These Cheap Shoes On Amazon Are Actually So Effing Comfortable

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Cheap shoes don’t usually equal comfy, I-want-to-walk-around-in-these-forever type of shoes — you know? But these shoes on Amazon break that stigma. They give you plenty of all-day support for such a budget-friendly price. The comfortable secrets to most of these affordable shoes are cushioned insoles and plenty of breathable fabrics. There’s even a sandal made with an anti-blister fabric — yay.

If you think there’s no way this comfy shoe list includes heels — it totally does. There’s a reliable block heel sandal with faux leather and a memory foam insole. There are even plenty of cozy looks, like these adjustable terry cloth slippers to wear with your swimsuit. Honestly, these slippers are also the perfect match for your fluffiest bathrobe and your microfiber hair towel after a weekend spa-like shower. Plus, this list has possibly the best solution for walking your pup on a hot day — a sneaker that’s ventilated (so, no socks required) with a water-resistant sole.

So quit thinking you need to spend a fortune for some nice shoes that are actually pleasant to wear, and go through this list for all of the affordable shoes that are actually so effing comfortable.


These Mesh Workout Sneakers That Give Your Feet Plenty Of Air Flow

You’ll be way comfier during your jog or spin session with these stylized athletic sneakers. The supportive and lightweight mesh gives your feet serious air flow, which is always a good thing during a workout. The funky rubber sole is designed for traction and to make the entire shoe more flexible. These sneakers are also complete with cushy memory foam inside.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 11


A Pair Of Croc Flip Flops So Even Your Toes Can Breathe

We’ve all seen the comfortable Crocs trend, and these flip flops are definitely the way to go. They still have the same lightweight foam construction, but these sandals are easier to pull on than the traditional style (plus, they let your toes breathe). They’re also complete with grippy dots, which is especially helpful if you decide to wear these durable shoes in the water.

  • Available Sizes: 4 — 11
  • Available Colors: 11


These Lightweight Leather Loafers You’ll Actually Want To Wear

When it’s time to walk your pup, you might find yourself grabbing these loafers instead of your sneakers. The soft leather is more flexible and breathable than the stiff loafers you’re used to. They’re also complete with a wear-resistant sole that hold up after tons of afternoon dog walks. Plus, they have a cute metallic accent on the side of each shoe.

  • Available Sizes: 4.5 — 12
  • Available Colors: 8


These Trendy Fuzzy Slippers With An Indoor/Outdoor Design

Yes — these fuzzy slides actually have an indoor/outdoor design. So you’re good to go if you want to wear them on a walk because they’re complete with memory foam arch support and a sidewalk-ready rubber sole. The sole is also waterproof and anti-slip. Plus, you can choose from the classic criss-cross design, a fluffy insole look, and more.

  • Available Sizes: 4.5 — 11
  • Available Colors and Styles: 28


These Mules That Come In Plain, Patterned, & Even Celestial Designs

These loafer-style mules come in plain faux leather, a snakeskin print, a woven tweed texture, a celestial pattern, and more. The insoles of these trendy pointed-toe mules keep your feet comfy and stop you from walking right out of them (it’s happened to the best of us with mules). If you want to be ultra-comfy, there are a few options with fuzzy insoles.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 10
  • Available Colors: 18


A Pair Of Cold Weather Sneakers With Suede Uppers & Faux Fur Lining

If it’s freezing, but you’re over wearing boots every day, these pull-on sneakers are the way to go. The suede outer fabric is water-resistant, and it adds to that cozy look. The thick rubber sole also helps with the water resistance. Plus, you’ll get a removable OrthoLite insole made from recycled and plant-derived materials.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 12
  • Available Colors: 14


These Slip-On Sneakers With Extra Room For Your Toes

These mesh sneakers look like any other pull-on sneakers, but they actually have extra room for your toes. The wide toe box won’t smush your toes together while you workout. Meanwhile, the sock-like knit fabric is comfier on your ankles than a stiff sneaker. And yes, the insole is memory foam and ventilated.

  • Available Sizes: 5.5 — 10.5
  • Available Colors: 16


These Pillow Slides You Can Customize To Perfectly Fit Your Feet

The thick sole on these pillow slippers is the reason everyone you meet seems to have them. They have a deep insole that keeps your foot in place and molded spots for your toes. If you want to make them even comfier, you can customize the fit. Simply wear socks, pull on the slides, and use a hairdryer to mold them to your feet.

  • Available Sizes: 4 — 14 in women’s sizing and 3 — 12 in men’s sizing
  • Available Colors: 9


These Flats With Serious Arch Support & Trendy Patterns

Just because these ballet flats have unique arch support doesn’t mean they’re lacking in trendy patterns. They come in leopard, snakeskin, glitter, a glossy texture, and more. As for that extra support, there’s a memory foam insole and a thick rubber sole, so you can feel comfortable in these slip-ons, even on rainy days.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 9.5 including wide options
  • Available Colors: 21


These Faux-Fur Lined Slippers You Can Re-Fluff In The Washing Machine

It’s nearly impossible to justify spending a bunch on slippers, so grab these budget-friendly faux-fur slippers. They’re cushioned with memory foam and have a grippy synthetic sole — a must. They’re even machine-washable, which is super helpful for re-fluffing the cozy faux-fur lining. This lining also comes in a unique leopard pattern and plenty of bright colors, including red and purple.

  • Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available Colors: 11


A Pair Of Wedge Ballet Flats To Avoid Uncomfy Kitten Heels

This pair of ballet flat-style shoes has a short wedge heel for those days when you want a kitten heel look without your feet getting angry at you. They have a rounded toe, and the insole is padded, so they’ll be comfy like your favorite ballet flats. They’re made out of vegan leather with a grippy rubber sole. These comfy mini heels also come in bold colors like red suede and even a glittery option.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 11


These Trendy Combat Boots With Memory Foam Padding For Almost Zero Breaking In Time

These combat boots look like all of the other trendy options out there, but these are actually comfortable. They have a faux-leather construction that’s already super soft, and they’re complete with a thick memory foam insole. That means you’ll barely need to spend any time breaking them in. They also have a classic lace-up combat style with a few faux-leather colors, and even a crocodile look.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 13 including half sizes
  • Available Colors: 4


These Slip-On Sneakers You Can Still Loosen Or Tighten

Unlike a lot of slip-on sneakers, these breathable mesh tennis shoes are actually fully adjustable. If they’re sliding off, you can tighten the laces or simply loosen them as needed. They’re also extra-lightweight for walks or packing in your workout bag. Plus, they have a memory foam insole and a padded collar for happy ankles.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 11.5 including half sizes
  • Available Colors: 34


A Pair Of Trendy Slip-Ons With A Fuzzy Upgrade

These double-strap sandals with buckle accents are everywhere right now, but this pair has a fuzzy upgrade that makes them that much better. The insole and straps are covered in faux fur. Below all the cozy fur, they have a natural cork footbed that gives your feet extra cushioning and help out with shock absorption while you walk.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available Colors: 7


These Foldable Pointed Toe Flats With Zero No-Show Socks Required

It’s almost impossible to wear socks with ballet flats, but you won’t need them with this pointed-toe pair. The breathable mesh fabric means your feet will be fresh and comfy without needing to search for the perfect no-show socks. These padded flats are also bendy enough to fold up into a compact and travel-ready shape.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 10


These Terry Cloth Flip Flops To Take To The Pool Or Wear With Your Bathrobe

Pull on your fluffiest robe and these terry cloth flip flops for serious post-shower coziness. They have anti-skid traction accents on the bottom, so you could even wear them to the pool. Wherever you slide them on, they have an adjustable strap that lets you control how tight they are. There’s also a built-in memory foam insole, of course.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 12
  • Available Colors: 5


A Short Wedge With Glittery Accents & A Secure Strap

Say hello to the comfiest wedding guest shoes with these 2-inch wedge heels. They have all of the glittery accents you could want on the front strap while the back strap keeps them securely and comfortably on your feet (even at that beach wedding). The insole is cushioned, and this sparkly shoe is still casual with a sandal style.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 3


These Pull-On Boots With A Sporty High-Contrast Platform

These pull-on Chelsea boots have a sporty accent to amp up their already trendy look. The thick platform sole is made of durable and cushioning rubber. The faux leather comes in five colors and pairs perfectly with the platform sole for a high-contrast vibe. Plus, the faux-leather top is waterproof and complete with a pull tab at the back.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 9
  • Available Colors: 6


A Pair Of Classic Sneakers With Cushioning That’s So Soft It’s Called “Cloudfoam”

These adidas sneakers offer midsole cushioning that’s so good it’s actually called “Cloudfoam.” This extra-comfy cloud-like accent isn’t the only perk of these tennis shoes. They also have a classic design with laces, a lightweight fabric for all of your daily activities, and they’re made using recycled materials.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11 including half sizes
  • Available Colors: 15


These Flexible Cork Slides That Actually Stay On Your Feet

Instead of gripping onto your slides with your toes while you walk, these strappy sandals make it easy to keep your shoes on your feet. That’s because the suede insoles mold to your feet the more you wear them, while the toe strap detail gives your feet something to hold onto while you walk. Plus, two of the straps are adjustable with their buckle design.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 12 including wide options
  • Available Colors: 19


A Boat Shoe With Removable Memory Foam Cushioning

If your flat flip flops aren’t cutting it, this boat-style shoe is still warm weather-ready but way more comfortable. They have a memory foam insole that’s completely removable — which is extra-handy if your shoes get wet and you need to dry everything out. They also have a breathable lining, and these rubber-soled shoes come in narrow and wide options for the comfiest fit.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 12 including narrow and wide options
  • Available Colors: 10


These Kitten Heels That Help You Balance With Each Step

You won’t experience the dreaded heel wobble with these sleek shoes because they have a 2-inch easy-to-balance-in kitten heel. They have a strappy detail on the front that’s complete with a bow and, of course, a classic pointed toe. Grab these elevated heels in faux patent leather, faux suede, or a sparkly option.

  • Available Sizes: 7 — 9 including half sizes
  • Available Colors: 9


A Pattered Sneaker You Don’t Need To Tie

These patterned sneakers still give you the laced-up look, but they’re actually slip-ons. Plus, the stretchy ankle collar makes it extra quick to pull them on. Their design features a memory foam insole and a soft terry lining. These everyday sneakers come in so many patterns, including beachy options like stripes, a palm tree print, and more.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 13


These Beachy Sandals That Are Way Less Likely To Give You Blisters

Unlike the go-to plastic or rubber flip flops, these beachy sandals are less likely to give you blisters. The woven nylon fabric straps won’t rub against your skin, and they’re even stretchy for extra comfort while you walk. Plus, these unique straps have a fun braided and criss-cross design, and they’re complete with a secure heel strap.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 26


Dressy & Foldable Flats With Glittering Accents

These rubber sole flats have that foldable design we all love for packing purposes, but they also have dressy accents. You can choose from rhinestones with metal accents, sparkling metallic flowers, a shimmery minimalist pattern, and more. These glam ballet flats have a microfiber liner so your feet can breathe. Plus, they’re flexible for some extra toe room.

  • Available Sizes: 6.5 — 11 including half sizes
  • Available Colors: 18


A Pair Of Trendy Faux-Patent Leather Oxfords You Can Actually Walk In

You’ll want to walk around in these trendy oxfords just as much as you walk in your sneakers. They have a low heel, a cushioned insole, and a flexible non-slip sole. You can even adjust how tight they are with the functional laces. On the style side of things, these shoes have vintage-style stitching, and they come in a faux-patent leather or faux-suede finish.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 10
  • Available Colors: 3


These Memory Foam Slippers That Keep Your Entire Foot Warm

Instead of open-toe slippers or a slide-style, these vegan fur-lined slippers will actually keep your entire foot warm while you work from home. They have a memory-foam insole — like any good slipper should. Plus, these durable rubber-sole slippers have a bow accent and come in plaid, leopard, glitter, and more.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 11 including wide options
  • Available Colors: 12


These Faux Leather Sneakers With Elastic Accents That Move With You

The elastic inserts on these faux-leather sneakers make it easier to slip them on. Plus, they help the shoe adjust to you while you walk. The padded ankle collar also helps out with flexibility and comfort during your walk. No matter which color you choose, the quilted texture elevates this pair of sneakers, so they’re perfect for pairing with trendy wide-leg jeans.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 11
  • Available Colors: 4


A Pair Of Polished Strappy Sandals With Flexible Elastic Straps

Don’t worry about stretching out the straps of these chic sandals when you slide them on because each one has a zipper at the back. The straps have a woven design, and they’re made of elastic, so they’re flexible enough to keep their shape. Plus, the elastic fabric of these criss-cross straps makes these sandals extra-lightweight for packing.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 9


These Sneakers With A 2-Inch Platform & Arch Support At The Same Time

Don’t let the straight across platform style of these lace-up sneakers fool you — they actually have comfy arch support and a cushioned insole inside. The platform is 2 inches high, and these elevated sneakers have a soft lining. They also come in trendy white, suede, metallic, glitter, and more.

  • Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11 including half sizes
  • Available Colors: 11


These Zip-Up Ankle Boots With A Super Sturdy Heel

Grab these wedge-style ankle boots if you want a heeled boot look without an uncomfortable heel. No matter which of the faux-leather colors you choose, the wedge matches and blends right in with the rest of the boot. These easy-to-walk-in boots also have a sneaker-like rubber sole that gives you plenty of grip.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 13


A Pair Of Flat & Streamlined Slip-On Sneakers

If platform sneakers aren’t your thing, these streamlined slip-ons are the comfy way to go. They’re made of breathable canvas with stretchy elastic details at the ankle. Even though these sleek sneakers have a more low-profile design, they still come with padded insoles and a soft lining in case you don’t want to wear socks.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 11
  • Available Colors: 27


These Strappy Sandals With Breathable Lining & A Walkable Block Heel

Have you ever worn sandals to keep your feet cool, but the bottom of your foot is still hot and uncomfortable? Even if it’s a little too warm outside, these block heels are lined with a breathable fabric. The strappy design also keeps this look dainty, while the reliable block heel helps out your balance.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 13
  • Available Colors: 3


A Pair Of Ventilated Sneakers With Water-Resistant Soles

Walk into the pool wearing these water sneakers, or pull them on to walk your pup when it’s hot outside. These slip-on shoes are covered in ventilation holes that simply look like a fun polka-dot pattern. These durable water sneakers also have a comfy footbed and anti-skid water-resistant soles.

  • Available Sizes: 7 — 13.5 in women’s sizing, 5 — 11.5 in men’s sizing, as well as toddler and kids sizes
  • Available Colors: 20


These Block Heels That Securely Strap Around Your Ankle

We all know block heels are comfy on our feet but this chic heel also helps out your ankles with the adjustable ankle strap. The vegan leather fabric is soft on your skin no matter how long you’re out in these, and the rubber sole adds some stability. These 2.25-inch heels come in different faux-leather finishes and colors, plus the best blush pink tone.

  • Available Sizes: 6 — 11 including wide options
  • Available Colors: 8

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