun & Colorful Chunky Chelsea Boots

Bye-bye, boring. Brown also suggests these chunky, lug-sole Chelsea boots that make every day fun. The colored sole — available in orange, bright green, and pink as well as monochrome black — brightens up any outfit. And the low-pitch platform is comfortable to walk in. They are easy to pull on and will go with just about anything.


The Cargo Pants That Make It Fashion

“As much as I don’t want to relieve the 00s,” says Brown, “I love this new spin on the classic cargo pants.” With six big pockets, you will have a place for everything you carry and the high waist is elasticized to move with you. The colors are bright and modern, too. “These are more [...] form-fitting and curve-hugging,” she says. Also: Six pockets!

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


This Puffy Bag That’s Practical & Slick

Brown also recommends this puffy shoulder bag and tote that turns an everyday staple — the bag you carry your gear to work or the gym in — into a fun statement piece that remains practical. It has two sets of straps: short ones you can grab with one hand and longer ones that go over your shoulder. There’s lots of interior organization and the color options are bright, matte, metallic, and bold.


A Pair Of Chunky & Angular Blue-Light Glasses

Help protect your eyes — and circadian rhythms — from the blue light emitted by the screens in your life and look stylish doing it. Just slip on these blue light glasses that Brown recommends. They have chunky frames, geometric lenses, and loads of fun sophistication. And they come in so many fun colors and color combinations that you might need more than one pair.


The Cute Bag That Goes From Day To Night

This small tote is “one of the trending dupe silhouettes going around,” says Brown. “I love how versatile this bag is.” The size can go from an evening out to a day at work, depending on how you pack it. Made of soft, PU leather, it’s fun to carry and comes in loads of pretty colors.

“You can carry it open,” says Brown, “or [put] one handle inside the other, there are so many options and you can’t beat the price!”

  • Available colors: 13
  • Available sizes: 1


This Oversize Sweatshirt A Stylist Calls “Perfect”

If you are looking for a warm layer that’s comfy and cute, look no further than this oversize fleece sweatshirt that Andréa Bernholtz, style expert for Us Weekly and founder of SWIMINISTA, calls “the perfect oversized sweatshirt.” It’s lightweight, cozy, and super soft — but it’s not so warm that you can’t wear it every day of the year.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


These Pretty Hair Clips That Help You Get Ready

According to Bernholtz, these resin hair clips are the “best clips for getting ready!” The alligator-style clip opens easily, grabs hair, and holds it firm. “It pulls back hair for doing makeup,” she says.

They promise not to leave a crease in your hair when you take them out. And, since they have pretty resin decoration, they also look cute enough to wear all day to tidy up an updo or keep long hair contained.


The Luxurious Facial Treatment You Can Do Daily

Give yourself a luxury spa treatment every day by massaging your face and neck with this jade roller and gua sha set. This is “a tool everyone needs,” according to Bernholtz. Over 14,000 people agreed, gave it five stars, and gushed over things like how pretty the pieces are, the wonders this treatment works, and also how easy it is to add to a daily skin-care regimen.


These Futuristic Cat-Eye Shades With Over 9,000 Positive Ratings

When you head into the sun, be sure and pack a pair of these unique cat-eye polarized sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the rays and to keep your look up to date. They are, according to Bernholtz, “the best on-trend sunglasses.” Whether you choose all black, emerald green, or any of the other terrific colors, your will love the compliments these will elicit as you go through your day.


A 5-Pack Of Blending Sponges For Smoother Makeup

This pack of five blending sponges will help you perfect your makeup quickly, neatly, and easily. And they are so affordable. The soft, dense sponges — available in lots of fun colors — are perfect for applying foundation, BB cream, concealer, or for powders. You can use them wet or dry and wash them to use again.


This Buildable Self Tanner That’s Moisturizing, Too

If you like the subtle glow of a summer tan but the weather, your time, or the hazards of sun exposure get in the way, a good self-tanner can help you have your tan and avoid the sun. According to Bernholtz, this version from + Lux Unfiltered N°32 is “the best self-tanner.”

Infused with shea butter, cocoa butter, and passion fruit oil, it works gradually to turn your skin bronze with a hydrated glow.


These Deodorant Remover Sponges That Are A Great Value

Being stylish is often equated with spending lots of money. But that doesn’t have to be. “When it comes to style, clothing, and beauty,” counsels Holly Chayes, personal style coach and consultant at Who Wears Who, “ I think about price in relation to the number of uses and the value it provides.”

This two-pack of deodorant remover sponges is a good example of a high-value item. It saves your outfit and keeps your clothes in good shape, costs very little, and can be used repeatedly. “I always like having a deodorant eraser sponge on hand for deodorant smudges and other dry stains and spills,” she says.


This Life Hack For Preventing Blisters

Nothing ruins a great look faster than having to sit down, take off your shoes, and miss the fun because of a blister. To avoid that calamity, Chayes suggests you keep some prevention measures on hand.

“Solemates Blister Blocker is excellent at keeping blisters at bay,” she says. “[It] is great to keep in your purse.” The formula is clear and lubricates your skin to prevent the rubbing that causes blisters. It lasts for up to six hours so you can keep walking in those shoes all day or night.


The Fuzz Remover That Helps Keep Your Sweaters Fresh

When you spend good money on a sweater or another garment and it starts to look due to pilling and fuzz, don’t give up on it. Pull out this fuzz remover and give it a quick shave. It doesn’t require batteries or power so you can quietly doctor fuzzy fabric anywhere. And it has a built-in lint remover.

“To keep sweaters looking like new and lasting for years,” says Chayes, “a Gleener is the way to go.”


These Clip On Bows To Easily Adorn Your ‘Do

Sabrina Forscutt, founder and lead stylist at Sabrina Forscutt Styling, likes to finish a look by putting a big, beautiful bow on it. “One of my favorite accessories over the last year has been hair bows,” she says. “They add an accessory to the back of a look and they make the outfit feel more complete. My favorite hair bows are a pack of two for $8 on Amazon.”

These barrettes with bows are easy to clip into your hair — no bow-tying at the back of your head involved — and they come in lots of pretty colors.


A Warm Scarf In Bright Colors

“Winter can be dreary and freezing so I like to liven it up with a colorful and extra cozy and soft scarf!” says Forscutt. “The one I wear the most is $8 on Amazon.” There are lots of colors to choose from in this warm winter scarf and it is woven from a soft, not-scratchy fabric that feels like cashmere. It’s large enough to wrap around your shoulders as a shawl, too.


The Sheer Socks You Can Wear With Nearly Any Shoe

“I love wearing socks with my loafers, dress shoes, and even heels in the wintertime,” says Forscutt. “It’s an added layer of warmth and another way to show off one’s personal style.” These glitter sheer ankle socks are a favorite of hers. They are cute with dress shoes and elevate a pair of sneakers.

“I ... lean into a sparkly moment,” she says. And this price for a pack of six also shines.


These Romantic Mesh Ankle Socks That Are So Sweet

“And for a more romantic ... look,” says Forscutt, “I love this dainty floral four-pack for $13.” The ultra-sheer, mesh socks are adorned with tiny flowers and a cuff. Or choose lace, bold plaid, polka dots, or leopard prints. The soles are cotton and the heels are reinforced so they are as comfortable as they are adorable.


The Bucket Hat That Adds A Pop Of Color & Style

“Bucket hats are my favorite accessory in the spring and summer,” says Forscutt. “They help shield your face from the sun and they can add a pop of color or statement to an outfit.”

This everyday cotton bucket hat is a great choice. It comes in so many colors you might want more than one. The short brim, adjustable drawstring inside, and all-cotton fabric make it comfortable and easy to wear.


These Silver Hoop Earrings That Add Sparkle To Any Look

“My favorite everyday simple jewelry is from PAVOI,” says Forscutt. “They are high quality being all yellow, white, and rose gold plated. They believe in sustainability, their jewelry is made of recycled metals, and they are a carbon-neutral company. ... My personal favorite items from them are my everyday hoops.”

These small silver hoops are 3/4 of an inch in diameter, lightweight, and available in six colors. The brand says they are hypoallergenic and they have an impressive 4.6-star rating after more than 4,000 reviews.


The Large Hoop Earrings That Are Lightweight & Stylish

These gold-plated big hoop earrings are great, too, according to Forscutt. They make a bolder statement, come in gold or vermeil, and you can choose from three sizes. They look hefty enough to bring some flash to your look but are lightweight to wear and free of nickel or lead.


The Cushy Turtleneck That’s A Wardrobe Staple

“The softest, most comfortable, and [most] versatile turtlenecks I have ever worn, I found on Amazon,” says Forscutt. This ultra-stretchy, long-sleeve turtleneck top moves in every direction and is lightweight to help you stay comfortable all day. And there are so many color options.

“They are the perfect layering pieces to stay warm, but are chic enough to be worn as is in an everyday outfit.”

  • Available colors: 30
  • Available sizes: X-Large — 7X


This Heart-Shaped Rhinestone Bag That’s On Trend

“I style a lot of mamas and there are a few inexpensive products I love ... that are perfect for busy women who straddle a lot of different roles,” says Katie Rivera, personal stylist and founder of Style Outside the City. “First, evening bags!! For women or moms who aren't going out a lot, it's silly to pay big bucks for a gorgeous evening bag.”

This heart-shaped rhinestone handbag has gorgeousness to spare, hits all the trend meters, and is elegant to boot. The affordable price tag also means you can spend your dollars elsewhere. Choose from lots of beautiful colors, including some bedecked with pearls.


The Unique & Colorful Clutch For Evenings Out

Rivera also likes this evening clutch in acrylic with a chain shoulder strap. “This bag comes in a variety of colors and [has] the coolest geometric snap closure,” she says. “It will look stunning in a neutral black or cream, but the real standouts are purple and pastel pink for Spring.”

It’s sized to hold your essentials — phone, wallet, some lipstick — and can be worn crossbody, over your shoulder, or carried as a clutch.


This Beaded Bag That’s Fun & Classic

“Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a fun take on classic tortoise shell,” says Rivera. She recommends this adorable acrylic beaded bag because of its pretty tortoise handle and bead body “that will be perfect with all your Spring and Summer florals.”

It’s sized to carry all your essentials and the beads give a substantial heft that is fun to carry and feels super glam.


The Affordable Joggers With Great Fit & Fabric

When it comes to days you’re dressing for comfort, says Rivera, “[You] don’t want to invest too much as you know [these items] might get stained, ripped, or ruined in some other way.” For such times, she is a fan of these joggers.

She advises, “The fit and material are great, and you can wear them with a nice half zip or tee for a casual outing or with workout gear for the gym.” They have a wide waistband and are infused with spandex for stretch. There are also handy side pockets, too.

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


This Beauty Hack Lip Tint That’s Light Yet Moisturizing

Rivera describes this lip tint as a “beauty hack” that is “super moisturizing but delivers great, natural color.” There are 10 shades to choose from, and this yummy balm is loaded with plant oils and shea butter. It has a light, minty scent that comes from essential oils.

“It’s the perfect throw-on-and-go lippy for when you want to feel put together, but don’t have time for much makeup,” says Rivera. Her favorite shade is Amber Rose.