10 Savoury-Smelling Candles If Florals Aren’t Your Thing

Perfect if you’re searching for scents that aren’t too sweet.

Savoury smelling candles
Boy Smells / Diptyque / Anthropologie

Events of the past 18 months has seen many of us migrating inside. And making those spaces as welcoming and soothing as possible is a desirable notion, especially given the uncertainty and unrest going on outside those four walls. One way to make a space as inviting as possible is to sprinkle the area with delicious-smelling candles – but there is more than one way to do it. In fact, these savoury candles prove you don’t have to be into florals or fruity notes to enjoy a home fragrance.

So often, brands turn to sweet-smelling ingredients to create their candle offerings, but I for one enjoy a change now and again. Especially right now, I’m searching for a more neutral scent that doesn’t feel too sickly or sugared. Below it a selection of savoury candles that promise just that. With scents that feature herbs, vegetables, and complex essential oils, these candles offer unique combinations that won’t fill the room with anything overly sweet. They work brilliantly in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, as well as outside in the garden during warm summer evenings at BBQs and other occasions.

These ten savoury candles feature some much-loved brands such as Diptyuqe and Byredo, as well as newer, smaller brands you may not have heard of.