These Cheap Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews Make Your Home Look So Much Better

The reviews are in — these products will elevate your home on a tight budget.

Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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When you need to budget, sometimes the first thing to start neglecting is the state of your home (and your comfort within it). I mean, what’s another day dealing with atrocious overhead lighting? And surely nobody will notice those shabby pillows on your less-than-new sofa, right? If you’re not exactly convinced, then you will be overjoyed to peruse these cheap things with near-perfect Amazon reviews that make your home look so much better.

From wine glass storage containers with a near-perfect 4.9-star rating to affordable yet chic bedside lamps with built-in USB ports, explore the list below to find affordable, and sometimes downright clever additions to make your home feel A+, no matter the budget.


This Broom & Dustpan Set That Comes With A Self-Cleaning Feature

If you’re tired of dealing with debris-laden brooms every time you sweep, you will be obsessed with this broom and dustpan set. The dustpan is made with built-in self-cleaning teeth that allow dust, hair, and all kinds of debris to be removed easily from the broom. Plus, the handle is extendable so you can remain upright and sweep more comfortably. Easily store them together in a small footprint thanks to a convenient clip-on feature.

One Glowing Review: “Love the broom, the dustpan is the best I've ever owned, and it all stores perfectly! Did I mention the pan's teeth keep the broom tidy? Recommended and worth the money!”


This Bathroom Caddy Set That Keeps All Supplies Tidily Stored

Keep your bathtub pristine by moving all supplies into one or all of these bathroom caddies that come in a set of three pieces and have a near-perfect 4.7-star rating. They use strong self-adhesive to stick to the wall and are made of waterproof and rust-resistant stainless steel. Each set includes two large caddies and a soap holder in one of five colors.

One Glowing Review: “Sometimes you make a small purchase and it turns out to be the best thing you’ve ever done - this is one of those purchases. It made the wasted space at the top of our shower niche no longer a waste, and kept all our product off the floor.”


These Faux Potted Plants That Add Greenery With No Maintenance

A bit of greenery can do wonders to improve the feel of your home and with these faux potted plants, you can do it without one bit of maintenance required. Four plants are included in every pack: two kinds of boxwood, one rosemary, and one eucalyptus plant — and each comes in a sleek white planter. Choose between a more vibrant green or sage green and place them anywhere that could use a bit of freshness — from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom.

One Glowing Review: “I was not expecting to like these so much! They are real looking and a perfect size to go on shelves as decoration and a pop of color.”


An Anti-Fatigue Mat That Makes Standing Comfortable

Imagine standing at the sink washing dish after dish yet feeling like your feet are resting on clouds. Well, when you have one of these anti-fatigue mats underfoot, this dream can become a reality. It has over 23,000 five-star reviews, comes in a set of two, and is made with a memory foam gel that ergonomically supports your body. The bottom is designed with nonslip material and the surface is completely waterproof and washable. Choose between eight colors on offer with all of them featuring a chic tile pattern.

One Glowing Review: “I bought these and have had them for three months now and they are a lifesaver!! I use them in my kitchen and my back does not hurt as much as it used to when cooking and I'm so thankful for them!!!”


A Fleece Throw Blanket That Comes In 32 Vivid Colors

Immediately add both style and comfort to any sofa or bed with this affordable fleece throw blanket that comes in over 30 different color options. The material is constructed so as to not pill and, though extremely plush and warm, still remains comfortably breathable. The ribbed pattern adds lots of cute style and the over 17,000 five-star reviews prove it’s clearly a popular choice. Toss it in the washing machine on the cold cycle for easy cleaning.

One Glowing Review: “This is one of the softest yet warmest blankets I've ever had. It's lightweight but put keeps me warm. I sleep with this blanket every night and no matter how much I wash it, it doesn't lose color or softness.”


This Duvet Cover Made Of 100% Bamboo Viscose

Give your bed an easy upgrade with the addition of this stylish duvet cover that costs less than $35. It’s made of incredibly soft yet breathable OEKO-TEX 100-certified bamboo viscose so that you’ll stay warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. The set comes in seven neutral shades and includes two standard pillow shams and a duvet with corner ties to keep your comforter conveniently in place.

One Glowing Review: “These are the best on Amazon. I have ordered many and none compare to these quality-wise. I have replaced all the sheets in the house with these. Absolutely love them.”


A Bed Skirt With Elegant Pleated Corners

Add that little extra elegance that you didn’t know was missing with this budget-friendly bed skirt that’s made with pleated corners and only costs $15. It comes in sizes ranging from twin to California king and is made of silky, wrinkle-free microfiber. Choose from one of five neutral shades such as black, chocolate, or gray, and watch as your bedroom is transformed into a room worthy of a five-star hotel.

One Glowing Review: “This is just what we needed for our bed! Fits perfectly and the length is just right. I like the look on the corners. Very pleased with it, especially for the price.”


These Pillar Candles That Are Dripless & Smokeless

There is nothing like the quality of light that comes from a candle and these $25 pillar candles that come in a set of three do one better by providing it in a dripless and smokeless form. They’re fully unscented and therefore perfect for adding ambiance at parties and events. Able to burn up to 70 hours, they can be reused again and again and come in a choice of multiple colors from ivory to gold to turquoise.

One Glowing Review: “These candles burn beautifully. No dripping or wick issues, so you get the full longevity unlike cheap discount store candles. Will buy over and over.”


A 50-Pack Of Velvet Hangers That Cost Less Than $30

These quality velvet hangers will immediately tidy up a messy closet and do it cost-effectively by coming in a pack of 50 for under $30. The velvet texture keeps slippery items such as blouses or strappy tops securely on the hanger and the contoured shoulder line helps maintain the clothing’s shape. Each hanger holds up to ten pounds making them additionally perfect for storing blazers, coats, and jackets. Plus, they allow you to fit tons more clothing in the same space with their slim profile.

One Glowing Review: “I love these hangers! Great price, well made, slim fit. Just perfect. And your clothes won't fall off!”


This Himalayan Salt Lamp Set In A Rustic Wire Basket

Create a warm, relaxing glow in any room of the house with this Himalayan salt lamp with crystals creatively set within a rustic flat wire basket. It operates via an electric cord and comes with a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness as you see fit. Beyond bringing a nice dose of peace and calm, the salt crystals are purported to also ionize the air, helping to clear out allergens and pollutants.

One Glowing Review: “Love this lamp!! I did a lot of research prior to ordering this one. This is the perfect size and has the perfect glow! Not too bright and not too dim. I have this in my bedroom currently and will be ordering more!!”


A Wine Glass Storage Container To Protect Precious Stemware

For solid protection for your most precious glassware, look no further than this wine glass storage container that has over 13,000 reviews and an insanely high 4.9-star rating. It features a hard shell construction and a quilted interior whose soft padding works to prevent breakage. Included dividers create compartments to be able to hold up to 12 glasses and a chic gray linen exterior means you won’t be disappointed to see this container stored in your closet.

One Glowing Review: “This storage container is amazing, we accidentally dropped one of the containers, and not a single glass was broken. I highly recommend this item!”


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Can Reduce Sizes By 80%

If you have limited storage space, trust the 13,000 five-star ratings and get yourself these vacuum storage bags that can reduce the size of your items by 80%. They come in a pack containing a variety of sizes (two small, two medium, and two large) and are made with a triple-sealing valve that connects up to any vacuum for instant suction and a secure seal that won’t let air leak over time. Though these are perfect for storing all types of seasonal items, a travel pump is also included for added convenience to save major suitcase space while on the road.

One Glowing Review: “On advice from a friend, I decided to try them out because the price was right. Oh my goodness, I don’t know why I have not tried these before [...] We now have so much more room in the closet. I plan on trying to use these when we travel.”


A 10-Piece Set Of Cotton Bath Towels In Tons Of Colors

Instantly make your bathroom feel fresh and put together by getting yourself this budget-friendly 10-piece towel set that comes in over 25 shades, such as denim, blossom pink, or jade green to perfectly complement your bathroom. The towels are made of 100% cotton and are extremely soft while remaining highly absorbent. Every set comes with two bath towels, four hand towels, and four washcloths, all of which are machine washable.

One Glowing Review: “What an amazing value! They are pretty in my bathroom and generously sized.”


This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Expands To 9 Compartments

This bamboo drawer organizer is perfect for when you require a bit of flexibility in terms of storage required as it can expand to have up to nine compartments. The bamboo material lends warmth and also can easily be cleaned by just wiping it down with a damp cloth. Use the organizer for craft supplies, cutlery, kitchen tools, or a combination of all. When everything has its place, it will be a breeze to find things and a pleasure to look at.

One Glowing Review: “This fits perfectly and works great for all my utensils!”


A Pack Of Furniture Stoppers To Keep Floors Scratch-Free

There’s nothing like taking a swan dive onto your plush mattress only to have the whole bed careen across the room, scratching your floors in the process. These furniture stoppers are made of rubber and are designed to have caster wheels sit perfectly inside them, keeping any furniture from rolling around the room. Four come in every pack with the rubber material promising to leave no scuffs on your floor. These affordable little stoppers only cost $15 yet are clearly a game-changer as a high 4.8-star rating shows.

One Glowing Review: “We'd have to constantly push the bed back every morning, these lock the wheels in place!


These Floating Shelves In A Minimalist Design

Take what might have been considered clutter and give it a place to shine with these minimalist floating shelves. They’re sleek with a small ledge that makes them perfect for displaying photos, records, or artwork. Choose between five different finishes such as white or espresso and install them easily using the included hardware.

One Glowing Review: “These are just what I was looking for. Had them hung in my living room to display artwork. They don't take up much space at all and they look great.”


A Waterproof Mattress Protector To Help Prevent Stains

Little improvements like keeping your expensive mattress in shape for the long haul can make a big difference. This affordable waterproof mattress protector does just that and is additionally made of eucalyptus Tencel fiber that provides both a smooth texture and breathability to maintain cool temperatures. It’s designed like a fitted sheet and comes in all standard sizes.

One Glowing Review: “It's so soft and cool as I sleep. Best purchase ever.”


This Floor Mop With A Built-In Refillable Sprayer

Anybody who’s a frequent mopper has faced the frustrating conundrum of cleaning with water that just gets dirtier and dirtier as you go. This floor mop has ingeniously solved that problem by having a refillable built-in sprayer so you can release fresh cleaning liquid via a mechanical trigger onto the floor when needed. It also comes with a reusable ultra-fine microfiber mop that works well to pick up all particles of dirt and debris and can be easily machine-washed so that it’s ready for the next cleaning session.

One Glowing Review: “I love this mop. For the price point and cleaning ability, you can’t beat it [...] The microfiber mop is easy to take off and reattach and washes nicely in the washing machine. I like that I can easily put in some of my favorite cleaner as well.”


A Hanging Closet Organizer With Removable Drawers

Add tons of versatile storage with this $16 hanging closet organizer that hangs on your closet rod and boasts nine shelves and five removable drawers. Store sweaters, tops, hats, or pants on the shelves, and use the mesh pockets on either side for organizing accessories. The removable drawers come in several configurations: one large bin, two narrow bins, and two that contain small slots that are perfect for socks, underwear, bras, ties, or even small shoes.

One Glowing Review: “This hanging storage unit was so awesome that I bought TWO [...] I highly recommend these units for organizing tons of stuff without breaking the bank.”


This Bath Mat Made With Plush Memory Foam

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom game. This bath mat with over 41,000 five-star reviews only costs $20 and gives your feet an extremely soft landing pad with its memory foam construction. It’s available in eight different sizes and comes in over 20 gorgeous colors such as mauve or autumn glaze. A nonslip backing keeps it in place and the whole thing can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleanup.

One Glowing Review: “These rugs are so wonderful! Very soft and love how they feel on my feet.”


A Pack Of Velvet Skirt Hangers That Can Each Hold Up To 7 Pounds

To make the most of limited closet space, turn to these velvet skirt hangers that have over 12,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. Available in a pack of 10, each hanger can hold up to 7 pounds, which is handy since you can use them to hang pants and skirts as well as shirts, blouses, or jackets. Shoulder notches assist with strappy items and the metal clips have vinyl tips that prevent marks or creases.

One Glowing Review: “Looking for a hanger for your outfit, or something to hang both your shirt and pants on, this is it. Give your tiny closet more space with these! These will change your life!”


This UV Flashlight To Detect Hidden Stains & Pests

It’s safe to say undetected pet stains and lurking scorpions are not anybody’s idea of a good time. Enter this UV flashlight whose powerful LEDs help to identify what usually remains hidden. It uses six AA batteries (not included) and doesn’t even require a darkened room to work. In addition to uncovering old pet stains or creepy critters, it also can be used to detect counterfeit money, spot leaks, or identify rocks and minerals.

One Glowing Review: “We are overwhelmed at the quality & usefulness of the GearLight. Scorpions can be seen glowing green from 20 ft away. Spills on the floor appeared that I had no idea existed. Works with lights on as well as in the dark [...] GearLight is the best household buy we've made in years. I've been cleaning since it arrived!”


A Ceiling Fan Duster With An Extendable Handle

You may think you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom but some tasks truly require specialized equipment. This ceiling fan duster, for example, is perfectly designed to clean at heights normally out of reach with its handle that can extend up to 47 inches. The fibers on the double-sided brush trap dust effectively using static electricity without requiring any trips up treacherous ladders.

One Glowing Review: “Wish I could give 10 Stars! Over the years I’ve tried different styles of fan blade dusters. The duster always falls off or the unit is too flimsy. Not this one [...] I was able to dust not only the fan blades but I was also able to reach and dust the top of the fan unit itself. One of the best impulse purchases I’ve made in a very long time. An amazing product.”


This Utensil Holder Made Of Sturdy Stainless Steel

Open up major space in your kitchen drawers and keep tools conveniently handy at the same time using this stainless steel utensil holder with a high 4.8-star rating. It’s heavy and will stay stable on your counter, plus it features a wide mouth to handle storing lots of various kitchen tools like spatulas, spoons, whisks, ladles, tongs, and more. Keep it in clean shape by tossing it in the dishwasher from time to time.

One Glowing Review: “I purchased two of these stainless steel utensil holders and couldn't be happier with them! They make it so much easier for me to grab a utensil versus digging in a messy drawer. No problems with them tipping over, and I like the 7-inch height which helps keep everything upright. A breeze to clean and they look great!”


A Patio Loveseat Cover That’s Fully Waterproof

Imagine the disappointment of plopping down on waterlogged patio furniture the minute the sun comes out. This affordable patio loveseat cover prevents that from happening by slipping over the sofa easily and protecting it with waterproof polyester material. Buckles and a drawstring hem help to create a secure fit and air vents keep air circulating. The cover is also UV-coated to prevent fading and comes with large handles on either side for quick removal.

One Glowing Review: “I absolutely hate having to cover my patio furniture cushions but since the Georgia sun and rain can be relentless, these covers work PERFECTLY. I check for leakage and mildew after rain and NOTHING! My cushions are dry, clean, and not faded.”


This Mini Trash Can That Sits On Your Countertop

You might think this mini trash can is too tiny to do any serious good, but it’s actually the perfect size to sit on kitchen or bathroom countertops. It’s great as a place to contain used cotton balls or tissue or to throw away used coffee pods or sugar packets. Made of brushed stainless steel, it’s fingerprint and stain-resistant so it’ll continue to look chic and elegant throughout lots of use.

One Glowing Review: “My husband refuses to put the sweetener packets in the trash although it’s only two steps away, so they pile up on the countertop. This little trash can is perfect, just the right size, and he uses it! Saved the relationship!”


A Fun Wall Garland That Depicts The Phases Of The Moon

This adorable wall garland brings lots of style and charm to empty walls by depicting the phases of the moon in hammered metal. The matching metal chain mounts easily to the wall and comes in smaller and larger sizes. Choose between silver or gold and hang it in any room of your home for a little lunar inspiration.

One Glowing Review: “LOVE IT!! Worth the money for sure! I hung it vertically. It finished off the wall perfectly.”


This Purse Organizer That Hangs Over The Door

For very little money (less than $15) all your precious handbags can have a designated place to perch with this over-the-door purse organizer with over 6,000 five-star reviews. It comes with six slots with the top two being perfect for smaller bags and the bottom four great for larger totes. Each slot has a transparent plastic cover so it’s easy to see what’s stored where and each handbag slides out for easy retrieval.

One Glowing Review: “I love these! They’re easy to install on your closet door!! They’re sturdy and spacious enough for all my big and little purses.”


A Key & Mail Holder In A Rustic Design

This key and mail holder brings both practicality and decor with its five antique-looking hooks and charming rustic aesthetic, yet still clocks in under $20. It comes with a small shelf that’s perfect for holding mail or other important items and includes all the hardware you need for a secure installation. The wood material is made with a weathered finish and comes in six colors, such as white, gray, or light brown.

One Glowing Review: “Exactly what I wanted! So cute, sturdy yet lightweight!”


These Mason Jar Sconces That Add Rustic Ambiance

Lighting experts always talk about the great advantage of accent lighting, especially wall sconces, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These charming mason jar sconces with over 14,000 five-star reviews do just the trick and require no elaborate wiring as well. They come in a set of two and are attached to weathered wood boards that hang from sturdy rustic twine. The jars contain battery-operated LED fairy lights that are controlled by a handy remote and each set also includes faux hydrangeas that add even more farmhouse charm.

One Glowing Review: “I can't get over how cute these are. And they're even cooler than I realized, with several different light settings, timer settings, and even adjustable brightness. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.”


A Floating Corner Shelf With 5 Tiers

For less than $30, you can add incredible visual interest to an otherwise empty corner with this well-reviewed floating corner shelf that has five tiers. It assembles easily with included hardware and directions and is perfect for displaying your favorite decor, books, pantry items, or bathroom supplies as it can hold up to 11 pounds. Choose from eight different finishes such as minimalist white or rustic turquoise.

One Glowing Review: “Such a good investment, I absolutely love how it looks in my room and how it can fit in the corner and not take up so much space. So stylish!


These LED Strip Lights That Connect To A Bluetooth App

Take lighting to new levels with these affordable LED strip lights that connect via Bluetooth to their own integrated app so you can adjust colors, set scenes, create timers, and even coordinate with your music. They come in a pack of two 50-foot rolls and use self-adhesive to install on most types of indoor surfaces. A remote is also included to adjust brightness and toggle between different lighting modes.

One Glowing Review: “[...] this is my second time getting these, and I love them. They have a lot of colors that you can choose from, the remote control works great, the colors are really nice, and they stick really well to the walls. If you are thinking of getting these, then you definitely should.”


A Bedside Lamp That Doubles As A Phone Charger

For great functionality at arm's length, go for this quite chic under-$30 bedside lamp that provides you with two USB ports to charge devices. It’s made with a linen fabric shade that casts a warm light and offers three different brightness levels, from a subtle glow to enough light for reading or studying, by simply tapping on the base of the lamp. Over 15,000 five-star reviews show this is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing the perfect practical yet aesthetic addition to your bedside game.

One Glowing Review: “I love this little lamp. It's too cute, it’s so easy to turn on, just touch the base to make it bright and brighter. The ports are so handy also.”


A Wall Mirror In The Shape Of A Sunburst

One easy way to quickly add tasteful decor is to dress up empty walls, and it doesn’t need to cost a lot to do so. This free-spirited wall mirror features a textured wooden frame in the shape of a sunburst and will instantly add tons of visual interest to any room while only costing you $24. It comes in a smaller or larger size and the wood itself is available in six different finishes such as carbonized black, cyan, weathered walnut, or a mixture of three different colors.

One Glowing Review: “I get so many compliments on this! I have it hanging in my entryway & it’s perfect. It’s very well put together.


A Kitchen Knife Set That Comes With Its Own Chic Acrylic Stand

This extremely well-priced kitchen knife set provides you with every tool you need to conquer any cooking challenge and even includes a stylish acrylic stand for storage and a chic display. The set has over 52,000 reviews and comes with 13 stainless steel professional knives that include (among others) a chef’s knife, bread knife, paring knife, and six steak knives. As a bonus, a peeler, scissors, and even a knife sharpener are included to keep everything in razor-sharp shape.

One Glowing Review: “LOVE these knives. Absolutely gorgeous and look so stylish on my countertop. And there’s literally a knife for everything. Cheese, steak, pizza you name it. And for the price, there isn’t a better set out there.”


This Broom Holder That Mounts To The Wall

Keep your utility closet or garden shed looking totally put together with this budget-friendly broom holder that mounts directly to the wall. It has four spring-loaded slots to hold brooms, rakes, mops, and more, as well as four hooks that can each hold up to 10 pounds. For a mere $13, organization has never been so simple or affordable.

One Glowing Review: “This thing is AMAZING and I highly recommend it. It has made a huge difference in my broom closet and it looks so nice, too! Very sturdy and professional looking!”


A Set Of Throw Pillow Covers In Soft Corduroy

If you’re thinking about tossing that old sofa, give it new life instead by adding these stylish throw pillow covers into the mix that only cost $15. They’re made of soft, textured corduroy in a striped pattern and come in tons of gorgeous shades such as dusty blue, mustard yellow, or rust. Choose from seven size options and machine wash them on the gentle cycle.

One Glowing Review: “These pillow covers are awesome! They are soft and well-made. Colors were true and a great value too!!!


This Wall Decor In The Shape Of Moon Phases

Bring a bit of the celestial sphere into your bedroom with this moon phase wall decor that subtly reflects with a mirror-like finish. It comes in a set of five pieces, one full moon, two waning moons, and two waxing moons, in your choice of black or gold. Mount them to your wall in any configuration you like and sleep soundly under a lunar firmament.

A Glowing Review: “Easy to put on the wall- super adhesive and they look GREAT!”


A Set Of Refillable Soap Bottles Made Of Amber Glass

There’s nothing like matching containers to immediately improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom countertop. This set of two 16-ounce soap bottles is made of thick amber glass that gives off an apothecary or farmhouse vibe. They come with their own rust-resistant stainless steel pumps as well as five chic waterproof labels so you can differentiate between shampoo, dish soap, and handwash.

One Glowing Review: “I NEVER write reviews but this company blew me away! These bottles are amazing!! Beautifully done and such high quality. Don’t even hesitate on this one, just buy them!”


This Over-The-Door Pantry Organizer With Stabilizing Brackets

Put messy pantries and disorganized kitchens in tidy order with this over-the-door pantry organizer that comes with six large adjustable shelves and stabilizing brackets so there’s no fear of items toppling over as you swing open the door. It sets up quickly and with a large amount of vertical space between shelves, can hold all kinds of items from grains to spices to condiments, and is available in black or white.

One Glowing Review: “This handy rack is sturdy, holds a lot, matches my door, and is one the smartest purchases I've made in a while. It hangs great and has adhesive so it doesn't shift around when the door is opened and closed.”

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