The 3 Best Bakuchiol Products

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In the always innovating skin-care industry, there's never a shortage of trending ingredients. But every once in a while, an It ingredient comes along that seemingly works for every skin type — and delivers impressive results. That's exactly what's made bakuchiol skin-care products so popular as of late. The best bakuchiol products have earned comparisons to retinol, with its ability to increase skin cell turnover, stimulate collagen production, and reduce hyperpigmentation — without much of the irritation retinol is known for like redness, dryness, peeling, and sensitivity to the sun. Bakuchiol, you see, is a plant-based ingredient, and a friendlier choice for sensitive and easily irritated complexions.

Because bakuchiol is so gentle, you don't have to follow strict guidelines when it comes to application. Skin-care expert and Lion/ne co-founder Ksenia Selivanova told Bustle that bakuchiol is safe for women to use during pregnancy (though, if you're pregnant, you should still consult with your doctor before adding a bakuchiol product to your skin-care routine just to be safe). It can also be used in the morning and at night, because unlike retinol, bakuchiol doesn't cause sensitivity to sunlight.

In a hurry? These are the best bakuchiol products.

1. The Best Bakuchiol Moisturizer: Alpyn Beauty Natural PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer

2. The Best Bakuchiol Face Oil: Avalea Phyto Radiance Concentrate

3. The Best Bakuchiol Primer: Whish Botanical Primer With Bakuchiol

A serum, moisturizer, or facial oil are the most common ways to incorporate bakuchiol into your skin-care routine. And while the ingredient offers plenty of benefits on its own, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for other moisturizing and skin-restoring ingredients to help boost its results. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane will help attract and seal in moisture, while vitamin C and other antioxidant-rich oils can help brighten skin, even out tone and texture, and provide protection from environmental aggressors.

No matter how you want to use it in your routine, ahead, find three of the best bakuchiol products to try out.


The Best Bakuchiol Moisturizer

For a multitasking moisturizer, this formula from Alpyn Beauty can be used in the morning, as a makeup primer, and at night. As its name suggests, the luxurious cream melts right into the skin without feeling greasy, leaving behind a velvety finish behind that feels great on its own or layered on top of a serum.

To further boost collagen production and plump up skin alongside bakuchiol, Alpyn Beauty added tripeptide-29 to the formula. But that's only the beginning. The PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer is also loaded with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and squalane, to attract and lock in moisture while instantly leaving skin feeling smoother. Meanwhile, the AHA glycolic acid gently exfoliates skin and improves signs of sun damage. And then there are antioxidant ingredients like vitamin C and centella asiatica in the formula, which help brighten and soothe skin, respectively.

What's more, this moisturizer is vegan and cruelty-free, and it's formulated without a number of potentially irritating and harmful ingredients, including parabens, synthetic dyes, and fragrances.

According to one reviewer: "I love this moisturizer. It is very hydrating and I love that includes bakuchiol to help repair my fine lines naturally. I started ordering this as presents for my mom and's my go-to gift these days."


The Best Bakuchiol Face Oil

If you love a good face oil, the Avalea Phyto Radiance Concentrate is a must-try. The concentrated formula starts with a trio of hydrating ingredients: plant-derived squalane, argan kernel oil, and jojoba oil. Bakuchiol extract can be found toward the top of the ingredients list as well, which helps reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation while evening out skin tone and texture.

Other noteworthy ingredients in the formula include vitamin C, pomegranate oil, and cranberry seed oil — all of which are rich in skin-brightening antioxidants, as well as prickly pear extract, a miracle ingredient known for its ability to moisturize, brighten, soften, and even out skin.

Like the other bakuchiol products on this list, Avalea's formula uses clean ingredients (you won't find any silicone derivatives, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, or artificial colors here). It's also Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free and housed in an eco-friendly glass bottle.

According to one reviewer: "I have tried everything to get my sun damaged dark spots and acne scars to fade. Spent hundreds of dollars on prescription retinoids and expensive serums. I finally gave up thinking I would have to deal with my skin condition for the rest of my life. After 1 week of use of the Phyto Radiance Serum, my dark spots are nearly gone and my acne subsided."


The Best Bakuchiol Primer

The Whish Beauty Botanical Primer uses bakuchiol to perfectly prep your skin for smooth, seamless makeup application. Additionally, the formula combines an impressive blend of plant-based ingredients (like coconut water, argan oil, sea buckthorn extract, and aloe) to keep skin moisturized, balanced, and protected. It also helps reduce the appearance of pores and brighten skin for an overall more even-looking tone. The result? Longer-lasting makeup, less flaking, and skin that stays protected and healthy throughout the day.

Whish Beauty's formula is also Leaping Bunny-certified and free of common synthetic irritants like parabens, DEA, TEA, phthalates, and more. If you're interested in more bakuchiol products from Whish, be sure to check out the brand's face oil, day cream, night cream, and eye serum.

According to one reviewer: "Love this primer! I use it mostly as moisturizer also. Light and not greasy."

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