5 Of The Best Succinic Acid Skincare Products

The wonder ingredient our lockdown complexions are crying out for.

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The world of skincare is becoming more and more advanced, with a new powerhouse ingredient entering the zeitgeist almost every time I look. Acids have been leading the way recently, whether you're exfoliating with AHAs and PHPs, are a fan of chemical peels, or a retinol regular. The latest in the acid line-up? Succinic. And when researching this list of the best succinic acid skincare products, I was of course inspired by one of The Inkey List's latest products.

The Inkey List is a brand that's always at the forefront of skincare technology, a pioneer in bringing previously under-the-radar ingredients to the mainstream. If you've heard of snow mushroom or alpha arbutin, it's probably down to them. And if you've tried them out, it's thanks to the affordable price point that makes their products accessible for skincare fans. The Inkey List's succinic acid treatment is no different.

But what is succinic acid, I hear you ask? Well, it's arguably the beauty ingredient of 2021, or at least these first few months.The ingredient is similar to salicylic acid, and used by skincare experts to target blemishes, heal scarring, and improve signs of ageing – just what our collective lockdown complexions are crying out for.

How does it work? Succinic acid helps to peel away dead skin cells from the pores, keeping them clear for noticeably longer than many other products promising similar effects. Unlike some other acids, it works gently and is less likely to lead to irritation, so is a go-to for sensitive and spot-prone skin. It also helps to restore the skin's PH, leaving it balanced – not too oily, not too dry. Another benefit is that succinic acid has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, making it a great all-rounder for a healthy complexion.

As well as The Inkey List's succinic acid treatment (which is a bargain at just £6.99), there are a few other excellent products that harness the power of this ingredient. Here are my top five succinic acids, all worth a place in your skincare cabinet for a bright and clear complexion.

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