The 9 Best Overnight Hair Curlers

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By Emily Estep
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Creating bouncy, long-lasting curls without heat is totally possible: you just need a set of great heatless curlers. But without heat, it can take a while for your curls to set, so styling while you sleep is ideal (isn't that the dream?). The best overnight hair curlers are comfortable to sleep in, and will help to protect your hair from heat damage.

When looking for the ultimate set of overnight curlers, your number one priority should be comfort. Don't kid yourself, rigid silicone and poking wires will definitely start to bother you throughout the night. Some curling sets are made with memory foam for extra comfort, and there are even sets with soft satin covers. Any overnight curlers that have wires should be thoroughly covered with a thick layer of foam, so it doesn't feel like you're sleeping on a metal pillow.

You also need to think about your hair length and the type of curls you want to create. If you have long hair, you're going to either need a lot of curlers or really big curlers. Want loose, bouncy waves? Opt for big rollers. Ringlet curls? This one's easy — pick up a set of small rollers. Or hey, if you want to invest in a set that can make any type of curl, find a set with multiple sizes.

These overnight curling sets are some of the most comfortable and easiest to use out there.

A Huge Pack Of Curling Rods In A Range Of Sizes

This enormous set of curling rods contains 42 foam-covered rods that are each seven inches long — though they vary in diameter allowing you to create curls of different sizes. With almost 3,000 reviews, this product is a major favorite on Amazon. One user with long hair raved, "These really worked to curl my hair and last all day."

Fans say: "I absolutely love these!!! I was skeptical at first and now they are part of my every night routine. I love having carefree curls that last as long as I do without having to put heat on my already dry from bleaching hair. I would recommend these for any and everyone who is tired of the heat and the smell of a traditional curling iron or wand. I will never go back!”

The Viral Headband That Curls Your Hair While You Sleep

If you’ve seen this viral curling rod on TikTok, it’s time to try it for yourself, because you can buy one on Amazon for just $10. The kit comes with everything you need to recreate the loose, romantic waves that are all over the internet. Simply position the long rod over the top of your head like a headband, divide your hair into two sections, and wind each one around the long ends of the rod. It comes with matching velvet scrunchies and a banana clip to keep it secure while you sleep, and it’s made of soft velvet that won’t damage your hair.

Fans say: “I have long and THICK hair. I've search my entire adult life for a heatless curler that isn't tight little ringlets that are cute on little girls. THIS IS IT. When I use this my hair is curled and bouncy and soft. I LOVE THIS and have used it 2x a week since I received it cause it is so easy, no more than 10 minutes to put it in and less than 1 to take it out. it can be used on damp or dry hair and I enjoy it both ways. My search is over. love this.”

These Flexible Curlers That Work On Any Hair Type

"I have very fine straight hair that does not hold a curl," one reviewer says, while another writes, "I have curly hair to start but it frizzes." Both gave these hair curlers a five-star rating. They're made from soft sponges and have a flexible wire inside, so you can wrap your strands dependent on your hair type and sleep comfortably while the curls set. They come in a pack of 30, so no matter how thick your hair is, you'll always have enough.

Fans say: "I use these a few times a week. Set them in at night in order to save time in the morning. When getting ready, I take them out, brush my hair, and add hair spray. They are great to prevent heat damage and save time. I highly recommend.”

Tight Curlers That Make It Easy To Create Ringlets

These small curlers create tight, corkscrew-shaped curls and work especially well for shorter hair. They're split into two categories, blue and green, with each color twisting in its own direction making it very easy to know what order to apply these in. Varying the direction of your curls does a better job of mimicking a natural curl pattern, so the effect is effortless ringlets. Some users say that while these aren't always the most comfortable to sleep in, they've still found success putting these in when their hair is wet and then taking out as soon as it's dry.

Fans say: "I've been natural for over 5 years and this is the first time I got the exact curls I wanted, and did so WITHOUT heat!. I watched a few helpful videos on installation and was able to execute putting them in with no problem. Other methods seemed tedious, difficult, and time consuming but this product worked like a charm for stretching my hair AND for curls.”

These Ultra-Comfortable Hair Curlers That Are Filled With Memory Foam

These sleep curlers are made with memory foam at their core, making them so comfortable to sleep in you might forget you're wearing them. They also have an absorbent material that soaks up excess moisture, so you can pop them in shortly after you've taken a shower. They also come in two different sizing options. The original large size (six inches) is intended for those with longer, thicker, or curly hair, or for anyone who has human hair extensions. You'll want to choose the mini size (three inches) if you have longer, but finer hair that you have a hard time getting to hold a curl or if your hair is in more of a bob style, with a length between your chin and shoulders.

Fans say: "I have long, fine, straight hair. I don't have time to deal with curling my hair but love my hair curled. These babies take 10 minutes to put in & then I will either sleep in them or quickly dry my hair with them in for a couple minutes & then let it air dry the rest of the way. The result is beautiful curls! I personally am not good with styling products but these are super easy!”

A Set Of Rollers You Can Stack To Customize Your Look

These curling foam rollers are perfect for anyone with long hair, because you chose from three different roller sizes to customize your look. Use the bigger rollers for big, beachy waves, and the smaller rollers for tighter curls. You get 48 curlers in for different sizes.

Fans say: "These are the best thing for your hair for a number of reasons. 1. If you want a vintage hairstyle or just curly hair. 2. If you have damaged color treated hair and don’t want to use heat on it. 3. If you want a long lasting curl or was wave. 4. The easiest thing to sleep in ever. Squishy soft rollers with easy to snap in place clips, BEST invention since hairspray!”

Jumbo Foam Rollers That Are Covered In Plush Satin

These big foam rollers are covered in satin that's gentle on the hair and scalp and keeps your curls extra soft and smooth. They're ideal for jumbo curls, measuring 1.5-inches in diameter. You can buy them in varying pack sizes up to a five-pack.

Fans say: "The quality of these rollers is ten times better than what I have been purchasing from a major beauty supply chain. I will never go back and cannot wait to order more.”

A 24-Pack Of Foam Rollers That Feel Like Tiny Pillows

These overnight rollers are designed to be as soft as pillows, so they won't disrupt your beauty sleep. It's safe to use them on either wet or dry hair, and their gentle nature minimizes hair breakage throughout the night. And though they're super comfortable, a firm wire inside keeps them in place while you get your Zzz's. Inside the pack, you'll get 24 curlers, which is a great amount as several users share that you should avoid wrapping up huge chunks of hair, rather the best results come from taking smaller sections. That way they stay in place longer, too.

Fans say: "These really work! They stay in all night long and sleeping with them in is easy. And they give you great looking curls that last. You get 24, which is alot. My favorite curlers by FAR.”

Some Oversized, Self-Gripping Rollers

These jumbo hair rollers have hook-and-loop surfaces that stick to each other and to your hair without the need to twist, tie, or pin them to your head — which makes them both comfortable and easy to use. They’re best when used with slightly damp hair, and the 2.5-inch rollers create bouncy waves in all hair types. One of the more popular options on Amazon, they boast thousands of five-star ratings from shoppers who say they work surprisingly well.

Fans say: “These hair rollers are perfect and so easy to use. I have pretty fine that goes flat pretty quickly without loads of hairspray. I was looking for something to give my hair a little life when I were my hair down straight, and these worked PERFECTLY. I usually don't take the time to do reviews, but I was just so impressed with the results. I used these right out of the shower when my hair was almost but not quite dry. The grips held my hair nicely, and for the most part they stuck to my head without the need for clips.”