What To Shop From Tanya Compas x Collusion Pride Collection

A portion of the sales will go to Exist Loudly, Compas’ non-profit that advocates for Black LGBTQ+ youth.

ASOS x Collusion x Exist Loudly
ASOS x Collusion x Exist Loudly

ASOS’s Collusion brand has teamed up with youth worker and content creator Tanya Compas on a seriously cool Pride line that gives back to Exist Loudly, the non-profit run by Compas. Exist Loudly supports and creates safe spaces for Black LGBTQ+ young people in the UK.

Compas has taken Collusion’s staple baggy tees and jumpers and given them a fresh spin in celebration of Pride. From stylists and photographers to dancers and creatives, Compas worked with and took inspiration from their network to create a line that reflects what Exist Loudly stands for. Pieces in the collection are priced from £8, and ASOS has pledged to donate £38,000 of profits from sales to Exist Loudly.

Increasingly, brands and organisations are releasing products aligned with Pride, accompanied by social media posts declaring solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities. However, people are becoming much more wary of this consumer ally-ship, and savvy to the fact that some brands may jump on certain causes to make money without actually giving anything back.

As Compas noted, “I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve had enough of seeing Pride campaigns centred around educating cis-heterosexual people around the very basics of the LGBTQ+ community. They feature us, our voices and our faces, but the campaigns are not made to celebrate LGBTQ+ people and are rarely made by us.”

It was therefore important for Compas that every aspect of the Collusion x Exist Loudly collaboration – from the designs of the clothes to the models wearing them – was made in genuine support and celebration of the joy within LGBTQ+ communities. “Our partnership with Collusion felt right. They sat back, listened and gave us the resources necessary to do what we do best,” Compas said. “We ended up with not only the beautiful visuals and content from the shoot itself, but a commitment from ASOS and Collusion to support Exist Loudly and our community beyond this campaign.”

If you want to show your support, here’s a selection of pieces from the Collusion x Exist Loudly collection to shop now.